The solid wood dining table “Ten Buy Nine Pit”? Netizen: I regret buying wrong

In recent years, with the improvement of everyone’s consumption concepts and pursuit of quality of life, more and more young people choose solid wood dining tables. The natural wood grain texture and warm touch make the family quality instantly doubled. But for some of the first decoration owners,

I don’t know how to choose a solid wood dining table

Today, Xiaoqi will take you to understand how to choose the real wooden dining table ~



The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood tables?


The solid wood dining table is made of natural wood raw materials. It does not add other chemicals to be healthy and environmentally friendly.

Strong practicality

Essence Compared with other dining tables, the material of the solid wood dining table is durable, it is not easy to damage, and the service life is longer.

From the perspective of appearance, the natural texture and color of the solid wood dining table are very high.


The waterproofness of the solid wood table is poor, and it is easy to burn at high temperature. It usually needs

Regular maintenance


And avoid direct sunlight.

High price

Essence The market on the market generally requires at least 3,000 budgets, and the price of different materials is different, and some even tens of thousands of pieces.


Determine whether your home is suitable for solid wood dining table:


If you pay attention to environmental protection, like wood, and budget, you can choose a solid wood dining table. If budget problems, you can also choose cork at low price of pine, rubber wood, fir, etc. as a dining table.


Because the solid wood dining table needs to be maintained, families with too dry or humid living environment are not suitable for choosing solid wood dining tables.



Solid wood dining table popular design

Folding/telescopic dining table

For small apartment families, the dining table is too large. If you are too small, friends are not enough to dinner. You can consider the folding dining table, which can be rounded. It is a square, does not take up the place, and it becomes a large round table.

Wall -mounted folding dining table

If you want to save more space, you can also choose to hang the table on the wall, convenient folding design, release the space and freely, freely switch the table and blackboard, there are storage functions inside, dining tables, desks, bar tables, one thing!

Solid wood dining table

There is a need for office at home, but due to space reasons, there is no apartment in an independent office area. You can choose to put a solid wood dining table in the living room. It is both a table and a desk. It is especially suitable for families that do not put “coffee tables, television, and sofas” in the living room.



How to choose a solid wood dining table?

① material

The most important thing for solid wood dining tables is the choice of material. The quality of the material determines the service life and price of the table. Commonly used on the market

White wax, white oak, rubber wood, pine, teak, cherry wood, black walnut wood


Common hardwoods such as white wax, white oak, cherry wood, and black walnut wood are all light luxury sections, while rubber wood and pine are low -cost cork wood.


White wax

Price: 4000-6000 yuan/ m³ around

Advantages: The texture is natural and beautiful, good polishing, strong load -bearing ability, and good corrosion resistance. Even if the humid space is placed in the humid space, the service life of the white wax wood is 30 % higher than that of ordinary wood.


Disadvantages: The surface of the white wax wood dining table is prone to hair, and high requirements for the production technology. It is easy to crack with nails, screws and glue, and poor drying performance. It is prone to deformation or cracking.


Most of the domestic white wax trees are produced in Europe and the United States, and the transportation cost is high.

On the market, there will be a domestic water curved willow bleach and paint to pretend to be imported white wax wood

It is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish, and you must pay attention when buying!


White Oak

Price: 5000-75000 yuan/m³ around

Advantages: White oak appears more in a straight line, the color is pure, the texture is fine, and it is not easy to absorb water. Even after the moisture, it is not easy to deform.

Disadvantages: Oak dehydration is difficult, and it is difficult to process. The tables made of undulted dehydration are easy to deform or shrink and crack. Because the materials are rare, high -quality oak is mostly imported from abroad.

Rubberwood and oak, although it is only the difference between the word, but don’t be fooled,


Some merchants marked the price lower than the market price to attract consumers. Consumers thought that they had made a big cheap, but they were replaced by rubber wood instead of oak.

Cherry wood


Price: 6000-7500 yuan/ m³ around

Advantages: delicate wood, clear texture, good polishing, good coating effect, good bending performance.

Disadvantages: expensive price and medium loadability. Try to avoid stacking heavy objects, otherwise it is prone to warp.

Cherry wood is yellowish, with small black spots on the surface lines, which are easy to identify. The face value is relatively high, and you will be shot at a random shot!

Black walnut

Price: 9000-13000 yuan/ m³ around

Advantages: Moderate soft and hard, delicate and moist, not vulnerable to moisture mildew and cracking, and can also protect the paint with home, which will not fade for a long time.

Disadvantages: High price, medium resistance to bending and bending, poor toughness, especially the corners are very easily damaged and need to be carefully protected.

If the purchased walnut dining table is not available, Xiaoqi is recommended to use

Edges and corners

It can extend the service life of the use, and to reduce the probability of damage caused by bumping children at home.


1000-2000 yuan/m- around


Advantages: The texture is soft, with a good smell, natural environmental protection, not easy to deform, and low prices.

Disadvantages: Wood is soft and easy to crack, impatient, and cannot withstand too much weight.

Rubber wood

Price: 2000-3000 yuan/m³ around


Advantages: good toughness, not easy to crack, easy maintenance, affordable price. It’s easy to color, and the paint paint performance is good.

Disadvantages: more sugar content, easy to change color, corrosion, not easy to dry, easy to bend and deform.


Bloachy and cherry wood


The color is warm and mellow, but the price is relatively high,

Suitable for families with sufficient budget

Essence Although white waxted wood and white oak are slightly inferior, the texture is hard and the texture is beautiful. It is also a very good material for making dining tables.

Rubber wood, pine wood

Victory at affordable price economy,

Suitable for families with insufficient budget.

Precautions for selection of solid wood dining tables:

● After selecting the type of wood, it depends on the level of wood. The best thing to make solid wood dining tables is to use FAS -level wood.

● Frame -up solid wood, plate wood binding, tooth connecting board, splicing solid wood, composite solid wood, and peeling solid wood. This kind is not pure solid wood. The biggest disadvantage is that the amount of glue is large and the environmental protection factor is low.

● The main materials of the dining tables of the solid wood dining table also have artificial boards+peels, solid wood+paste, and peeling skin. If there are two or more lines of the same line, it must be a dining table.

● Put a variety of attributes in front of the walnut, such as the golden be walnut, are not real black walnuts.


● Ask the solid wood content when buying, what are the main materials.


② Table structure


The solid wood table desktop, the highest level is

A whole solid wood,

But the cost is too high, it is generally


Several wooden board splicing

Formed. It is important to pay attention to the color difference between the color and pattern between the stitching wooden boards should not be too large, and whether there are gaps in the stitching.


The appearance of the solid wood used will be painted to ensure that the solid wood is more durable. Used more

Woodwax oil and varnish

Essence The ingredients of wood wax oil are generally some natural vegetable oils, and the environmental protection level is better than the varnish. And wood wax oil can penetrate inside the wood, deeply moisturize and maintain wood, with functions such as waterproof and pollution, wear resistance, wear resistance and other functions.


After the paint is painted, a smooth, transparent but impermeable resin film is formed on the surface of the wood, which can isolate the air and water without changing the natural texture and color of the wood.

Therefore, you like wooden wax oil if you like the unique touch of wood, and choose a varnish if you want to clean it up.

Design method of desk legs


There are generally two design methods for table legs, one is


It looks good and smooth, but sacrifice the leg space. The other is

Vertical on the desktop

The space below is relatively rich, but the style may be a bit rigid. Both methods are favorable and disadvantaged, and you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

It should be noted that the table legs should be within the desktop projection range, otherwise there will be gaps when placing the wall, and it will waste room for not beautiful.

The connection method between the desktop and the table legs

The connection method between the desktop and the table legs is related to whether the dining table is stable and whether it will be loose after a long time. There are generally two ways: use directly

Screw fixation

In the early stage, it is relatively strong, but the direction of the desktop panel and hardware is inconsistent, and the desktop is easy to crack.

Mortise structure

It is mainly used in high -end solid wood dining tables. The connection of each part of the dining table is closely connected, it is not easy to crack, without hardware, and more beautiful, but the craftsmanship is relatively complicated.


③ size

The standard height of the dining table is more appropriate between 72-78cm, which is in line with the principles of ergonomic engineering, which can make the elbows comfortably on the table. The height of the dining chair is more suitable for 45cm. The dining chair is too high or too low. When you eat, you will feel uncomfortable.


Small -type dining table universal size 120*60*H75cm, large apartment optional 160*65*H75cm.

④ Warranty and after -sales

Understand the warranty and after -sales before buying, which are free to do by the merchant, how long the warranty period, and which are not within the scope of the warranty, in order to prevent problems in the later period, and can better protect their rights and interests.


⑤ Maintenance is important

Avoid placing in direct sunlight, beside the stove, air -conditioning port, and humid places, let alone drag hard.

Can be replaced with anti -scalding pads often, clean the table oil pollution to avoid using alcohol, and wipe it with a moist and clean rag.


Optional material for non -solid wood dining table

In addition to the solid wood dining table, there is still the table material on the market now

Stone, glass, artificial board

These three categories.


The stone can be divided into many types according to the material, such as


Marble, fire burning stone, rock plate

Wait for stone.


It is a more popular home material at the moment. Its material is hard and wear -resistant, delicate and smooth on the surface, very textured, and it is also very convenient to clean. However, the marble is not resistant to impact. Under the blow, it is easy to break or generate a gap, and it is also easy to be transformed by oil stains.


Marble is divided into two types: natural and artificial marble. Natural marble is expensive. Families with limited budgets are suitable for choosing artificial marble.

Burning stone


The table table is more individual, but the surface is uneven, and the relatively smooth marble is not so clean. Black fire burning stone table is more suitable for Nordic style.


Rock plate

The thickness is generally thin, usually 3-15mm thick, so the tablet table on the rock plate is relatively light, and it does not seep, anti-scratch, high temperature resistance. The disadvantage is expensive. It can be considered domestically produced. The price is relatively cheap. It is more than a hundred meters cheaper. It is more expensive to be more than 700-1000 yuan. It is recommended to choose the quality and good performance.


At present, there are no industry standards for rock plates, and fish and dragons on the market are mixed,


How to distinguish the true fake rock panels,


You need to learn these tricks.

● Bake/knife scrape. The rock plate is super high -resistant. If there is no trace with fire or knife scraping, it is a real rock plate.

● Different from embryo. The surface of the rock plate is the same color and pattern, and generally there is only a layer of the surface.

● Side and bottom. If the side and bottom are integrated and smooth, the real rock plate is true, otherwise there are uneven and small grids, generally tiles.

② glass

The surface of the glass dining table is smooth and cleaned, and the price of glass is relatively moderate. If you are worried that the glass is not strong, you can choose the tempered glass material.


③ artificial board

Common artificial boards are

Plywood, fiber board, particle board

Wait, and the tablet table of the artificial board is mostly used, the price is cheap, but it is not very durable. Because the artificial board is not waterproof, pay attention when rubbing the table. If it wet the corner, the artificial board dining table is easy to swell.

The above is a summary of Xiaoqi


How do you choose the dining table?

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