Small -funded housing helps to produce scholars reminding: there is no chicken rib to be given a list of packages, and children are prepared for these

In three years, the old treasure mother who is super fast and smooth in the second child. The most detailed homework during pregnancy is to wait for the birth package.


Fortunately, it was ready to prepare the bag to be produced early, and when it was launched in advance, I didn’t have a mess.

PS: The following is the list of two babies who feel the most practical and chicken -ribs after giving birth to two babies. Share it with you ~ Copy the homework and quickly collect it!

State in the production room-delivery room supplies

You can’t come out when you enter the production room, so you must prepare everything you need to use in the birth room and childbirth room.

Puppet pads (6 tablets):


It is necessary to use it after the production room breaks, and it is embarrassing to bring a few more pieces to prevent it.


Fetal Supervision Belt (1 pair):


It needs to be used throughout the process.

Measure the aunt towel (about 3 pieces):

After a lifetime, you need to pad to observe the amount of bleeding.

Disposal toilet pad (6 tablets):

Many people entering the production room, during the epidemic, is best to bring.

Disposable straws (10) +insulation cups/disposable cups:

This depends on individuals, and it is used to drink water.


Baby diaper (2 tablets):

The baby’s diaper is just one piece, you can bring a piece of backup.

Energy food (just buy a little before admission): Do not buy Red Bull to avoid excessive stimulation.

Success+mid -single+companion service (purchased at the gate of the delivery room)

Mask+disinfection water

PS: The baby is provided by the baby and the fetal hat hospital. The delivery needs to be immediately applied with cold compresses (torn or side cuts need to be used after 12h), and the caesarean section needs to prepare the abdomen band in advance.

Inpatient mother supplies

Puppet pads & knife paper

It is necessary to use in production. You must also use the discharge of discharge. When you go home, cut it out and cut it.

Note: Try to buy a large size (60*90) to avoid too small leakage; you can stack it with the knife paper, the knife paper is soft, the pad can be padded on the padding pad, and the double anti -leakage can be used.

Measure the aunt towel+night with aunt towel+disposable underwear


After giving birth, the amount of blood should be observed. The metering aunt towel should be used for the previous two days. It is paved on the puzzle pad. It is more comfortable to lie on it on it;


You can wear sexual panties+long -term night -night aunt towels, and then put knife paper and puzzle pads, and multiple protection.

Maternal cold compress sticker

The mother -in -law, no side -cut and tearing Baoma can be used after giving birth, and it is used after 12 hours of tear or side cutting.

One -time toilet pad

During the epidemic, whether it is Baoma or family members, you should pay attention to safety protection when you go out to the toilet and use it at one time. You can bring more, and your family can use it.

Private part

Bring a small perineal rinsee with a shabon that can be disassembled below. It is really convenient to wash the fart.

Anti -overflow pad

Some mothers have milk quickly, and the milk array cannot be collected, so as to prevent 2 pairs of pairs of clothes with wet clothes.

Note: The breast pump is a more controversial thing. But it is really difficult to suck with the help of breast pumps. Considering that the price of breast pumps is very expensive, you can buy it after being discharged to see the situation.

Toothpaste toothbrush Wash+slippers Flood+Comb+Hair -Hair Rope+Towel


Washing supplies can bring the washing bag that usually travels on business trips. You do n’t need to buy a confinement toothbrush and confinement shoes.

Mother who wants to take a bath is best to take a cold drag to take a bath. The cotton drag is usually worn. The socks of cotton socks are just wrapped in the ankle.


Simple skin care products such as water milk and shampoo are recommended to bring them to them, otherwise they can be too panicked when they can do it.

PS: Especially for the exquisite pregnant mothers who took a photo after giving birth, they can get out of bed and wash their faces on the night of delivery.

Skin care products:

I have always used this one from the Nenfu family -Germany Nenfu folic acid skin care set. A set of facial cleanser is all uniform, and there is no need to buy separately.

They are dedicated to sensitive pregnant women. They are more assured. The ingredients are safe and gentle. While the key gives the skin efficiently and moisturizing, it can also play a role in stabilizing the skin. Throughout pregnancy, the skin becomes tender, nice!


It is really uncomfortable not to wash your hair after giving birth. It is not only the shiny of the oil, but also a taste. Until the pregnancy was found during pregnancy, this treasure was shampoo — immature bud shampoo.

The most intuitive feeling for me is that the bubble is very dense, and it is so comfortable to wash. The phenomenon of hair loss has also improved, and the hair is smooth and smooth. Adding fragrance -free, preservatives, mineral oil and other ingredients. Use amino acid surface work, and also use silicone -free formula. It is not stressful to use large oil heads like me ~

Breastfeeding underwear (2 pieces)

I didn’t wear underwear immediately after I was born, and I was worn when I was discharged.

Inpatient service (1 set)


Basically wearing sick clothes, bring a set to prevent too much or sweating.


Democratic service (1 set)

Afraid of the wind or the weather cold, the baby will bring a hat to prevent wind.


Baby ward supplies

Baby diapers

The newborn brings NB diapers, and other suggestions are re -saved according to the growth of the child after delivery.

Disposal urine pad

It is best to take the urine pad when you are hospitalized. When the newborn is not in the bed, the urine is not wet, and the sheets will not be good when it is soaked. Compared with cotton urine pads, it is more convenient to take the hospital to one -time.

Wash the face, wash the butt

The hospital’s care union takes the baby to take a bath, and the basin does not need to prepare.

Hip ointment+touch oil+moisturizing cream (1 set)

I saw a lot of expectant mothers’ strategies in these a few times that I also brought it at the time, but the baby was taken to take a bath and used the hospital. It was not used by himself. And if you don’t touch the touch, you can’t touch the oil itself.

2 sets of Ha Yi

During the hospital, the baby’s small clothes provided by the hospital, including the hospital quilt from all of the hospitals from the delivery room, with two sets of sets of sets of sets of sets of sets of hospitals to prevent dirty and wear it when they were discharged.

Pack (1 set)

When you are discharged from the hospital, it will be provided by hospitals during the hospitalization.

Fetal hat (1)

It is not used in the hospital, and it can be brought with windproof at the discharge.


Chapter 4: Family Supplies+Certificate Category

1. Change the clothes 1 set

2. 1 to accompany the blanket

The hospital will provide a folding bed for family members, but the pillow quilt needs to be prepared.

3. 1 set of washing supplies

4. Slipper 1 double

5. Mobile phone, charger, charging treasure


The identity card of both husband and wife+marriage certificate+hukou book+medical insurance card+production inspection information+quasi -student certificate

Well, the above are generally enough to take it to the hospital. Of course, if you have special requirements for your baby’s hospital, you must bring it.


After you are ready, you can classify the box.

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