Which one is strong? Comparison of Wuyang, Zongshen, and Jin Peng, explain it at a time

Which one is strong? Comparison of Wuyang, Zongshen, and Jin Peng, explain it at a time

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In order to prepare for the farmers in April, many car owners ’willingness to buy a tricycles of pulling goods is getting stronger and stronger, and they have left messages on the platform:” Which brand of tricycles to choose? Five sheep is good? Zongshen? Or Jin Peng is good? Today, the new energy strategy family understands from three aspects: technology, product, and price.


Which one is strong? Wushi vs Zongshen VS Jin Peng which is better?

Although many car owners are tangled when they choose brand models, most people will basically focus on the three brands: Wuyang, Zongshen, and Jin Peng, because they are strong first -tier electric tricycles brands, whether in product quality and technology The strength of the three aspects of strength and after -sales service is obvious to all.

The first aspect: product quality

For tricycles, product quality is crucial. The quality of the product can not only improve the carrying capacity of the tricycle itself, but also extend the service life of the tricycle. In addition to the battery manufacturer, it mainly depends on the accessories (compartment, frame) of the tricycle.


First of all, the three brands of Zongshen, Wuyang, and Jin Peng belong to the first -tier brands of the tricycle industry. They are equipped with the battery of first -line brands such as Tianneng and Chaowei. All three brands have been developing for a long -term battery life and launched a three -wheeled tricycle for 100 kilometers.

Secondly, we mainly look at the racks and compartments. Basically, in order to improve the carrier capacity of the vehicle, these three have been thickened and lengthened on the frame and compartment. In particular, Jin Peng mostly uses integrated frames in the manufacturing process of the frame, which has a longer service life, while Wuyang and Zongshen uses high -intensity steel plate -made integrated stamping cars. Essence


Finally, on other accessories, such as tires, all domestic first -line brands are used for factory tires, internal and external bumpers, and safety configurations; the biggest difference may be that Jinpeng’s tricycle is higher, more intelligent and comfortable, of course, of course, of course, of course, of course, of course, of course The five sheep and Zongshen pay more attention to cost -effectiveness and more practical.

The second aspect: technical strength

For tricycles, the technical strength is also unsatisfactory, especially at the core power motor of the tricycle to determine the gravity of the section of the tricycle. The better the technology, the more effort to pull the goods, and the more the goods are pulled.

First of all, this new energy strategist feels that the technical potential of Wuyang is very high. Each time you release new products, it is almost all of the iterative upgrades of technology. Then to the full -loading electric drive system, a new round of industry technical storm has set off.

Secondly, Jin Peng’s strength of “industry sales first” in terms of technical strength is the second to none. Jin Peng has multiple technical systems such as intelligent changes, EMB linear dual brake systems, and gold -powered PRO system systems, which effectively realize Jinpeng tricycles ” In the same way, Dorra’s half of the superpower.


Finally, Zong Shen. As a tricycle brand that started with a motorcycle, Zong Shen has the leading advantage in power technology. The blessing of intelligent electro -injection technology, nuclear magnetic power system, and heavy core shaft power system, so that Zongshen vehicles are carrying Power is stronger and laborious than ordinary tricycles.

Third aspect: after -sales service

Displaying the three -wheel wheels is different from ordinary tricycles. Its maintenance and maintenance times are relatively more frequent and more frequent than other tricycles. Therefore, the requirements for after -sales service are higher and stricter. Very important.

First of all, the best thing to do in the field of after -sales service is Jin Peng. On January 1, January 1st, the industry was proposed on January 1st of the year. It has been recognized by the seller.


Secondly, the results of Wuyang in the field of sales are still very eye-catching. As a national big brand Wuyang, from the district to the county to the county, there are fixed-point service stores in Wuyang maintenance. Services, maintenance services are in place in place, and sellers have a high reputation.


Finally, Zong Shen’s after -sales service is also quite good. Relying on Zong Shen’s layout of the country’s channel marketing system, Zong Shen has achieved remarkable results in the after -sales service. “Inspection” activities, harvesting the love of many consumers.



From the perspective of products, technology, and after -sales service, Wuyang, Zongshen, and Jin Peng have their own characteristics. But of these three brands, I recommend Wuyang even more. From the perspective of cost -effectiveness and practicality, Five Sheep will be a better choice. Especially at the technical level, Wuyang technology has great potential for research and development, and the market for models launched is high.

For Wuyang, Zongshen, Jin Peng, which brand do you optimistic about? Is there a tricycle you bought? Welcome to leave a message.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about tricycle spare parts, hope it can help you.

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