I haven’t worn these 4 thick coats in winter = white pass

After a week, we will say to the second ten years of the 21st century. Do you intend to do something to commemorate this unique year?

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

On the tail in 2019, let’s do something together

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Tips with a sense of ritual

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Let’s help you plan!

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了


New Year’s Eve

When you still remember to go to college, the school holds the New Year’s Eve Party every year. A large group of people are squeezed together and shouted the countdown excitedly to the big screen. good.

But looking at the photos I took at that time, we were really stupid in the down jacket. If you change to me now, we must wear more beautiful haha.

As soon as it was in winter, the down jacket became the C position of a thick coat, but it was a bit tired after wearing it for a long time.

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Several heating instead of losing its thick jacket at all

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Let’s take a look together!

This winter, the thick coat of C’s debut must not be missed


, Compared to solid colors or teddy colors, this

Cow pattern

It is also very interesting and unique. It is just a fashionable Icon to match the small black pants.

Lamb hair is tired, little cute people can try this

Mink fabric

It is not lost at all, the key is not very stylish, and it is not bloated at all.

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Raspberry water mink velvet jacket

, With a trace of femininity in the noble spirit, it looks good with over -the -knee boots and berets, dating

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Sweetness explosion table

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了


Large area

Pine stone

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

On the upper body, it becomes the bright color that jumps away from the winter, following

“Upper Panasonic tight”

In principle, putting on the knee boots directly, it is thin and fashionable.

It is estimated that there is a little cute worry, the mink velvet jacket has a sense of age, in fact

Replace it with elegant bean green

It can be completed, the whole person becomes intellectual and elegant, and tenderness is tender.

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Among the Mao Mao coats, there is also a “lady” player–

Fur coat

Considering that it has a strong femininity, it is better to use

The handsome knight boots come to neutralize

, It’s so beautiful and beautiful!

Wild and unruly leopard fur

In fact, it is not so difficult to control. It is more obvious with the mixing and matching levels with street -style work pants+Martin boots.

A to explosion

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Although the Mao Mao jacket is beautiful and warm, when it comes to being thin, it also has to lose it and lose to

Fur coat

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

After all, the leather outside is thin and windshield, and the hair inside keeps warm and keeps cold.

The short fur coat, which is very suitable for small man control,

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

With jeans+boots

, The entire gas field MAX, easily recessed the driving of the Royal Sister.

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Even if you encounter the procrastinating long models, the hard leather makes the whole look like

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了


冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

, Not bloated like a bear, match

all white

Inside, advanced and simple.

More lazy to wear, little cute people can

pick sweater skirt

This item is not only elegant and feminine, but also very convenient. With the medium -length fur, it is thin and thin.

What we generally see is black, in fact, occasionally changing a rice -white fur is also very good. In addition, the furry collar, suddenly

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Inject a gentle atmosphere

The gender attributes are not obvious,

Very suitable as a couple outfit

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Come to wear, a handsome street fan, a sweet and cool wind, wearing it to go shopping like this, turn back!

Girls are sweeter with floral skirts, which can not only neutralize tough temperament, but also

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Hug out of the little girl’s well -behaved

, Wear a male ticket like this, the wife is eye -catching!

For most of the little cuteness in the south,

A short and beautiful bread suit

It is also essential, with a pleated skirt, full score!

oversize version

In the bread suit, when encountering pink rubber pink, it is a small one, with a pleated skirt, it looks particularly cute. The student party just wear it!

If you want a bit more personality, the cute people can pick

Bold bright orange

, Wear with small black pants, just

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Bright color+black

The universal formula is very handsome on the street.


The silver system of future technology sense

In addition, the material of the bright noodles, ordinary bread clothes can also wear pioneering trend, with small black pants, proper fashionable essence.

The same is true to apply bright colors in part,

Light up the whole body

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

At the same time, it is not too exaggerated, and it is more suitable for daily wear to learn from, and the eye -catching index has five stars.

The bread suit is also a style of men and women. Everyone can be different from men’s tickets and the same color, compared

High -level

In winter, it is estimated that everyone wants to save trouble.

Simple color system

You deserve to have, the minimalist of All White is almost outdated.

In addition to the cold artifact above, in the winter, I still can’t bear the stinky heart. The chic coat must have it, but compared to the common styles, everyone may try it.

Horn buckle coat

, Put on the age reduction!

Like the familiar Li and younger sister, there must be a horn buckle in the style of winter coats. After this element,

Outstanding college style

It feels like there is, especially youthful vitality.

Especially the soft and glutinous rice white coat, it looks very gentle and temperament.

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

It’s so soft and quiet

Little cute on the literary route, come and pick this

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

pea green color

, The color is very elegant, and the elements of the horn buckle are really

Giant Giant Age reduction

Horn buckle coat itself

Self -friendly attribute

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

With the half skirt, the sweetness of the little girl showed the sweetness of the little girl.

Soft light filter

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

, Fantasy.

But the length of the coat has to be paid attention to,

Long style

Not only

Dwarf pressure

And losing the playfulness of vitality brought by the horn buckle.

The length of the knee up and down

Just right, with nine -point pants+loaf shoes, there is a simple Korean tone, laziness with a stylish chIC sense.

The checkered coat plus the horn buckle is a retro style,

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

Blue+brown color color

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了

It’s not old -fashioned at all, but the college is full of feeling, and the student party can copy it!

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Before the new year arrives, buy the new jacket you like!

In fact, it was just ten years ago in 2010, but many things are obviously just like it happened yesterday.

What do you want to say to himself ten years ago?


message board

Say with grains, want to listen to your different answers!

冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了


冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了


冬天没有穿这4件厚外套 = 白过了




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