There is no good -looking rolling paper frame, she would rather put the paper on the toilet

When I bought a bathroom roll rack before, I did not find the right one at once. At that time, I remember that the shopping guide said that I could not buy it temporarily. It was also possible to put it on the toilet or the window sill next to the toilet. It will use the rolled paper frames that burst through those LOW, and at the time they did not find it seriously, and they really didn’t buy it. Later, I slowly settled down, searching for search, and finally found a lot of high -value and practical roll frames.

There are ABS plastic and stainless steel, which are mainly black, white, gold, and silver in color. The supporting storage parts are also simple and textured. There are two ways to install and free glue in the installation method. Essence

After watching a lot of rolls, it looks like a door handle. If there is a better door handle in the family, you can put roll paper on the wall with nail -free glue. Inspiration. And these rolls frames are fixed on the wall next to the curtains, and curtains can be hung.

When the exposed items are stored, they need to set off their ordinary. It is really the same items. Why do other people look simple and neat, and your family is a bit messy?


Such as towels, bath towels, roll paper, bath cleaning supplies and other commonly used items. When storing, it is usually naked. You can put it on a floor -to -ceiling stand or on the wall storage rack. No matter what kind of storage tool It is all storage on the basis of ensuring the unified and simple texture and color, so that the space can be enlarged a lot.


Because of looking for a suitable roll frame, more possibilities were found in the bathroom storage.


Simple and uniform colors, texture, simple lines, friendly installation methods, etc., bring more neat bathroom space.


The storage space of the bathroom is very limited. Some spare items can be stored in the cabinet under the face washing pool. If mirror cabinets, skin care products and cosmetics can also be put in. These hidden storage spaces are used. The items that are arbitrarily. If these items are not found in the right storage tools, they will appear messy. However, the space is limited. Only by ensuring unity and neatness can we create more comfortable space enjoyment.

As mentioned in the previous articles, try to go to the wall as much as possible on the wall, and the wall may hurt the wall. Therefore, these exempting storage tools are particularly suitable for the bathroom space. The items are relatively large. Heavy, you can guarantee load without having to punch, and there are more fragmentation. It is just a convenient choice and matching.


GET focus: complete set of matching

Simple lines and texture


Exempt installation

The color is black, white, and gold as the first consideration

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