Winter’s stepping on shit slippers! Keep warm and waterproof slippers.

A autumn rain and a cold

Winter is getting closer and closer to us

Who doesn’t want to warm peace in such a cold day


Drag at home in a pair of cotton

I also reserved some winter equipment with my family two days ago

Cotton drag is definitely an indispensable “combat equipment” for winter


Winter is very cold

Especially for those

Cold hands and feet

For people


You can wear a pair after getting home from get off work

Comfortable and warm home slippers

It’s really a happy thing

Maybe just autumn, I didn’t feel much


Prepare in advance

Several double home slippers

At that time, you will be glad your wise choice

But don’t buy it at will when buying slippers

It is easy to buy warm cotton drags with high quality and low price


It’s not cost -effective to buy too expensive

It is easy to buy cheap to buy uncomfortable uncomfortable

Rotten slippers

Moreover, one accidentally buy fake goods


Even inferior materials such as black heart cotton appear

Severe metal exceeding standard



Foot, skin disease



So I highly recommend this to everyone today

[2020 winter new cotton slippers home slippers]

The biggest feature of this slippers is

High -help waterproof, super warmth

Soft and comfortable, like walking the clouds

Thicked high -density plush, soft and comfortable

Three -dimensional fluffy, can’t afford the ball without foil

Cotton shoes are comfortable and warm, plush touch is as soft as baby skin

And the plush is all -round covered


Keep warm plush, multi -directional coverage to keep warm

Hold your feet perfectly


More thermal insulation warmth

Slipper and shoes gang adopts integrated molding technology

Make slippers

Especially durable and strong

Add high shoe helper

Heel design

Can effectively waterproof, keep warm

Step on it comfortable and soft



Site parcel design


Avoid the problem of frozen heels of other slippers

Praise the warmth effect!

The sole is high -level and thickened, which can effectively waterproof waterproof

To prevent slippers from being stained with water and dirty and hardened

High -top design

Keep you away from sewage


There is a kind of high

Far away from dirty

Feeling of security

But it will not be dizzy and lame feet


Stepping on it is like being trapped in cotton, in the clouds

Suddenly surrounded

Even if there is something in a rainy day

Go out

It ’s okay if you have to wear slippers.

Kanyang Rain boots

The general home

Low sole slippers

Especially easy to dirty

Especially to the bathroom

Easy to be on the ground


Wet water

This upper is made of dirt -resistant material

Just wipe it clean, clean and easy to clean

There is a folk “

Cold from the feet


Because the feet are the farthest in the heart, the blood supply is slow and less

Moreover, the subcutaneous fat on our feet is thinner

Therefore, the warmth is poor

This slippers are special

Height heel


Make the footsteps farther away from the cold ground

Avoid the ground cold air infiltration to the feet

More effectively keeping warm feet to care


Healthy body

It looks high and temperament after putting it on

EVA imitation cloth waterproof upper

Has a super good waterproof effect

The overall molding of the shoes is more conformity and durable

The tanning of the toe is round, it will not squeeze the feet

Will not oppress your toes, comfortable and comfortable

The shoe is very flexible

Can bend arbitrarily,

Not easy to break

I don’t feel hard on the soles, it is very comfortable to wear

Press your fingers, you can play immediately

There are also tiny parcels in the heel, so you will not feel cold

Non -slip sole ripple design

Soft -resistant

The sole is designed with a three -dimensional texture

Can increase friction, non -slip and wear -resistant

We have all experienced such experience at home


Sometimes the shoes become very slippery when the shoes are dipped in water

I accidentally wrestled

I have seen my sister -in -law twice that I have seen my sister -in -law twice

So you must choose the sole to buy shoes

The breathability is excellent, and the phenomenon of covering feet and sweating will not occur

I feel wet without walking at home for a while

The fluff inside has changed the same


This feels bad, just as uncomfortable as your feet are abducted

But this breathable shoes

The insoles inside can be cleaned and exposed at any time

Make sure that slippers are clean and comfortable at all times


Just like making sunbathing on the beach, comfortable and refreshing

The color of the slippers is faint and soft

The colors are pale green, light blue, pink, beige, etc.

Fresh and natural

It looks warm


Suitable for men, women

Are you wearing the right cotton drag? Except for comfort and warmth


Make your slippers beautiful

Online comments and reputation


It also indirectly proves the quality of slippers

At the same time, it can make people comfortable

In winter, who doesn’t want to have a pair of such shoes?

Protect your little feet like a perfect boyfriend

Wear soft and comfortable cotton drags in winter

Let the warmth of the sun hide into your foot nest

Wrap you from bottom to top

Both men and women’s models


Warm price now

39.9 yuan


Free shipping

In winter, come and prepare slippers early


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Shuangshun Diawu Household Cotton Slipper Comfortable Warm, Waterproof, Dirt -resistant and Thick Shoe Heel

¥ 39.9



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