What is “stacked” in winter coats? Seeing Misaki Mom knows, the sense of high level is so simple

Whether wearing short coats or growing clothes in winter, I have to think about a question, what is stacked inside. After all, with the development of fashion, dressing more attention to the overall dress, the inside choice can make the dress more advanced, and in turn, it will also greatly reduce the shape.

Regarding this, the mother of the blogger Sanmu definitely has something to say that her dress is elegant and fashionable, and to a large extent because she has unique vision in the selection, and she is good at playing the charm of stacking. What is “stacked” in the winter dress? Seeing Misaki Mother knows that the sense of high -level is so simple!

First, what do you choose to wear on the coat?

The so -called coat double -layer stacking mainly refers to stacking a single product in the coat, making it a whole with the coat. This method is very simple and convenient, suitable for some thick long woolen coats.


1. Half -high -collar thin slim bottoming shirt

Looking at Miyu’s mother to wear, you can see that this method of matching is very high. In the inside choice, she adopts some simple and elegant half -high collar bottoming shirts, such as black, gray, khaki, or color. Coffee color.


In addition to the bloated and thin, this kind of bottoming shirt can also visually extend the neck lines to make the shape look more elegant and exquisite.

2. Speaker sweater


When the temperature decreases and the light stack wearing a bottoming shirt is not enough to resist the cold, women 50 or 60 can turn their eyes to high -necked sweaters. It is warmer than thin bottom shirts. Essence

However, the internal space of the coat is limited. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose a silhouette sweater. It is slightly loose. When it is matched, the waistline is clear, which is warm and temperamental.

2. What should I pay attention to when wearing double -layer stacking?

The two -layer stacking method such as coat+bottoming shirt or sweater is relatively simple, and it is easy to give people a monotonous sense. So how does the Music mother resolve the boring dress?


1. Enhance the highlights with the help of details


Regarding the details of the shape to enhance the fineness, women 50 or 60 can start in many ways. Taking the mother of Sanmu as an example, in winter, she prefers to use V -neck or tear up the collar. These inside can make the dress more detailed.

In addition, it will make the casual and delicate sense through the stagnation of the plug, and it will help raise the position of the waistline and make the dress more relaxed.

2. Coordinate color matching

I do n’t know if you have found, no matter how simple the shape is, if the color coordination is elegant and simple, then it will naturally show a high -level and elegant sense of atmosphere.


This is fully reflected in the stacking of Misaki Mother’s coat, such as stacking white sweater with a white coat, echoing the coffee color coat with a caramel base shirt, and so on.


Third, how to wear the three layers of coats?

The three -layer stacking is mainly stacked in the coat of two items. This method is more layered than the double -layer stacking.

1. Coat+suit+bottoming shirt/shirt

Although dressing in winter is tedious and thick, there are also advantages. For example, a 50 or 60 -year -old woman can use the advantages of suits, shirts, knitted cardigans and other items through stacking.

Like the three -wood mother here, she uses a coat to combine a suit, which is used as a bottoming shirt or shirt. The overall dress has a sense of layering and enhanced the fashion atmosphere.


2. Coat+suit vest+shirt

Compared with the suit, the suit vest is more short and smart, can play a role in regulating the proportion of the figure, and there is no cuff design. When the combination coat is combined with a coat, it will not worry about the strong upper body, but it can enhance the spirit.


Like beige, gray, black, or coffee suit short vest, you can come in handy in winter.

Fourth, what should I pay attention to when wearing the three layers of coats?

When using fashion in winter, the public needs to pay attention to some details, so as to avoid being clumsy and interpret more fashion.

1. Connecting items and inside to form a whole

Perhaps many people think that the three -layer stacking is equivalent to arbitrarily stacked two items in the coat.

For example, in the winter shape of Misaru’s mother, most of the coats are shirts+bottoming shirts, suits+bottoming shirts or knitwear+shirts.

Or suit vest+shirt, middle leather jacket+bottoming shirt, these methods have a common place, that is, after taking off the coat, the shape is still complete, so that even in the room, you can win elegance and fashion.

However, it should be noted that the connection items need to be shorter than the coat and longer than the inside.

2. There must be a comparison

When using three layers of stacking, there is no layer of change when wearing it. For example, using a round neck to connect the single product combination of the round neck, it is easy to give people a sense of burden. Can make the level of dressing more vivid. The above is the winter coat that shared for everyone this time. If you like it, you may wish to learn from it!

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