The famous scene of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, the seventh version of Huang Rong women’s clothing is amazing, who is the best in your heart?

Huang Rong, the heroine in the novel of Jin Yong’s novel “The Heroes of the Eagle”, is the only daughter of the Taohua Island owner “East Evil” Huang Yaoshi and Feng Heng.


The first encounter between Huang Rong and Guo Jing was in a restaurant in Zhangjiakou. Huang Rong, who debuted for the first time, was a jacket and a thin figure.

After changing to the women’s clothing, Huang Rong turned into a fairy, which made Guo Jing dare not believe his eyes.

Long hair shawl, white clothes in the whole body, golden bands on the hair, white snow, even more brilliant. When Guo Jing saw that the girl was as pretending to be like a fairy, she couldn’t help watching. The boat was slowly swinging, and I saw the woman Fang Dang Shao, but at the age of fifteen or sixth, her skin was overwhelming, beautiful and beautiful, and she could not force it.

The first scene of Huang Rong’s women’s appearance is also one of the scenes of “The Heroes of the Condor Heroes”. Let ’s take a look at it below. Intersection

In 1977, Shaw’s movie “The Heroes of the Eagle”, Tian Niu plays Huang Rong and Fu Sheng plays Guo Jing.

Huang Rong stole a steamed bun at the entrance of the hotel and was scolded by the stall owner. After seeing Guo Jing sitting upstairs, he said that the steamed buns were on his account, and Huang Rong asked Huang Rong to go upstairs to eat.

Early actors could pull their faces in ugliness. Tian Niu’s version was called Huazi. Almost all of her face wiped the black and gray, and the black lacquer face was tattered. The poor little beggar’s dress was too vivid.


Huang Rongbu sent a letter to Guo Jing, saying that she was waiting in Shili Lake in the west of the city. When Guo Jing came to the lake, the sky was dark. After a while, a flat boat was floating in the distance. With golden hair bands and the same golden belt around the waist, the stylist also ingeniously wearing a black fluffy warm shawl for Rong’er. This version of Huang Rong women’s appearance looks very in line with the description in the novel.


After coming to Guo Jing, Huang Rong smiled and said, “Brother Jing, come on the boat.” Guo Jing, who was at a loss, shook his head hard and had an incredible expression.

Huang Rong smiled again and said, “Why, don’t know me anymore.” Guo Jing rubbed his eyes and heard Huang Rong said that he was Huang Xian’s brother, and then he reacted and pointed at Huang Rong and laughed.

Huang Rong was the role of Tian Niu’s debut. At that time, she was only 19 years old, her skin was smooth and firmer, and her round face was still with fleshy baby fat. It brings a lot of relaxed and lively scenes to the film.


Fu Sheng’s version of Guo Jing kept Qimuntun’s thick bangs, and his long hair was lush than the female lead. The thick hair cover weakened the three -dimensional degree of Fu Sheng’s five officials and made it a little more honest.

In 1983, the TVB version of “The Heroes of the Eagle”, Weng Meiling plays Huang Rong and Huang Rihua plays Guo Jing.

Huang Rong, who met Guo Jing for the first time, was wearing a broken old cloth hat, wearing a broken cloth dress, a black gray on his face, and dirty. Weng Meiling’s barking Huazi was also very conscience.

The two had contradictions due to Mu Nianci’s problem. Huang Rong left angrily, while Guo Jing came to the river to clean the white cloth with blood.


At this time, a flat boat floated in the distance, and I saw a pair of slim jade hands, gently opened the pale yellow boat curtain, and instantly showed a beautiful face.


The girl’s eyes were clear, and a sweet smile on the corner of her mouth. After looking at the back of the people by the people, the smile on her face bloomed, and she shouted “Brother Jing” playfully.


Guo Jing turned his head and looked at it. The girl Chan smiled and stood on the bow, beckoning to him, and let him pass.

At this time, Huang Rong’s women’s dress -ups were completely presented in front of the audience. They were combed with low hair buns, a few small braids hanging on their chests, blue buns on her head, wearing light blue gauze skirts, white lilies inside She twisted her braid on her chest with her fingers, and her shy look was very loving.


When Guo Jing stepped forward, Huang Rong crooked his head twice, a pair of large watery eyes turned, and the ancient and strange faces were a little evil, full of light spirits and jumping away from the vulgar of the world. In pure beauty, two little rabbit teeth will be exposed when they laugh, and they are naive and cute.

Weng Meiling’s eyes are really agile, her expression is lively and playful, and she is unpretentious. Each movement, every expression is clever and clever.


Although Weng Meiling is small, Huang Rong is a lively and stubborn little girl on Taohua Island. She does not need fairy fluttering or everyone’s ladies.


Huang Rihua’s version of Guo Jing, after seeing the beautiful women’s clothing Huang Rong, the idiot -like face turned Guo Jing’s loyalty and interpreting it.

However, this version of Huang Rong’s women’s clothing debut for the first time. It is regrettable that there is no way to restore the “white clothes+gold belt” in the novel.

However, the 83rd version is particularly good in the arrangement of the actor’s lines. Huang Rong faces Guo Jing. He did not say that he was Huang Xiandi directly, but said that he could eat and spend money, so that Guo Jing himself reflected him after thinking that he was the “Huang Xian brother “, Huang Rong’s spiritual energy is increasingly showing.


In 1988, the Taiwan TV version of “The Heroes of the Eagle”, Chen Yulian plays Huang Rong and Huang Wenhao plays Guo Jing.

After Guo Jing came to the Central Plains, he was difficult to be dressed by Ouyang Ke. Fortunately, Huang Rong, who was pretending to be a beggar, and siege. When Guo Jing was like the same, he asked Huang Rong to eat in the restaurant.


After the two, Huang Rong asked a beggar to bring a letter to Guo Jing, saying that he was waiting for him by the lake at the west of the city. After Guo Jing rushed to the lake, he was chased by the three wicked people.

Huang Rong, who was swinging by paddles, saw Guo Jing besieged, turned over and retreated, and took Guo Jing to a safe place.

Guo Jing thanked Huang Rong for his life -saving grace. Huang Rong lifted his chin playfully and asked, “Don’t you recognize me?” When he saw Guo Jing’s face blank, Huang Rong couldn’t help but laughed at his head, and Guo Jing said, ” You look like a person. “


Huang Rong also said, “Is it like your Huang brother?” Guo Jing nodded, Huang Rong asked Guo Jing to look at her carefully, but she didn’t think Guo Jing or couldn’t recognize Huang Rong who could not recognize women’s clothing.

Guo Jing, who was dull, helplessly, Huang Rong finally told the fact that he was the “Huang brother”. Guo Jing was upside down and looked around with Huang Rong.


Huang Rong returned to her daughter’s dress, with two round buns on her head, pink bead flower on her hair bun, tied to the glowing silver hair band, and wearing a white pink jacket. Although the color of this version of the clothing is in line with the original work, the material of the clothes is too like plastic, giving a sense of cheapness, and the two ball hairstyles are still very good.

Before Huang Rong, Chen Yulian played the two roles of Wang Yuyan and Xiaolong Girl in Jin Yong’s novels. This time, the lively and playful Huang Rong felt that it was not very suitable at first glance. Come is also handy, pouting his mouth and coquettishness is very cute.

Huang Wenhao’s long -standing appearance and simple voice, also performed Guo Jing’s upright side after seeing the women’s clothing Huang Rong.


In 1994, the TVB version of “The Heroes of the Eagle”, Zhu Yin plays Huang Rong and Zhang Zhilin plays Guo Jing.


Huang Rong, who was ate for stealing buns, unlocked the circumference, wore a rag hat, dressed in his clothes, and wiped his face. She was dressed as a small name of Huazi. Zhu Yin was so pretty.


The little beggar Huang Rong taught Guo Jing to teach the four ghosts and Hou Tonghai of the Yellow River. After Guo Jing saw the letter from Huang Rong’s trustees, he came to the lake to find Huang Rong and saw that the four ghosts of the Yellow River were hung on the tree. Guo Jing was funny by the four people. It looked amazing, and exported to make fun of them.

At this time, Huang Rong, who changed to the women’s clothing, stood on the bow and shouted “Brother Jing”. Guo Jing turned his head. A young girl wearing a green and white gown with a green and white -colored long shirt in her eyes came into view.

Comb with a full low bun, tie multiple small braids with thin hair, wear white beads on the head, tie green long ribbons, hair accessories and clothing colors are reflected, fresh and eye -catching, bright and eye -catching Essence


Hearing such a shameful voice and seeing such a beautiful and beautiful woman, Guo Jing was messy on the spot, stunned, and looked at the person in front of him.

Seeing Guo Jing who was staying, Huang Rong called “Brother Jing” and asked him “boarding the ship?”

At this time, Guo Jing, who was embarrassed, asked, “Are you?” Huang Rong replied: “You don’t recognize me anymore, I am your Huang brother.”

The shape of this small braid and ribbon in the early days of TVB can really create dynamic dynamics. In addition, Zhu Yin’s exquisite goose egg face shape, with a smile with a smile, a soft and beautiful features, it is really ancient and beautiful.

The inspiration of Zhu Yin’s version of Huang Rong also benefited from Xing Jinsha’s Mandarin dubbing. With the elegance of women in the water village of Jiangnan, her voice was soft and charming, clear and sweet, and added a lot to the young and lively Huang Rong image.

In 2003, the mainland version of “The Heroes of the Eagle”, Zhou Xun played Huang Rong and Li Yapeng played Guo Jing.


Huang Rong, who was caught on the spot by stealing the buns, fell from the bamboo pole on the height. After Guo Jing saved Huang Rong, she not only paid her gimmick money, but also asked her to eat.

Zhou Xun’s crowd of Huazi was dressed up, and a beggar in gray earth was dirty on his face, but his eyes were dark and smart.

Huang Rong sent a letter to Guo Jing and asked him to meet at ten miles outside the city. After Guo Jing rushed to the lake, he did not see anyone, so he called “Huang Xian’s brother” and looked around.

Just when Guo Jing turned around, the camera gave a pair of white aslens as gentle and gentle hands. Guo Jing heard the pleasant piano sound and came to the peach blossom forest by the lake.

At this time, Huang Rong, who was sitting on the bow and playing the piano, came with water waves. Against the backdrop of pink peach petals, Ying Ying can see a young girl who played the music leisurely.


Huang Rong looked up, a pair of beautiful eyes, staring at Guo Jing, Guo Jing turned his head suddenly and stared straight at the people.


The scalp is split, and the hair is tied to a bow -like style behind the head, leaving a ray of hair and hanging on the side of the chest. Do not wear any hair accessories. With the name of youth and fashion, Ye Jintian’s style designed for Zhou Xun not only severely lowered Xun’s face value, but also made her look like a young woman. The master’s aesthetics could not appreciate it.


Huang Rong asked, “Is it good to play?” Guo Jing replied to stayed: “It’s nice.” Seeing that Guo Jing didn’t feel familiar, Huang Rong asked playfully: “You don’t know me anymore, I am your Huang Xian brother.” Guo Jingfa stunned for a few seconds and heard Huang Rong said, “People are originally girls, you are all you, you are all you Huang Xiandi, Huang Xian’s call. “Guo Jing was suddenly stunned.

Zhou Xun’s version of Huang Rong, the eyebrows of the eyes are all agile. His hands and feet are free and easy, naturally delicate face, exquisite personality, and interpret Huang Rong’s character very layered. Unfortunately, the shape is casual, and Zhou Xun’s original sound is used in the play, without dubbing, and Zhou Xun’s own voice is too magnetic and hoarse, far from the silver bell -like bright and crispy sound.

Li Yapeng’s eyebrows and strong figures are in line with Guo Jing’s appearance requirements, but he is also the original sound of the whole process. He takes the strong and strong man of Xinjiang, but he does not grasp the tone tone enough. Surprisingly pretending to be silly.


In 2008, the Mainland version of “The Heroes of the Eagle”, Lin Yichen played Huang Rong and Hu Ge plays Guo Jing.

After coming to Jiangnan from Mongolia, Guo Jing held the burden of Jiangnan’s six monsters to rest on the side of the road. He called Huazi Huang Rong to secretly take Guo Jing’s luggage. Guo Jing not only asked Huang Rong for dinner.

Lin Yichen’s little beggar, a rag hat, rotten shirt, discredited ash on his face, playful and cute, very flattering.


Huang Rong promised Guo Jing to come here tomorrow and surprised him. On the second day, Guo Jing came to the lake and shouted a few times after Huang Xian’s brother.


Huang Rong hiding behind the reed clump saw Guo Jing looking for her and opened the reed to stand up. At this time, Huang Rong, who returned to her daughter, showed her true capacity. The white lily, the goose yellow gauze, and the braid head, with a few pink flowers hair.


Lin Yichen has a girlishness on her body, her face is round and tender, and her body is small and exquisite, but the appearance of Huang Rong’s women’s clothing still makes people feel cute and stunning. Lin Yichen is a beautiful woman, but she is not a big beauty. The beauty is extremely beautiful, the color is beautiful, and it is not forced to look at it. “Obviously Lin Yichen’s version of Huang Rong failed to support it.

Just as Guo Jing wondered, Huang Rong suddenly walked behind Guo Jing and patted Guo Jing’s back a few times with his hand. He said, “I’m here.”

This version of Huang Rong was not on the boat, but drilled out of the reed bushes by the river. It seemed a bit outrageous.

Guo Jing turned back and saw the young girl in front of him. He looked at him for a while, and then asked doubtful: “Are you Huang Xian’s brother?” Huang Rong frowned and replied loudly: “Wrong, I am Huang Xianmei.” Then I didn’t seem to be right, and immediately changed my mouth: “Oh no, I’m Huang Rong.”

Huang Rong was pretty in Jin Yong’s writing, but Lin Yichen’s image was coquettish. Although it was a word, it also had a lot of meaning.

This version of Huang Rong was very narcissistic, and asked Guo Jing proudly: “Never seen a girl who has been nice better than me!” As a result, Guo Jing said that it was his mother. This dialogue was inexplicable.

The baby’s fat face, thick lips, and stylists do not make up for the lack of actors’ appearance. Instead, they magnify the disadvantages. They are fully exposed, with some dirty braid -like scalp braids, which completely expose Lin Yichen’s facial disadvantages. Essence


Even if the appearance was not shocked, Lin Yichen was natural and his acting skills were natural, not only performed Huang Rong’s cleverness, ancient spirit and weird, but also a little more kind and considerate.

In 2017, the Mainland version of “The Heroes of the Eagle”, Li Yitong plays Huang Rong and Yang Xuwen plays Guo Jing.

The same rotten cloth hat and tattered clothes, with black coal ash on his face, and Li Yitong’s little beggar dress, lively and cute, very young.

Xiaohong horses came to the woods with Guo Jing, faintly, Guo Jing heard a melodious singing voice, and he rode away from the place where the voice came.

As soon as the picture turned, Huang Rong, wearing a woman, stood on the bow and sang a song in his mouth. With a white shirt, a golden belt on the head, and the waist is also a pale yellow lace. This version also satisfies the original “white gold belt” shape of the original powder, and completely copys the songs sung in the original work.

However, the two actors are still slightly green in the performance. Li Yitong is a pure girl look, but she puts on white clothes, and more of the innocent and innocent feeling of the little sister next door.


Li Yitong’s eyes were very agile, and they could speak. Her cute expression was very clever and playful, but the eyeliner eye shadow that the makeup artist turned over was too dark, covering the natural breath of the eyes itself.


And in this clip, Huang Rong sang on the bow, and the song released was so loud, but Li Yitong’s mouth was very small and light.


Guo Jing drove to Malaysia to the lake and saw Huang Rong standing on the bow. He stood up. Huang Rong saw Guo Jing’s idiot appearance and asked shyly: “Brother Jing, don’t you recognize me?”

This edition of Guo Jing’s eyes was really good, he immediately blurted out: “You are the Huang brothers!” Then he felt wrong and asked, “Why are you a woman?”, Qiao Huang Rong replied: “I originally It’s a woman. “


Immediately after, Huang Rong hadn’t said that Guo Jing got on the ship, and he flew forward and stood on his head. Then I looked at Huang Rongfa dumbly and said, “You are so good -looking.”


Yang Xuwen’s Guo Jing really pulls points, his eyes are dull, his expression is dull, and the whole process is like a clay sculpture. He doesn’t want to be angry. It doesn’t mean that he is stupid or wood. When he performs himself stupid, he knows that he is scratching his hair hard. Essence

Li Yitong’s Huang Rong is more pure and innocent. Huang Rong has grown on the island since he was a child. Naughty and lively little girls do not need to be like Wang Yuyan. She is a weird elves, and Li Yitong’s version is playful and smart, but too many immortality, not evil enough.


The 2017 edition is a version that is advancing with the times, landscapes, props, clothing, and even actors’ looks and lines all reflect the aesthetics of the audience today. Essence

In comparison of the above seven editions of Huang Rong women’s clothing, in your opinion, who is coquettish, who is smart and natural, who is amazing time?

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