An Yixuan’s robe and bridesmaid group are super positive! The word “Girls’ Generation” is lined up

Reporter Yang Qi / Comprehensive Report


Actress An Yixuan held a wedding in Hawaii on the 6th. The friends of the “An of An of An of Anshisa” all dispatched all the bridesmaids, including Chen Qiaoen, Bai Yihui, Liu Pinyan, Linda, Xia Yutao, in addition to ordinary dresses, this group of sisters also replaced them playfully. Take a picture of the robe. The lines are not only high in value, but a pair of long legs are even more enviable.

▲ ▼ An Yixuan and the bridesmaid group changed their dresses and put on their pawn robes, looking calm and sexy. (Photo / Refined from “Sina Entertainment”)

An Yixuan ’s wedding on the 6th. During the Chinese -style wedding ceremony and formal wedding, except for the bride and Western -style wedding dresses, the bridesmaids were wearing pink and orange bridesmaids in two ceremonies, but each bridesmaid had different tailoring. The design was quite attentive. Essence Not only that, An Yixuan also changed with this group of girlfriends on the robe. She wore a champagne satin robe. Chen Qiaoen, Bai Yihui, Liu Pinyan, Linda, and Xia Yuqiao were covered with white blue robes. Six people stood together not only The face value is super high, and the exposed long legs are even more envious of others.

▲ ▼ Ans of An’s Enterprise accompanied by the bride An Yixuan at any time. (Photo / provided by An Yixuan)


In addition, the most noticeable bridesmaid Chen Qiaoen also posted on Weibo emotionally: “When you step by step towards Xiaoding, see your tears under the veil, dear ~ you found the happiest each other, you said you found a handle You became cats, and at that moment we all cried. My dear Xuan ~ At this moment, the entire universe is happy for you, deep blessings, always happy, love you. ” Tight sisters.

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