There must be three sweaters in spring. If you buy it, you will have the motivation to go to work tomorrow

The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, and I will return to the familiar Beishangguangshen (…) to start a new year -old worker. I believe that many girls are the same as editors. When I pack up luggage at home, I will start to buy some new clothes in spring? (Let this work more tempting)

Single -piercing and pairing sweater are the first choice of editors.


Before planting grass officially, let’s reply to the newspaper friends a few days ago: The zipper shirts worn by the grandma blogger Ghanai in the picture above are bottega Veneta 2020 autumn and winter series ~ but now I should not be able to buy it, you can go to other brands, you can go to other brands Looking for similar Polo collar sweater, many brands have come out.


And the editor predicts that this item will continue to be popular for a while

It means that at least this spring can continue to buy and continue.

Edit a few days ago on ZARA, only 299 yuan. Although there is no BV, the young yellow is gentle and tender, the dark blue is also more classic (thin). It is recommended to wear white jeans. It is a simple and fashionable handsome girl look.


Stylist Diletta Bonauiti is similar to a similar one, a piece of one outside



Mao Wa suit, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai girls (editor himself) said that they can be moved out now. In the words of the northern girl, it is recommended to replace the suit with a coat.

So, as a sweater enthusiast, the editor will talk to you today about the three that you must buy in 2021 when you open spring!

01 tomboy

Wind girl must -have -polo collar sweater


The POLO collar sweater that has been on the autumn and winter is really very popular, especially the zipper style, pull it up, pull it down, you can freely switch between the high collar and the lapel, which is very practical.

The weather in the early spring, the zipper to the top, the wind and warmth; however, the bloggers like to open the collar to wear, the V -shaped neckline can lengthen the neck lines, and the face is small!


The two knit sweaters wearing the bloggers above are the Italian brands


The characteristic is the middle high collar that does not pick people. Opening the zipper is a low -key lapel. It also comes with Tomboy temperament and is handsome to wear. Anyway, it is not the kind of coquettish little girl style, so it is necessary to lean on the casual style in the match, and you can go out with a pair of jeans.

You can also show the girl’s handsome and handsome side like Blika Boldrin with soft leather pants.

She is wearing

Spring sweaters (pants are also the same brand). With the opening and closing of the zipper, it can become a POLO collar or large lapel, which is very beautiful. Still, Mango is an undervalued high -street brand. Many models are very beautiful, and the texture is not bad.

Anouk YVE chose a cardigan that can be pulled to the end, a cashmere sweater brand from London


Essence Edit like her match very much,

Use a zipper sweater to replace the shirt for a suit, which is more suitable for the slightly cold early spring


Polo zipper shirt with a half skirt is another look. You can refer to the Alyssa Coscarelli:

Acne Studio

Large lapel sweater+leather skirt+long leather boots. The three are all stiff and loud temperament. The combination is very harmonious, both sharp and elegant.


The blogger Jessie Bush wore a lot of POLO -collar sweater last autumn and winter, and there are buttons with zipper models. The lower body is paired with A -line mini skirt and thick sole shoes. It is full of cool and sweet retro girls.


However, most of the zipper sweaters are relatively thick and suitable for early spring. When the weather is warmer, you can look at the V -shaped POLO neck sweater. The light and comfortable thin -needle fabric is more gentle, and the upper body looks not so heavy.

Did you find it? Fashion bloggers love to match it with a suit.

It is a “relaxed workplace feeling” that conforms to the aesthetics of modern workplace girls

It is also a fashionable OOTD suitable for early spring.

These spring POLO -collar sweater is worth buying:


FANO Studios 2021 Early Spring Wool French POLO collar sweater, 20 % off for a limited time: 239cny

There should be a lot of solid color knitwear. Try a different color matching model this time! FANO Studios, who has always been sold well in the poster Shop, is really famous. See how stable this fashion point is! I can’t find the reason why I don’t buy it ~

Soliloque 100%Ordos cashmere black thick pound POLO sweater, reference price: 749cny


It is rare to buy a 100%cashmere sweater, let alone a fashionable design style, which is very suitable for those who want to design and have texture ~


FANO Studios white caramel -colored wool blended Polo collar sweater, for a limited time of 20 % off: 249CNY

The same model of the blogger, the weaving is relatively thin, so it is not so “occupying the land”. It is paired with a beige leather suit, which is the same shape as the blogger!


FANO Studios French retro POLO lapel sweater, 20 % off for a limited time: 219CNY


In the early spring, this color is more pleasing, because it is better to control the color as an inside, and does not pick people. Since autumn, “cream color” is very popular. This is a veritable “little cream”!


02 Essentials for Romantic Girls -French knitted cardigan


French bloggers who follow, as if everyone has several knitted cardigans. This item has nothing to do with the trend, and even in many people, it is a bit OLD. If it is not well worn, it will have a sense of “age”.

French girls love this retro taste that is not popular. It is the French girl himself with a knitted cardigan with blue jeans, round -head flat shoes or short boots.


But that way of wearing, in fact, the temperament of French girls accounted for a large part of the reason.


The editor thinks that he can’t learn the chic and romantic in the bones of the French girl, but he also likes the softness and comfort of the cardigan, so you have to work hard. Following the blogger Pernille Teisbaek, buckled the knitted sweater, paired with the slim leather pants and high heels of the gas field, the whole posture changed from laziness to fashion.




Knitting sweater, she also demonstrated another kind of workplace matching: pants are still straight jeans that French girls prefer, but put the sweater into the waist of the pants, and look a lot of sharpness while shaping the waistline. Daily work installation get get ~


By the way, the Ganni sweater above is an old item that can’t be bought, but the editor also grows a beautiful cardigan with a shiny metal button, so I found the same model for everyone. Bleak


& Other Stories

There are several Spring Festival series. The buttons are very cute, with bees, love, horny bags, etc., but the out of stock is super fast.

Pay attention:

There are several types of knitted cardigans, such as red models are fluffy princess sleeves. They look pleasing but a bit strong, and they are more suitable for thin girls. Therefore, they must be clear before chopping.


Not only Pernille Teisbaek, the girls in the European and American bloggers love to wear a knitted cardigan+suit. However, when choosing a single product, the thin slim cardigan can be paired with a thin and narrow version of a suit jacket, which is stuffed in jeans. It has a waist and legs, which is super thin!

Girls who like loose version of cardigan, naturally have unruly strength. The combination of wide -shoulder suit and suit pants is suitable for you. A knitted cardigan is inside. You have the coolness and chicness you want.

The girl who is afraid of cold looks here ~ cashmere coats, sweater, straight pants, short boots, each single -product wardrobe, try to combine them together, it becomes a super -French workplace dress. The focus of the match has been said 10,000 times: there must be waist, waist, waist!

Finally, look at a beautiful dress look, from the editor’s favorite stylist Diletta Bonaiuti. There are not many techniques for matching, but I guess someone will definitely ask the brand: the peacock blue sweater is a high -end brand of H & M


It has not been in China, the European official website is 89 euros; snake -patterned mini skirts are from the Italian brand



, GIORGIA TORDINI and Gilda Ambrosio in Fashion Week Street are its founders.

And those adorable pair of Mary Zhen shoes, yes


New models. Speaking of which, this spring is very popular with Mary Zhen shoes and loafers. Do you want to see it? You can make a piece of one day ~


These spring cardigans are worth buying:

Even Vintage Playful Basic Model Valentine’s Bigstrokes Cassenger, 20 % off for a limited time: 349CNY


The small round neck is very elegant, and the contrasting button does not make this elegance too old -fashioned. The wool keeps warm. The overall is short, suitable for small children.

FANO Studios super white gem blue bubble sleeve cardigan, limited time 20 % off: 249CNY

This little blue cardigan is a bit blogger, Diletta Bonaiuti, but it is even more “lady of milk.”

NicepeOPLE Consener yarn side buckle V -neck shirt, reference price: 698CNY


The texture of his family has always been great. This one is even more important. The five colors are super positive, and they are very good. The design of the buttons is very clever. The side buckle looks Chinese beauty, but does not feel old -fashioned.

Nanushka Cade pink sweater cardigan, reference price: 2890cny


Do you still use this brand? INS has been hot. In addition to environmentally friendly skin, knitting is another big surprise. The design is very beautiful, and the material is soft and comfortable. The only disadvantage is that the price is small.

13DE Marzo pink horse sea hairy cardigan, reference price: 2180cny


If one day, what happened to a pink sweater to eat bears and rubber sugar? E ~ It is 13de marzo like this!


03 Mixed -match girls must be necessary -knitted TOP+cardigan


The newspaper friends who love to watch star street shooting must remember the photo of Katie Holmes. I have been circulated countless times on the Internet before. Many people also shot from this group of streets. The more fashionable the trend).

The set on her body


The knitted bras+cardigan also become a must -have fashion item for fashionable people at once. Recently, many bloggers are wearing.

Although it is a young New York designer brand, there are also many “classic models”. Like the cashmere knitted weaving outfit that star bloggers love, a few items are sold alone. Katie’s same Scarlet cashmere cardigan is sold to $ 1540, EDA knitted bras are priced at $ 520, and a pair of high -waisted knitted shorts of high -waisted knitted shorts. It is quite expensive. Of course, the texture is also very good.


It doesn’t matter if it’s too expensive. The editor has prepared you to replace the replacement -Paris inspiration and the fashion brand designed by London


It is a lot of retro girls.


The inner design of the short top is more daily than Khaite’s knitted bra. The cardigan jacket is a short version that a small girl can also easily control. It is super beautiful with high -waisted jeans.


Girls who prefer light -familiar styles can look at Aimee Song, this is her own brand



At that time, I saw this photo and was planted immediately. The knitted cardigan turned into a long design, and there was a sense of maturity of the sister’s department at once.

In fact, the editor feels that the reason why everyone likes knitted suits, in addition to being gentle and easy to wear, is also a reason -convenience. The whole upper body is missing the troubles of color and matching.

But for players like Jeanette Madsen, mix and match are more interesting. So she chose a fine knitted tube top top to wear the same color lantern cuff knitted cardigan, which is harmonious and chic.

Girls who emphasize the sense of lines probably prefer Caroline Daur. The elasticity of the sports style is very popular recently. With a tight knitted cardigan, it has a natural health and beauty.


Simulture knitted tops of the same type, recommend women’s sportswear shopping website



There are many soft and glutinous knitting sportswear, which is suitable for the girl who likes to practice yoga at home.


Many people like Frame’s jeans, but the editor tells you that its knitted sportswear is also worth starting ~

With the same brand Mejuri button cardigan, it is very beautiful with a knitted set!

These knit sweater suits are worth buying:

FANO Studios super skin -skinned retro black purple and white triple -color camiscoic suit, 20 % off for a limited time: 249cny

Buy two pieces of knitted sweaters. You can wear it or disassemble and match it separately. Two words -cost -effective!

Heydress sweater+suspender vest, two -piece set, reference price: 195CNY

It is better to match the milk tea color, and from the model map, it can be seen that this color is really matched with gold accessories!

Heydress loose and lazy wind knitted suit, reference price: 499cny

Look at the picture to know how comfortable it is, the yarn texture is very good, belonging to the high -end line of this brand. And the design of the bat sleeve is very high, there are many different ways to wear it!

When this article was almost written, the editor turned over the blogger ins, and found that several fashionable “big heroines” were wearing cute and playful.

Doll face sweater. Although it may not be a explosion, it is very suitable for the occasional girl mind and can’t help sharing with everyone.

After chatting so much, I planted a lot of new items! You] Which one is ready to start? Leave a message area to talk about wow!

Let’s take a look at the content of Sister Olson, eye cream, and seasonal women:

Compared to the Kardashian family, Sister Olson is called advanced

Saying that eye cream is IQ tax! Are you sure you are not the right product?

Women in spring, summer, autumn, winter, and four, how can Valentine’s Day be more charming?


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