Whose glass and elegant cups, who is the most suitable white tea tool in the office?

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At the end of the year, work is particularly busy.

Make a glass of white tea. In the fragrance of tea, it is difficult to get the rest time.

A tea friend asked, “Why do I always don’t understand tea? Is there really a sense of layer?”

Obviously it is a good tea, but it can’t make a good taste, which is obviously brewing.

“I like your house for a long time, but the key is that there are, but it is not used in the office.” Tea friends said.

It is true that there are still different places at home and work.


On the tea table at home, the equipment for making tea is complete, but in the unit’s workshop, it can still be simple.

If it is a tea tray, a fair cup, a bowl, a cup, etc., it will attract the attention of colleagues overdooring.


Under such circumstances, some more convenient tea sets in use replaced the bowl to exercise the role of brewing tea.



Glass cup is the most common tea set in life.

In addition to making tea, drinking water, drinking drinks, it is indispensable.

In addition, the glass is low -key enough, almost one person in the office, not noticeable at all.

In addition to the most common straight glass, there are also glass with handle, which can prevent the hand scalded when picking up the cup.


And the Mark Cup, with a lid, you can take away the accompanying cup of drinking at any time, which is also an extension of the glass.

Elegant cup

The elegant cup is also a tea set that is common in the office today.

It is mainly composed of three parts, one outer cup, one inner orchid, and a lid.

The three parts can be stitched together. It is very convenient to carry and pick it up.

The original intention of the elegant cup is to facilitate young people, as well as foreign friends. These people who are relatively sparse in tea can use tea sets freely, so it is also very convenient to use the elegant cup in use.

Put the tea in the inner line, inject boiling water, cover the lid, and then press the button of the connected inner orchid. The tea will present the pillar out of the water from the bottom of the inner tendon and fall into the outer cup below to achieve the separation of tea water.

Compared with the waters of the covered bowl, it can be said to be much simpler.


The taste of brewing white tea with glass and elegant cups

When brewing white tea with glass, pay attention to the state of getting along with tea and water, and they have been in contact with each other.


Therefore, the selection of tea volume must also be adjusted.

1-1.5 grams of dry tea, brewing with 200 ml of boiling water, is enough.

However, when investing in tea, pay attention to the comparison white tea as much as possible.


Like the loose tea of ​​white tea, because the dryness is high and the strips are relatively free. When there are tea stalks and leaves, it is easy to cause crushing.

These broken tea leaves will become fast during brewing.

Excessive internal texture, such as caffeine and tea polyphenols, will make the bitterness of soup water obvious. Such tea soup is too bitter.

And, want to drink the good taste in white tea as much as possible.

You can’t help but pay more attention to the use of water.

For example, many tea friends are used to brewing white silver needles with glass.

Such a good tea uses a few tons of tap water when brewing.

After treatment, some chemicals may be left after treatment, which will affect the release of the internal quality of the tea, which is unfavorable to the taste.

Even if you use glass cups to brew white tea, do not hold the idea of ​​breaking the jar. At least it should be brewed with pure water to avoid covering the flavor.

In terms of bubble resistance, the white tea brewed by the glass is needed to change the tea when drinking two or three rushes.

As for the flowing cup, the amount of tea is not fixed.


Therefore, every time you brew, the presentation of tea may change.

When brewing, tea friends can be adjusted according to their own taste.

When drinking tea, you should think about your health, and you should not be soaked in tea to avoid making strong tea.

The elegant cup can be separated by tea, so in the resistance of foam, it will be slightly better than the glass of tea with the glass for a long time.

However, because there is no way to completely separate the tea and water, to a certain extent, it will still cause a stuffy cup to a certain extent.

The last time the tea soup that did not produce continued to react with the internal quality, and the taste was described, so from the second rush, the tea still had a certain bitter taste.



Attention points for drinking white tea at glass glasses

The glass is extremely easy to leave fingerprints or stains, and must be washed fully before use.

In addition, before brewing, the pot is hot cup and washed away the smell of clean tap water.

When brewing, if you use a straight glass, remember not to be too full to facilitate subsequent extraction.

In terms of drinking time, remember to drink as soon as possible, otherwise the tea and water will continue to contact, the internal texture is precipitated, and the taste of tea soup will change.

Especially now it is winter, the tea soup is cool quickly. If you do n’t drink it at one time, do n’t continue to drink after the cold, so as not to stimulate the stomach.

As for the elegant cup, the material has a plastic part (lid and inner linery), so when buying, you must pay attention to the choice.

The logo on plastic products must be used at high temperature to avoid release of some bad substances.

There are filters in the elegant cup. After use, it must be cleaned in time to avoid the accumulation of tea scale on the filter, which affects beauty and hygiene.



Mencius, fish and bear’s paws should not have both, and those who give up the fish and take the bear’s palm.

Breeding white tea with glass and elegant cups is not the best choice.

But the environment is also the result of having to do.

In addition to work, in the hard time, a small space can be used to use tea fragrance to breathe.

This is also in ordinary life, poetry and distance.

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