New Year’s renewal face, Eliyi Family Textiles sleeps good things 2022 2022

In a blink of an eye, the footsteps of 2021 are quietly gone, and the bell of the new year is about to start. New is a kind of start, but also a renewal. The new year vomits new, starts good luck throughout the year, new year rejoles bedding, lying down to win the dream of life! Alei family spinning to select good things, to the selection of materials, exquisite craftsmanship, to keep warm and fluffy Plel quilts, soft glutinous and gentle, setting beds for autumn and winter beauty, take care of sleep health, warm every night that warn you, and welcome the new year with rich energy!

Use a warm quilt to light up the New Year’s ceremony

Alayi Family Spinning Magnata goose down, full of high -level tea pollen, with a warm and soft and glutinous touch, such as bathing in a soft sun, making people forget the busy pace on weekdays, and relax the body and mind. At this point, so The new year has a little more love and expectation. Selecting 95%white goose down in Ruica in the high temperature difference area, the velvet is full, large and fluffy, can firmly lock the temperature and make sleep comfortable and comfortable. Each velvet has undergone 120〫C high -temperature disinfection and light -sensitivity monitoring, and multiple purification processes, creating a healthy and clean sleep experience. At the same time, the mute anti -velvet soft silk fabric is both silk -like luster and softness, retaining comfortable feel, but also to professional prevention of down drilling, making sleep comfortable and practical. The core set of zero -distance process is upgraded again, it is more convenient to disassemble, and the combination is more convincing. One bed skin, warm, and soft quilt is a wonderful reward after one day of tiredness. Alei Yiyi Family Dadmian Jiezi Goose Pills were willing to accompany you in the new year, resist the wind, rain, rain and snow, and give you full love!

Change a new set to welcome you better


In the new year, in addition to continuing to work hard to complete the list of wishes, you should also ensure high quality of sleep quality and enjoy the beauty of life with full energy. Change a new set of bedding, adjust your life to an easy channel, and feel the warm and warm care of the four -piece set of Eliyi Family Textile Osbon, and welcome you healthier and more energetic! The combination of lake blue and pure oranges is simple and generous, simple and patient. Selected organic virtue fabrics derived from Bayer’s heating black technology, dual -T -type section technology, accelerated the fabric to guide the body’s humidity to the outside, breathable and humidifying, and better warmth. And the fabric feels fine and soft, as if it can easily smooth the anxiety and relax the body and mind naturally. Taste the exquisite life, enjoy comfortable and sleepy, in the new year, choose Eliyi family spinning, welcome a new good dream, and make an appointment for a happy life!

Hope for dreams for dreams, hugging

In winter, I am most afraid of the ice in the quilt. Alei family spinning four -piece set, selected the skin -friendly soft and glutinous all -cotton grinding fabric, covering the bed for a while like a small heating stove. And because of the superior moisture absorption and perspiration performance, it can quickly discharge the humidity of the body out of the quilt, so it will bring you a warm and clean sleep environment, super soft hand, make sleeping dreams smoother, make the warmth and lasting flow in the entire dreamland Essence At the same time, the warm orange -colored quality gray, simple and smooth line interpretation of the dynamic, the details contain the vitality and endless hope of life. After finishing the old toil and running, use a free and casual body and mind to start the comfortable journey of the new year!


Alai’s spinning is just a good thing. Each bedding from details to quality, hoping to bring you the warmth from the body to the heart. In 2022, Ai Liyi Home Textiles look forward to going with you, use ingenious choices to bless dreams, and use good quality to charge the body and mind. I wish everyone who is struggling to dream. In the new year Sleep!

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