Fan Bingbing’s father is more dressed than a star. Polo shirts with crow jeans, and chest sunglasses are very different

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Share the most classic fashion wear, so that you can be high -level in the four seasons. Women never lack attraction, only lack the skills of stimulating charm, and will wear it to make you a tasteful elegant woman!

The trend is irrelevant to gender and age. Everyone has the right to pursue the trend and integrate into the trend. If you want to be optimized moderately, you can complete it by improving the trendy influenza.

Men’s trend is also very distinctive, but the combination of many men is limited, and the wear is too routine, which has affected the display of trendy influenza.

Don’t be monotonous in summer, it is simple to match itself. If you choose too much to wear, then personal attractiveness will be reduced a lot.

The older man can also become a fashionable man. Fan Bingbing’s father dresses himself very well. He looks particularly temperament, and he has been hidden in his age.


Fan Bingbing’s father is still a trendy man, with graffiti jeans, showing a man, and his head is quite full. Fan Bingbing’s father is more dressed than a star. Polo shirts are paired with crow jeans. See what fashion features are on the overall dressing.

Men’s casual tide dress

Polo shirt charm

POLO shirt’s personality design


Polo shirt was originally noble


Now that it has evolved into the common clothes of middle -aged and elderly men, the design of the POLO shirt is obviously different from shirts or sportswear clothing.


The neckline of the POLO shirt is

Half open


Design, collar,


It is relatively high, you can adjust the height according to the needs of wearing, so that wearing is neat and atmospheric.

Polo shirt combination:

Polo shirt with

Traditional sportswear

The temperament, because it was once a noble clothing, wearing can help improve the vitality of the image and show



The atmosphere.

Therefore, in the matching, select the matching items according to its style and temperament,


Waiting for more formal pants to match with POLO shirts, it looks noble and atmospheric;


With it, it looks vibrant;


Rather than matching, it can show a sense of personality.

Charm of jeans


Personal design of jeans:

It can be regarded as a versatile item. Men and women are indispensable in jeans. Simple jeans are no longer satisfied with traditional and single designs, and they have begun to integrate new fashion elements.

The most common design element is

Break the hole


Elements, jeans integrating these simple elements can increase vision


, Also show trendy personality.

The design of the pants is also very diverse, such as




Designs, these designs help lengthen the leg shape and increase the rate of temperament.

You can also add jeans itself


Graffiti is a type of printing. The design is lively and rich in color, which can make jeans present

Street style

Design characteristics.

Jeans wearing combination:

Jeans are leisure and cool, suitable for matching various types

Leisure top

The combination of the POLO shirt will enlarge the charm of personality. The temperament impact of the two items will be strong, which shows a new charm.

The combination of jeans and shoes is also more casual,

sports shoes


leather shoes

It can be matched with it to build an image that can show the tide male and male temperament.

Supplementary match in wearing

Men can also use appropriate ones


Decorative item

To supplement the image, highlight the personalized style or reduce the sense of image age.

The hat is suitable for multi -style items, such as


Fisherman’s hat

Wait, older men can choose a baseball cap, and the age reduction effect is intuitive.

There are many ways to reduce the trend of age. There are many ways to wear to choose from. Do not be restricted by age. Bold wear will find more attractive self.

Men’s trend of age reduction

Choice of top

The POLO shirt is a mature man’s dressing item. If you choose a personality matching method, the age reduction effect will be more obvious, but if you wear the daily pants, you should try to match the POLO shirt as little as possible.

Mature men can still use it

T -shirt


Class products to reduce the age of image. When choosing these items, pay attention to it, that is, the style should be slightly larger, it is more comfortable to wear in the body, and the sense of age is more obvious.


Selection of the next installation

Middle -aged and elderly men are suitable for wearing sports pants or jeans,

Comfortable and versatile, daily leisure wear is very suitable, and can also be combined with multiple categories. Sports pants can reduce the age of image vitality and show the image of image.

Jeans can choose different personalized design styles, such as


Jeans, jeans,


Personal design can increase the highlights of the image.

Color choice

Middle -aged and elderly men who want to reduce their age should moderately relax the scope of color selection. In addition to conventional black and white and gray, they can also try


Dressing add fresh charm to the image.

You can also choose


If the printing color is particularly bright, the proportion should not be too high, so as not to disagree with the image. Simple color modification can greatly improve the temperament.

Middle -aged and elderly men are also the main force of trend. Men who can wear are more attractive. Simple dressing can make the image very different.

Master the season’s fashion elements and become exquisite tide people! If you do n’t play tall, you just talk about the most grounded drying skills to make you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and understanding!








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