Do you choose your baby’s must -have sunglasses in summer?

Recently, I should wear a sunglasses on my baby in the summer, and I specially consulted a doctor of ophthalmology. The conclusion is that ultraviolet rays will hurt the baby’s tender eyes, so when taking the baby out in the summer, it is best to put him in sunglasses to avoid the baby’s eyes from being damaged by ultraviolet rays in the sun.

But he also emphasized with me that he must wear a professional child sunglasses for your baby, otherwise it may have a negative effect. So parents, do you know how to choose sunglasses for your baby? If you are not clear, come and take a look.

1. Can it be 100%filtering ultraviolet rays

The primary role of wearing a sunglasses for babies is to protect the baby’s eyes from ultraviolet damage. Therefore, the baby’s sunglasses need to be 100%filtering ultraviolet rays. If not, then the primary role of wearing a sunglasses for the baby is lost. Therefore, when choosing a sunglasses for your baby, you must pay attention to whether it has 100%UV absorption or UV400 label.

2. Material of the lens


The lens of sunglasses is generally made of three materials: glass, resin and PC, but when choosing a sunglasses for the baby, it is best not to choose glass lenses for him, because the baby is more lively and moved. Fragmented glass lens sunglasses are prone to accidents.

3. The color of the lens


The color of sunglasses is colorful, and it is easy to make people look eye -catching. But in order to better protect the baby’s eyes, the color of the sunglasses he wore is best as gray, tea, or smoke, because the color distortion caused by these colors is smaller and better. Other common lens colors, such as black and dark brown, will block too much visible light, make the baby’s eyes dim, and affect the baby’s vision.


4. Material of the frame frame


The baby’s sunglasses must be light enough, so that when wearing, it will not bring too much burden on the baby’s nose and ears, making the baby more comfortable. Moreover, the frame is strong enough, because the baby may be wrestling, or the sunglasses may be dropped to the ground, so the frame is not strong enough to fall. However, it is best not to choose metals in the baby’s sunglasses frame, because the metal is too hard, and it may scratch and stamp the baby.


5. The style of the frame

For those who are relatively small, it is best to choose a frame with elastic straps on the mirror legs, so that the sunglasses can be fixed behind the baby’s head, and they can be hung around the neck when they are not worn. Be careful of sunglasses. In general, the baby’s sunglasses should be simple and refreshing. It is best not to have any extra decorations on it to avoid accidents.

Of course, the most important thing is the quality of sunglasses. You must choose a large brand with such a guaranteed quality and a professional institution for your baby.


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