The new version of Li Ning’s “Wei Wu” is here! Sunflower and cactus are too cute

As soon as spring and summer, all brands have launched refreshing and energetic shoes.


Li Ning brings recently

“Born to the Yang” series

The design of sunflowers and cactus is really cute.

With the new shoe type of the Wei series


“Wei V1”

Created for a blueprint, including

Two men and women



Men’s upper with khaki suede with white leather. The logo part of the shoe body is designed with magic stickers.


Fairy palm image


The embroidery label is posted on the logo, which is cute and playable.


Women’s models are decorated with violet suede with light blue and yellow. The overall visual effect is more fresh than men’s models.

The magic sticker on the side of the shoe body is


The vitality atmosphere of spring and summer is shown.



Light Foam cushioning technology

, Low -density adjustment weight is lighter, and the feet feel softer and comfortable.

Current men and women

Both models have been launched in Li Ning’s official online store


At the price ¥ 529 yuan

Players who like it may wish to pay attention.

There are more shoes in the same series will be released in the near future. Interested friends can continue to pay attention.

But my v1 is born to the sun and born men’s models

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But my v1 is born to the sun and gave birth to a female model


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