Twelve hours of the delivery room: every moment is awake

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Ocean News in October. Once gave birth, when the mother entered the delivery room, a family member began to wait anxiously, and he was worried and curious when he was looking forward to: Why do you have a child for so long? What happened in the delivery room? With these questions, the reporter walked into the fourth doctor and patient role swap experience camp of the Fourth Medical and Patients Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University and participated in the delivery room experience.


The process of childbirth is like constantly being upgraded to fight monsters,

Every moment is full of joy to welcome the new life,

There is a sudden risk every moment.

It can be said that the twelve hours of the delivery room,

Every moment is awake.

At 9:32 am on July 23rd, Ms. Lin, a 32 -year -old second mother, produced the next baby girl. The process of delivery almost exhausted all her physical strength. The moment she gave birth, she was paralyzed and she was giving birth. On the bed, take out the mobile phone next to the pillow for the husband who has been staying outside the delivery room and enjoy the joy: “Add a small cotton jacket for you.”

Ms. Lin and the newborn baby

At the same time as Ms. Lin’s delivery, at the emergency cesarean section next door, Ms. Chen at 40 weeks was undergoing emergency cesarean section surgery.

Ms. Chen is also a second mother. She has the first child in a cesarean section. She originally wanted to try to produce a second child. (Normal should be 110-160 times/minute), and a cesarean section must be performed immediately. Time is urgent, and it is too late to rush to the operating room on the ninth floor, and the emergency cesarean section of the delivery room will come in handy. After the first child was produced, Ms. Chen’s uterus left a nine centimeters of scars. During the surgery, doctors said that the operation was relatively difficult because the scar was adhesive. Fortunately, the rescue was relatively timely, and everything went smoothly. Ms. Chen gave birth to a healthy baby.

D midture care for the newborn baby to do umbilical cord care

The reporter experienced a total of 11 maternal maternals on the day, which was a “relaxed” day when the delivery room was relatively “easy”. In order to adapt to the fast pace of daily work, the midwives of the help here eat very fast. Usually it is done in ten minutes. It is almost “pouring the rice into the stomach.”

Text, picture, video/Guangzhou Daily All -Media reporter Wang Jingjun, Huang Xianjun, Huang Cuizheng, Bai Tian

Video editing: Guangzhou Daily All Media Reporter Liu Xiaoxi

Author: ArticleManager