What is the peak of the most peak of the Alps? Brown Peak (4810 meters above sea level)

As the highest mountains in Europe, the Alps can be said to exceed 4810 meters on average, but the Alps has been stretching from France to Italy, up to 48 kilometers, and it has the highest peak in Europe. For the white mountain, let’s take a look with the editor below!


What is the peak of the most peak of the Alps


The highest peak of the Alps is Bronn Peak. It is considered the highest peak in Western Europe. The highest point can reach 4810.9 meters, which is almost dozens of times the highest in the world’s Harry Fata. Therefore, it will be so towering. In addition to the thick rock formation, its surface also covers a large amount of glaciers. Because the terrain of Bronze is high, it can often be affected by the western wind, which causes the hillsides to be snowing all year round. It is also very difficult.


Which country is Blang Peak belonging to

Although the Alps has been stretching from France to Italy, the Bronze Peak is located on the junction of the two countries. The specific location is the junction of the Sava and Valeidas in Italy. The mountain peaks, because of the high altitude, are snow -capped all year round, so the first Winter Olympics was held here.

Brown Peak is the peak of the world


I believe that everyone knows that the world’s first peak is the Everest at the junction of my country and Nepal. Its overall height can reach 8844 meters, which is also known as the world’s first mountain first mountain. Although there are also more than 4,000 meters of Bronze Peak, in fact, its height cannot reach the top ten in the world’s highest peak, which is two kilometers shorter than the Terr Sarado Mountain in the tenth peak of the world.

How is Bland peak formed

In fact, the entire Alps is formed by the African continent and the Asia -Europe continental sector. Like the Everest, the two sections are squeezed up and higher, which leads to Bo Bo. Langfeng has formed the first peak in Europe, but in fact, more than 100 mountain peaks in the world exceed the Bral peaks of more than 4 kilometers, so the Bronze peaks are not very high worldwide.

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