Precautions for buying and using tableware, kitchen tableware, the latest price

Nowadays, people’s requirements for life are getting higher and higher. In home life, in addition to the beauty of home decoration, the requirements of ordinary daily necessities in life have also improved. A set of beautiful tables can bring a warmer atmosphere to our meals, and can adjust the mood of people’s meals and increase appetite. But in the choice of tableware, many people pay attention to the appearance and ignore the inside. Today, let’s talk about buying and using tableware precautions and the latest price of kitchen tableware.

Precautions for buying and using tableware

1. When buying ceramic tableware, it is best to use the inner wall for white tableware without glazed pigments. The newly bought ceramic tables can be soaked with 4%vinegar water, so that harmful substances can be removed. When buying ceramic tableware, you must choose products with fine processing, dense appearance, uniform gloss, smooth surface, and uniform glaze layer.

2. Do not choose colorful plastic tableware. In the colorful patterns of some plastic tableware, the number of heavy metal elements such as lead and cadmium has exceeded the standard. Try to choose colorless plastic tableware without decorative patterns.

选购及使用餐具注意事项 厨房餐具最新价格

3. Do not choose paint chopsticks. Although paint chopsticks are very decorative, paint contains toxic substances such as lead and cadmium. Therefore, it is best to choose bamboo or wooden chopsticks that are unpreceded and meet the sanitary standards.

选购及使用餐具注意事项 厨房餐具最新价格

4. No sticky pot, rice cooker, etc. should not be dried. On the inner wall of non -stick pots and rice cookers, plastic coatings made of polytetrafluoroethylene as raw materials. When heating to above 400 ° C, this coating may release toxic gas tetrafluoroethylene. Therefore, do not let the non -stick pot and rice cooker be burned.

5. Iron and aluminum tableware should not be used. Although iron tableware is safe, if it is used with aluminum tableware, it will bring greater harm to the human body. Because aluminum and iron are two metals with different chemical activity. When water exists, aluminum and iron can form a chemical battery. As a result, more aluminum ions can enter food. Therefore, tableware such as aluminum spoon, aluminum shovel and iron pot should not be used.

The latest price of kitchen tableware

选购及使用餐具注意事项 厨房餐具最新价格

Corelle American Coronin Tableware Happy Kitchen Auspicious Festive 22 Groups 8-10 people 1484 yuan

Yijia Creative Ceramics Tableware Korean Ice Crack Glazing Bowle Set Kitchen Bowl Japanese Picker Japanese Picker 429 yuan

选购及使用餐具注意事项 厨房餐具最新价格

Yuntang Nordic style 28 glaze medium color ceramic tableware set kitchen tableware ceramic bowl 299 yuan

选购及使用餐具注意事项 厨房餐具最新价格

Huanxipo thickened stainless steel disk kitchen tableware five -piece set to deepen the discs and soup soup plate fish dish 99 yuan

In the kitchen, there are tableware with different materials. Metal tableware and ceramic tableware are made of tableware materials that many families can choose. No matter what kind of tableware, it will accumulate a lot of bacteria in the process. Therefore, it is not enough to wash it with water. It is also necessary to disinfect the tableware so that you can use it with confidence. Regarding the purchase and use of tableware precautions and the latest price of kitchen tableware, Xiaobian will introduce here, I hope to help everyone.

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