The world’s first! Yangzi launched a 5P pure cylindrical cabinet air conditioner

HC Home Electricity Network News: On March 10, 2017, Yangzi Air Conditioning launched a high -profile Core series of Core of the Core of 5 cylindrical cabinet. The side of the inner machine is more slim, and the cylindrical design makes it covers an area of ​​only 0.18 square meters. It is understood that this is currently the world’s first 5P pure cylindrical cabinet air conditioner, which has an integrated body design patent.


The Yangzi Air Conditioning Core series uses high -tech quad -core variable frequency full DC control technology, which uses the energy saving, comfort and power saving of air conditioners to the fullest. Equipped with SamartControl intelligence control technology. After connecting with the intelligent terminal and the Yangzi Air Conditioning Cloud Service Center, users can control one or more air conditioners through mobile terminal devices such as mobile phones and PAD.

Intelligent ECO ultra -energy -saving mode, just launch the ECO button gently, the outdoor machine specially sets the induction probe, which can detect the current external temperature at any time and automatically enter the most suitable ultra -energy -saving mode. The unique dual -stage dual -mode operation is based on the outdoor 30 ° C as the critical point. It is accurately controlled for 8 hours in different environments to enjoy the comfortable energy -saving experience.


In terms of air supply, Yangzi Air Cyrrones Core series has achieved 140 ° wide -angle air supply, 957mm high air outlet, round -trip rotary airflow, larger air supply range, more uniform airflow distribution, forming dynamic natural wind, and more comfortable human body feel.

In addition, the Yangzi Air Cyrutic Core series also has formaldehyde removal, as well as automatic cleaning, powerful dehumidification, dry mildew -resistant, and intelligent cream.

Wang Lei, deputy director of the China Home Appliances Association, said, “Yangzi Air Conditioning is an old brand in my country’s air conditioning industry and one of the pioneers in the domestic air -conditioning industry. As a national brand developed for 30 years, it has always been explored on the road of technological innovation. A strong technical strength, especially in recent years, has launched a large number of energy -saving, environmentally friendly and intelligent innovative products. “

Author: ArticleManager