How to use GRS authentication recyclable PE thermal membrane

PE thermal shrinking membrane is widely used in the packaging of various products. It has a large amount and wide use in terms of use. It is a preferred choice for many products. At the same time, PE thermal contraction membrane has the following characteristics, making its application prospects more bright:


1. Beautiful appearance can make the film close to the product, which is a body packaging;

2. You can pack all kinds of products of various shapes, and you can contract all kinds of products of different shapes in the same contraction bag for easy carrying;


3. PE contraction packaging has good shockproof, impact resistance, and good protection;

4. PE contraction packaging is good and clean, which can prevent dust and moisture;

5. PE contracted packaging in the packaging of the goods is not migrated, and the packaging will not be crooked in the packaging in the packaging;

6. PE contraction membrane transparency is good, allowing customers to directly observe the integrity of the product.

While using a large amount of PE thermal film, with an environmental protection issue, is there more and more countries that emphasize the use of recycled plastic, is there any recyclable PE shrinkable film? How to use recyclable PE shrinkable membranes?


With the continuous development of global sustainable development, renewable resources are rationally used by more and more brand buyers and consumers. Material reuse can help reduce dependence on unable renewable resources, reduce garbage emissions and the environmental load brought by garbage, and help sustainable development of society. Recycling PE contracting membrane is also an important trend of the current development of PE applications. After recycling, it is produced into recycled plastics, and regenerative plastic is a typical environmental protection material.

The GRS regeneration material PE contraction film produced by Shunxingyuan Packaging has the advantages of various types of various types, transparent, non -powder, easy to open, recyclable, and clear printing, and the GRS certification certificate of Shunxingyuan packaging covers different recycled proportion. 30% Recycled, 50% Recycled, 70% Recycled, 100% Recycled and other proportions for you to choose from. At the same time, there are many materials such as LDPE, HDPE, PPE, CPE, PP, to meet the requirements of different customers for recycled materials.

The recyclable PE thermal film can meet the packaging requirements of most products. During the use process, the formation temperature of the regenerative PE contraction film is 130-180 ° C, and the cold wind pre-cold below 25 ° C, and then heated in the heat shrinking furnace. The general contraction rate was 30%-50%at the exit. Therefore, the use of PE thermal contraction membrane and POF thermal contraction membrane is different, and it must be paid attention to during use.

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