What does ABC mean? What are the styles of bra?



It is one of the underwear used by women, also known as nipple cloth, bra, bra, bra, or bra. The function is to cover and support the breast.

[1] The word “bra” is said to appear for the first time


In the year, the American version of the fashion magazine “VOUGE” was printed with this “Bra”, “”


文胸的abc是什么意思 胸罩有哪些款式

“(Bra) The word (bra) was officially included in the Oxford dictionary in 1911. The origin of bras was different, but it was mostly considered from France and called it”


“(Referred to as”


“) The European aristocracy in the Middle Ages was popular in a very tight -fitting coat. Later, because the beam was too troublesome, two handkerchiefs were used to make a corset, which became the prototype of a modern bra.

2 The function of the bra

Most of the women’s breasts are adipose tissues, and some ligaments and skin provide internal support. But these supports sometimes do not support the breasts (especially for older women) or do not let the breast move, which causes pain and discomfort. The main reason for wearing a bra is to provide external support for breasts and increase comfort and mobility.

3 bray type

Design according to appearance

Shoulder strap bra

Most of the steel rings are used to support the breasts, which is convenient to match off -the -shoulder and wide -colored sexy clothing.

Magic bra

文胸的abc是什么意思 胸罩有哪些款式

Put a cushion on the inside of the cup to increase and hold the chest, which can express the chest shape and deep pendant cleavage.

Seamless bra

The surface of the cup is seamlessly treated, a thick pad in the middle, and the soil under the chest is also seamlessly treated, suitable for tight clothing. *The front buckle bra finger hook buckle is installed on the bra in front, which is generally easy to wear and has a concentrated effect.

Long beam -type bra

Long beam -type bra is a standard bra.

The soil of the lower end of the cup is long, which can concentrate the abdomen, back fat and excess fat to the chest.

Shoulder strap long bra

You can adjust the fat on the abdomen and waist

Showing a beautiful curve of women, mostly used to match sexy clothing, such as evening dresses.

Casual bra

文胸的abc是什么意思 胸罩有哪些款式

Casual bras are usually worn with clothing or usually at home. Divide according to the degree of wrapping

Full -handed bra

The whole bra for all the breasts can be wrapped in the cup, which has the effect of supporting and improving concentration. It is the most functional cup. Any body shape is suitable, especially suitable for people with full breasts and soft meat.

3/4 cup bra

The 3/4 cup bra is a common bra. The best concentration effect can make the cleavage clearly appear. Any body shape is suitable.

1/2 cup bra

1/2 cup bra is conducive to clothing. You can usually remove the shoulder strap and become a shoulder -free underwear. Although the functionality is weak, the effect is good. The petite people on the chest will look full after wearing it.

4 Drain size comparison table

The bra model is composed of two parts of the bra and cup size. Generally, women’s bust refers to the length of a week along the female nipple. The bras of the bra refers to the length of a woman’s lower bust, that is, the length of the female milk root around the chest. The size of the cup refers to the difference between women’s bust subtraction. The bra model is determined

1. Use ruler to measure bust and lower bust. Those who droop their breasts should push the breasts to the normal position.

2. Determine the cup of the bra. Cup size = bust-lower bust. Cup is generally used

A, B, C

Wait for the uppercase English letters, every


文胸的abc是什么意思 胸罩有哪些款式

For first level, AA is the smallest

7.5cm, A are 10cm, B is 12.5cm, C is 15cm, D is 17.5cm, E is 20cm

, Even if it is a special size.

3. The lower bust and the cup code are the bra model.




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