Understand the advantages and disadvantages of the UV film, and see if your mobile phone should stick the UV film

The UV film is a mobile phone film that has emerged in the past two years. The advantage is that the fit is high. After the paste, it looks like it is not posted. In addition, the merchant said when promoting the UV film. Because the UV film can absorb and convert the blue light from the emitting source, it can reduce the deepening of myopia. For the blue light protection, the benevolent is the benevolent; the disadvantage is that the hardness is not as good as the steel film. The surface is easier to scrape. When the glue is not dry during the film, it will cause the mobile phone to fail. After some of the poorly quality UV film are pasted, it will be color difference compared to not posting.


So what type of mobile phone is recommended to stick the UV film? The curved screen mobile phone, because the curved screen mobile phone is not fully fit, and the screen of the curved screen mobile phone is expensive, it is very distressed if it breaks. It is recommended not to post it by yourself. Please ask professionals to help post at the mobile phone store, because they have professional equipment to make the glue more thoroughly, and they are more in line when posting. It is likely that it is likely that there is no sticker, the bubbles occur, and the glue may not be processed well. From the mobile phone interface to the inside, the mobile phone fails.

Author: ArticleManager