What does Hermes use in private?

What I want to share today is an interview with Hermes’ women’s creative director recently in the magazine of “Vanity Fair” magazine.

It is said that the interview is not accurate, but the main thing is actually

Ask her to share a bunch of good things that can be used in her life.

For example, what bags do you love everyday, what shoes you love to wear, small things you must bring on your body every day, etc. (sharing is quite sincere, most of the recommended are Hermes), the price ranges from hundreds to tens of thousands.

△ Hermes’ women’s creative director nadège vanhée-crybulski in his home


But before the article starts, I want to come first

Briefly introduce this creative director

(If you can’t wait, you can pull it down and read the text directly).


Honestly, most people should not know what her name is. After all, many people buy Hermes’ clothes, mainly for distribution.

Moreover, her name

Nadège vanhée-crybulski


It is indeed a bit too complicated.

PS: The correct pronunciation of this name should be


【NAH-Dej Van-Hee Sigh-Bool-SKI】

Not only is the name bad, but Nadège himself is also very low -key:

She does not have her own personal brand. She is only responsible for behind -the -scenes work. She rarely shows publicity in front of the media, and she does not have her own social network account at all.

So although she has been to Hermes for almost 9 years, few people still heard.


△ Hermes 2022 spring and summer, designed by Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski


But her resume is worth mentioning:

Nadège in

Grow up in a small town in northern France


Dad is the principal of a small gallery.

After the scene in Hermes Show

Because he was both interested in art from an early age, he went to the Antwerp Royal Academy of Art.

After graduating, she goes to her senior


I have worked there for several years, and I have been a colleague with Demna, the current director of the Paris family, to play some deconstruction designs.


△ Nadège worked in Margiela during 2005-2008. The picture shows Martin Maison Margiela 2006 spring and summer, designing necklaces into melted ice cubes shape


But after that, she immediately turned to the minimalist


, Assist the work of Phoebe, but before I came to Hermes

The row

I have dug and do the design director.


△ The picture shows the design of The Row 2014 autumn and winter, Nadège is responsible for the design of the creative director period


Reasons for style transformation

She mentioned in the interview roughly:

“When studying at the Royal Academy of Art of Antwerp, the teacher would force each of us to find their artistic talent beyond the conventional art.

But then I discovered that I am not suitable for those who are rebellious and pioneers like predecessors. I just like the kind of people who like fresh colors …

I also care more about how to live happily and healthy

Essence “

A few years ago, when interviewed with her interview with “Interview” magazine, there was a very interesting conversation:

“We all know that Hermes starts a equestrian. Do you know riding yourself?”

As a result, Nadège replied very simple: “I can’t control the horse, I will sit down immediately as soon as I ride.”


So the other party asked: “You don’t seem to care about the image of being a star designer?”

She then answered: “Yeah, my job itself is heavy enough,

I hope my remaining time can live in reality

I just want freedom. “

△ If you search for news about nadège online, you can find a photo of her own desk, which is very messy. It is said that on the day of the reporter, she was unwilling to clean up, so she had to follow her own appearance.

This concept seems simple, in fact, few designers can be in today’s Internet era.

Fully give up to maintain a high force and image, and only focus on your personal life.

So we occasionally saw the Nadège of the curtain after Hermes, tied an ordinary canvas pocket, and wearing a candy -colored watch on the wrist.

It is a bit like Phoebe Philo, but maybe more grounded, and people can appreciate a trace of warmth.

Well, after the background, then return to the content of the magazine interview in the opening article:

It is precisely because of simple ideas that Nadège is also very real when facing the problem. He did not hypocritical saying that he used many Hermes in daily life, but recommended a lot of unexpected things.

These recommendations do not want to prove something to people, just one

Those who love life are full of experience sharing

Maybe everyone can use it everyday:


I can bring a bag every day:

“I like those big canvas bags very much. I use the blue canvas TOTE of Izawa Saburo myself, and a tote bag of L.L. Bean.

According to your own needs, prepare several different sizes

Canvas bag: For example, work, weekend, shopping. “

△ Left: Azawa Saburo’s canvas bag; right: L.L. Bean’s classic tote


Izawa Saburo

(Ichizawa Shinzaburo) is a national treasure -level brand from Kyoto. It has a history of about 116 years. It has only been made of cloth bags and only one physical store.


Their handbags

The earliest was designed for people to carry goods


Therefore, it is characterized by very strong and super wear -resistant. It is said that the strap will not break for decades.

Because there is only one store, the output is not large. All handbags are cracking down on craftsmanship. The price can start from hundreds of yuan.

There are various sizes, colors, and different storage styles in the design. Occasionally there will be limited edition of cooperation with Disney. But it ’s not convenient to buy it. You can find a purchasing agent to solve it.


L.L. Bean

It is an American outdoor brand.

His iconic products are canvas bags and duck hunting boots, and this Boat and TOTE has been growing like this since its release in the 1940s.

△ John John Kennedy’s wife Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, holding L.L. Bean’s canvas bag to travel

It was originally designed to install ice cubes, so



Now that it is no problem to go to the beach.

The line is relatively simple

In the early years, it was very popular with Ivy students. It was very good to match clothes everyday, which was very suitable for the problem of “bags that can be used every day”.

△ Note that its handle has two options: long and short

The price is also a hundred pieces to get it. The stitching is relatively rough. At present, there are no counters in China.


Shoes when you go out when you go out:



There will be such a hard -core brand in the recommendation, which is a bit unexpected, and this pair of shoes is obviously not a particularly beautiful style, and it is a bit unpopular.

But if you take a closer look at the functionality of these shoes, you can understand it.

It was initially

Designed for mountain off -road

Therefore, the soles are particularly non-slip, and foreign bodies such as branches can also cushionate; and the upper uses a GORE-TEX fabric, which is waterproof and breathable. The fabric is very tight, which can prevent small stone particles from drilling in.

ASICS officially wrote that it is suitable for “highways, gyms, plastic runways, mountain/outdoor”, that is,

After going out on the outfit, you can go anymore.

So, as Nadège said, it is a pair of shoes that go out and wear. You can put a pair on the porch. You don’t need to think too much or the weather is not good, just put it on it.



What must be brought every day:

“AESOP’s Ginger Flight Therapy. Although it is a travel item, life is also a journey every day.”

The small essence of this bottle of essence is “Ginger Flight Therapy”. As the name suggests, it is designed on the aircraft and has certain therapeutic effects.

Its Chinese name is “Su Huang Ginger Oil”, which is mixed with ginger root, lavender and geranium, which is specifically used for

Prevent nausea



It can also be used

Soothing and calm

The role.

Unlike mint cream, it is not so spicy after the upper body. The feeling is relatively warm and suitable for autumn and winter.



Clothes you can wear during fitness:

“P.A.M. (Perks and Mini) Tee and sports pants, I like this brand very much.”

I thought I would see some professional sports brands recommending in the fitness section. I did not expect that I saw the name of a street brand, and it was not very reasonable to buy things.

Perks and MINI is a Melbourne brand. Because the founder was learned by art, his family was first known for its printed design on clothes. But after that, I was not satisfied with only designing clothes, began to release records and magazines across borders, and occasionally jointly held exhibitions with the art museum.

△ Perks and Mini 2021 autumn and winter, the print on this suit comes from the work of the new artist Peter Sutherland


Their philosophy is


Use visually to spread the art and niche culture of pioneers around the world

, And to use a positive attitude, clothes are basically made of environmentally friendly materials.

Probably because of this, the visual element of Perks and MINI is a small daisy with graffiti, which symbolizes beauty. The price is hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, and you can buy it in some buyer stores.


I like to wear:

“The Hermes Carré Cuir watch produced in 2018, for me, this watch symbolizes the spirit of the 20th century.”

A Hermes single product appeared in this interview, although it was launched in recent years,

Inspiration comes from an antique in the 20th century

, So the overall style is very retro, which is very similar to the ancient times.

△ Some antique watches of Hermes in the early years

It is particularly ingeniously used the dial with leather fabric, because it is the same leather as the strap, so

Looking from a distance like a complete bracelet

Essence Unfortunately, this is no longer on sale, but it can also be found in the Vintage store.


The secret weapon of skin care:

“Konjac Facial Sponge.”

It looks like a sponge. It is very hard when it is not soaked, and it will become very soft after soaking in water.

But actually

Made by konjac


Well, the touch of the sponge is softer, and the sensitive skin can be used.

Because of the relationship of special structure, this “sponge” is convenient to foam while gently remove keratin, dust and dead skin. It is said that many European and American beauty editors love

With it to remove makeup, you can remove it very clean

Essence Many organic brands have this sponge for sale, which can be used for 1-3 months.



Favorite skin care equipment:

“I will use some Tata Harper’s items in the morning and evening, and I am obsessed with this brand myself.”

Tata Harper is a natural and organic anti -aging brand. The founder itself has a farm, which is specifically used to study pure natural flowers and plants.

Because of pure and effective, some fashion brands will use this brand of skin care products before the show

Conduct the skin for supermodels

△ Stella McCartney 2020 autumn and winter, the makeup of the model looks like pixels, so I invited Tata Harper to skin care

But it is worth mentioning that it is said that these products

It is better for mature skin effect


The young skin may not feel so obvious.

PS: We have written before this brand. If you are interested, you can click in to see the idle skin care products. Let’s try it. ), I wo n’t say much here.


Cosmetics that will be used in daily out:

“A Hermes satin lipstick, limited color number Beige ébloui, is a small secret I hid in a mask.”

The second one of the Hermes single in the interview. This lipstick is a limited edition of the spring and summer 2021. It is designed with a light brown tone in a powder.

Li Zhiya, the heroine of “Top Floor” before, introduced in the Korean version of “VOGUE” that she usually brings this lipstick because she usually brings themselves, because

It looks very natural, and it is also suitable for mixing and matching with other lipsticks




Recommend some easy -to -use products for hair care:

“David Mallett’s NO. 1 moisturizing hair mask.”

David Mallett is a famous room

Top -level hair salon

The name, it only has physical stores in Paris and New York,

Known with hair dyeing and hair care

The celebrities in the fashion circle love to go.


Therefore, although its name is very niche and the product output is very small, there are many celebrities.

△ ANYA TAYLOR-JOOY shared in “Harper’ s Bazaar “and said that he likes to use David Mallett’s hair care essence

This bottle of hair mask is also a star product of their family. It focuses on repairing damaged hair quality. It is said that the sensitive scalp is completely applicable. You can directly mail to China on Revolve. But I haven’t used it myself, and I don’t know how specific. The readers who know can share their feelings in the comments.


What vitamin supplements usually eat:

“Don’t eat supplements, I insist on eating natural, seasonal, local foods.”

Favorite exercise:

“Plati and Lianrou.”

The only thing that needs to be explained in this paragraph is




(Gyrotonic), because it is a relatively niche movement in China.


It was originally the chief invention of the Romanian Ballet Band. A set of sports systems that were studied in order to treat their physical trauma, combined with yoga, ballet, and gymnastics, it seemed very easy and beautiful. It was actually tired.

Many stars will use this sport now

Treatment of body muscle pain

Problem, it can

It’s more energetic


The effect is also particularly good.

Nadège vanhée-crybulski

Essence “

Essence “












△ Sun Yizhen usually practiced Rou

Although most of the Mo Rou need to cooperate with the equipment, there are


You can do it in a chair


The way of exercise is usually convenient at home, and many related teaching videos can be found online.


Newly added home supplies at home:


“Two Colombia Collective’s rattan storage basket.”


Colombia Collection is a new handicraft brand that specializes in Columbia craftsmen to make modern style rattan products with traditional craftsmanship.

The shape of this storage basket was originally taken from a classic small handbag in the brand. After being enlarged, it can be used as a storage basket at home.


Provide some ideas for the debris storage at home

, Put the idle rattan handbags in handy.

If you just like the style of Colombia Collective, you can also go to their official website to see it directly to China.


Favorite flower:

“Parrot Tulips”.

Everyone knows what to look like, but in fact there are many types of choice.

That kind


The petals are curled like feathers

The style is “parrot tulip”. This kind of flower is generally

Gradient color

Because they are very beautiful, they are often painted into the painting. They are also a flower type of flower artist who likes to be embellished. If you like it, you can buy it.


What bed it is using at home:

“Society Limonta’s linen sheets.”

A common linen sheet does not cost much, but Society Limonta, an Italian brand, specializes in only high -level (expensive) linen items.

The reason for your expensive is that they will use the latest technology to develop some new type of linen materials, both

No need to iron, it is particularly light and soft

Essence And in particular, they are the same as fashion brands, and new colors and patterns will be produced according to the trend every season.

I guess the reason why nadège costs high prices to choose linen is probably because

Winter winter is warm in summer, and can resist allergies


Essence This brand is sold in the country, and the price costs thousands, and readers in need can consider it.

Of course, Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski is not all niche items.

Everything depends mainly on its own needs.

For example, she said that she would wear her employer Hermès cashmere silk satin;

In addition to the storage basket of rattan, there are also expensive furniture designed by the artist.

△ This orange ornament comes from the art work of Decio Studio, which is very expensive

It is a physical explanation of what is “enjoying life and spending money on the blade.”

Those who talk about shark fins and bird’s nest at most are considered rich old ladies, and one tastes the flavor of the fatty carrots in autumn and winter, but it is also a gourmet.

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