Good -looking and easy to talk about Canon M series micro single

Speaking of Canon’s micro -single, now everyone seems to think of the special micro EOS R series for the first time. In addition, the recent announcement of the EOS R5 development news, 20 continuous shooting speeds, 8K video shooting, carriers per second each second Bodystream, the exposed function is strong, which has attracted everyone’s attention.

好看又好用 聊聊佳能M系微单

When it comes to the starting point EOS M series of Canon micro -single, many people think that this series is not as good as EOS R, but the appearance of the camera is quite high, it seems to be a pity that it is abandoned. In fact, the current EOS M series is already beautiful and easy to use. It is like no one can eat a fat man in one bite. After long -term development, they have also found their own positioning. Today, I will talk to you about M about M. Department of micro -single.

好看又好用 聊聊佳能M系微单

Light and easy to use

Canon EOS M series models have launched a variety of products. After listing in Japan, the word -of -mouth feedback has always been very good. The appearance of the Canon EOS M series models can be said to be high -value products. Each camera also has its own characteristics. SLR, some are street sweeping weapons, and others are the best shooting partners for girls.

No matter how the model changes, they all have the characteristics of light and easy to use. The trendy small body is very convenient to put it in the hand or move in the bag. Even if it is hanging around the neck Material. The Canon Micro Single EOS M series has always been very user -friendly in flipping the LCD screen, which can not only meet the shooting needs of various angles, and at the same time, it is just right for some beautiful women who are keen on selfies. In addition, the EOS M series is also equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions, which can easily achieve wireless connections with other devices. Uploading functions through Canon images can share the wonderful life in real time through the wireless network.

好看又好用 聊聊佳能M系微单

Different from the camera that is not equipped with a touch screen or fully open the touch function, even those who are not familiar with the camera fuselage key operation, can also change the parameters by clicking on the screen on the EOS M camera. After turning on the touch shutter The control selection of the focus point is to complete the shooting, and easily shoot every wonderful moment you want to shoot, making the shooting operation simple and intuitive.

In addition, Canon has also worked hard on the menu UI design of the camera, providing beginners with a simple and easy -to -understand menu screen design. The display screen set up uses color icons to facilitate beginners to understand the effects of different settings. Change the shooting mode. The time the picture also shows examples and descriptions, which is convenient for understanding the characteristics of various models.

Professional control

In addition to positioning the simplicity of the entry and streamlined the EOS M200 (and the same series of EOS M100) designed by the fuselage key, other fuselage in the EOS M series retains a very grip shape, and several dials have also been carefully designed to design carefully. Yes, it is very smooth when adjusting the camera parameters.

Especially the dial design of the EOS M6 and EOS M5 series, not only the model dial, the main dial, and the rapid control dial, but also provide exposure compensation dials, allowing users to quickly operate each turntable, including shooting mode, realizing shooting mode, and realizing the shooting mode. The rapid adjustment of the exposure compensation, white balance, sensitivity, focus mode, and aperture, shutter and other parameters, adjust the parameters as soon as possible before shooting.

Although the EOS M6 Mark II cancels the design of the exposure compensation dial, this makes the position of the front and rear wave wheels more reasonable. The previous exposure compensation dial and rapid control dial are superimposed. Now when the user holds the camera, the index finger and thumb are just on the dial. With the dial wheel on the back of the fuselage, the three more efficient three -handed wheel operation can be achieved.

好看又好用 聊聊佳能M系微单

Delicate high quality

If you are pursuing picture quality, you can also find the right product in the EOS M series. Of course, the picture quality performance is continuously improved with the development of the times, so here I still recommend that you choose the latest product. EOS M5/ M6/ M50 uses about 24 million effective pixels of CMOS image sensors, showing high -quality details, and color restoration is quite good. The purity and noise control in the dark environment are also very good. Essence

Aperture 1.4 shutter 1/100 sensitivity 1600

好看又好用 聊聊佳能M系微单

The EOS M6 Mark II uses a new 3.2.5 million pixel sensor, which should be the highest pixel model in the current APS-C format. In addition Exquisite picture quality performance. Such high pixels can not only affect the effect of the photo, but also provide the possibility of secondary composition of the later cutting. Taking about 32.5 million effective pixels of the M6 ​​II as an example, when the photo is printed in A3, the original clearly clearly in the photo is clearly clear. The details will not be blurred.

Shooting equipment EOS M6 Mark II aperture 1.4 shutter 1/80 sensitivity 100

好看又好用 聊聊佳能M系微单

According to the photos and feedback taken by our evaluation, the details of the photos taken by M6 II performed well and provided a more detailed performance than the previous models. Take the photos of this food. Color restoration is also quite good, and the “layered sense” and texture of the food are truly recorded.

好看又好用 聊聊佳能M系微单

High -speed focusing performance strong

好看又好用 聊聊佳能M系微单

We often encounter a lot of wonderful moments. Satching is naturally essential. Therefore, the focus of the camera must be fast enough. If we missed the wonderful moments because of the camera focusing hesitation, we must lose money. Thanks to Canon’s full -pixel dual -core focusing technology, the focusing capacity of the EOS M micro single is high -speed and precise. Taking the EOS M50 as an example, its focusing speed is not lost to the focus speed of the SLR viewer at the same level. Whether it is automatically selected for focusing or touch screen single -point focus during use, its focus speed is very fast and accurate.

好看又好用 聊聊佳能M系微单

The new EOS M6 II and EOS M200 launched last year also added the eye -catching function that had been well received on the EOS R series. It can also continue to focus on the eyes, making it easier to capture the characters in the shooting, so as to obtain a vivid and natural expression, especially the M6 ​​II uses the latest generation of full -pixel dual -core CMOS autofocus system, the focus point covers the scope of the field. 88%, such focusing ability is very strong.

Professional video shooting

好看又好用 聊聊佳能M系微单

Not only that, the EOS M6 II and EOS M200 also supports the eye focusing (the same as the photo was taken when the photo was taken) in the case of continuous focusing (servo automatic focus) in the video. The distance of the camera is directly focused on the target quilt, and the “pull outlet phenomenon” will not occur when focusing on the focus. The focus is smoother, which can be said to be a great benefit for VLOG creation.

Aperture 1.4 shutter 1/320 sensitivity 100

Because in this article we discuss the common advantages of the EOS M series, such as the maximum 14 photos/second ultra -high -speed continuous shooting of the EOS M6 is not listed here, but I believe that the points listed in the article, everyone, everyone, everyone After long development, the EOS M series has found its own positioning and has become a good -looking and easy -to -use micro single. If you want a camera that is easy to use and professional, you may wish to consider EOS New products of the M series cameras.

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