Insta360 GO 2 Thumb Stabil camera Evaluation: Not for winning, it is fun

After a year and a half, the thumb anti -shake camera Insta360 Go finally replaced. Insta360 GO 2 replaced with a 1/2.3 -inch sensor, with double battery life (with charging box) and several function improvements. The price of strengthening is that the price increases from 1288 yuan to 1798 yuan, and the even more annoying little yellow people’s joint model Insta360 Go 2 (the most attached to the year), priced at 1998 yuan.

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

At first glance, the specifications are normal exercise cameras, but under the limit of the thumb and 26.5g, this seems to be a lot of AWESOME. For users who do not understand or have not used the first generation GO, the pricing of 1798 yuan seems to be “inflation”. But if you know or play the first generation, then you will definitely feel that the difference between the 570 yuan is almost earned.

The goal of this type of camera is “fun”, which focuses on creative shooting perspectives. The characteristics are generalized:

It can do what sports cameras can do, and it is easier to do, and the price is more affordable, but the cost is picture quality and battery life.

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

So the core of this article is two: picture quality and battery life.

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

As for Insta360’s ancestors’ anti -shake and AI picture quality algorithms, you can search for the evaluation of ONE X2 before.


Is it a grass or a grass?

1/2.3 inch CMOS, F2.2 aperture

11.24mm equivalent focal length, minimum focus distance 0.45m

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

Photo resolution: 3040*3040 in the machine, export resolution 16: 9, 2560 × 1440 /1: 1, 2560 × 2560 / 9:16, 1440 × 2560 / xpan, 2938 × 1088

Video: 2688 × 2688@50fps in the machine, export 2560 × 1440/1440 × 2560@50FPS, the maximum bit rate of 80Mbps

Camera 215mAh, charging box 1100mAh

The charging time camera 35 minutes, charging box 65 minutes

Comes with a capacity of 32GB, which can be actually available for 28.6GB

IPX8 protection (4 meters bare metal waterproof)

Standard version of 1798 yuan, Little Huangren joint version 1998 yuan

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

Core hardware improvement (for the backbone of the first generation):

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

The camera weight from 18.3g → 26.5G

Sensor from 1/2.74 inches → 1/2.3 inches

The resolution of the photo is consistent, and the routine video frame rate is from 25FPS → 50FPS

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

Slow action from 900P 100FPS → 1080p 120fps

Code rate 40Mbps doubles to 80Mbps

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

Store from 8GB → 32GB

Protection level IPX4 → IPX8 (4 meters bare metal waterproof)

Endurance from a single machine 20 minutes/added charged box 60 minutes → single machine 30 minutes/charging box 150 minutes

What can the thumb camera do

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

Insta360 GO 2, such as thumb cameras, is to put it plainly that it is super small and has obvious wearable attributes. They can naturally hang their necks, clamp their hats, stick to water bottles, ropes, walls/cars/glass, which can easily realize many “bold ideas.”

Gopro family bucket

The keywords are “very natural”. Compared with sports cameras such as GoPro, the camera body is small, wearing it is not so embarrassing, and wearing accessories are small and lighter. If you put the sports camera on your head or chest, others will think you are filming, and you will never go shopping or travel like this.

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

Insta360 Go 2 Family Barrel

The second is the issue of travel reduction. The actual charging box is 63G, the GO 2 camera body does not even reach the official standard 26.5G. The magnetic lane rope and simple clip are about 15g, the steering bracket with sticky glue is 26.7G, and the full set of wearable equipment is not enough 150g. If it is a sports camera, there is no 1 kg in a full set.

The camera+simplicity is only 41g. I ca n’t say that I ca n’t say it on the hat. It can only be said that it does n’t feel much (but the passers -by see it, and it will still cast a strange look). One said that wearable performance is very satisfied.

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

The ultimate analysis and wearable attributes are not price, but picture quality and battery life. The choices at both ends of the balance are reflected in the initial GO.

Insta360 GO 2 uses the growth body and weight to get larger CMOS and batteries. In order to save everyone’s time, the conclusion directly: GO 2 compares the previous generation’s image quality improvement, it is just a century leap! In the scene of indoor lighting, although it is still “1 meter high -definition, 2 meters of anti -aliasing, 3 meters of Avatar”, it finally reaches the starting line of conquering the circle of friends.

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

The core of the use scene is

“Unique perspective and wearable (first -person perspective)”

Can be placed in the roof/refrigerator, skateboard/racket/bicycle, remote control car (ordinary remote control vehicle is used as smart remote control, but also with anti -shake), potato chips/cups, cats and dogs/babies, dishwashers/washing machines, fans, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan, fan Leaf/wheel (GO 2: Are you the devil?), Feel the fresh perspective;

Hanging on his body, the first person playing/riding/surfing, the evil dog abuse picture dragged by his girlfriend, or the mobile delay without worrying about it during the trip;

Compared with other sports cameras, Insta, the biggest advantage is the ancestral Flowstate anti -shake algorithm. It can ignore the angle of the fuselage and automatically cut out the horizontal screen (solve the problem of the horizontal correction of the camera screen).

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

Micro -wearing cameras are very subdivided product categories, and Insta360 Go 2 is destined to be niche. 1798 yuan, you must not close your eyes. The quality of the picture is not as good as the sports camera, but the impulse cost is relatively low. Its default

The positioning is to easily take a picture when traveling. In the car, the mobile phone, quickly handle the material, and send the circle of friends as soon as possible

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

I still have interests here. If it wasn’t for curiosity, it would not be the target users of such products. If you are still considering the necessity or feel that the “tax rate is high”, you can decisively close the page.

Appearance & WeChat & Interaction

“No Environmental Protection” family bucket accessories

Steering stent (there is a sticky glue for washing and reusing)

Simple pinch (holding hat, backpack belt, cup)

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

The number of packaging specifications and accessories of Insta360 Go 2 is “rich” than the previous generation: GO 2 camera body, GO 2 charging box, magnetic lane rope, steering stand, simple clip (clip (clip (clipper Hat or backpack).

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

The two replacement products of ONE X2 and Go 2 have become more “three defenses”. Two -body matte, the front panel is also the keys itself. The size is slightly increased, which is larger than AirPods Pro. It should be the lightest 1/2.3 -inch base camera. The transparent shell of the first generation is beautiful, but very high -ended.

In actual use, several times fell from a 1.5m high chest and rolled down the stairs. Except for the small scratches on the side, the fuselage is basically non -destructive and is quite resistant. IPX8’s 4 -meter bare metal waterproof, and does not need special care on the seaside and desert (the lens cover may be drawn by sand).

The fuselage is very magnetic, can be suck directly on the refrigerator, and can barely suck on the iPhone 12 series. The status indicator can be turned off manually.

The distance between the C -port and the universal thread (used to fix it on the tripod/selfie rod) is very close, and the charging and the tripod is fixed.

Can be used as a charging box for brackets and Bluetooth controllers

In industrial design, the biggest progress is the charging box. Like a wireless headset charging box, the magnetic suction side is opened, and the C port. The interaction of the GO 2 body “has no screen+multiple+single buttons” is inconvenient, but there is no choice but no solution for the time being:

The status indicator has 4 colors +2 (flashing and long -lit) mode. The fuselage button has 3 operations+2 states of “click+Double -click+Long Press”. Remember;

There are 7 types of functional mode;: video, camera, super video, mobile delay, delay photography, HDR video, slow motion video;

The charging box can only put down two buttons (it can also adjust most of the settings, and the number of points is a lot). Whether it is a charging box or a mobile phone, connecting the camera must be patient;

The single/double -click, the single/double -click after booting, and the addition of the four different modes (can be customized). The engineer can really help here.

Magnetic lane

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

The lanyard is in the clothes, and the GO 2 sucks GO 2 in front of the chest

Magnetic lane is the most concerned accessories for individuals. The actual suction is completely enough. Unless it is the subway and bus that is peak in the morning and evening, as long as it is not shot by the side, it can still follow you home.

Because without those panoramic cameras in the Insta 360, the fusion and framing of the panoramic picture need to be controlled. The later pressure of Insta360 GO 2 is greatly alleviated, and the PC client that is completely separated from the official “Insta360 Studio” PC client can also live well.

Camera part

In terms of physical specifications, Insta360 GO 2 successfully stuffed the mainstream of the sports camera 1/2.3 inch sensor into the fuselage, plus F2.2 aperture, the hardware is stronger than the ultra -wide -angle lens of most mobile phones (OnePlus/OPPO is using IMX586, X60 used in IMX586, X60 PRO+uses a few models such as IMX589, Huawei Mate 30/40 Pro series, and Find X3 series IMX766 and other models). The equivalent focal length is 11.24mm, and the actual ultra -wide -angle field range is above 122 degrees. The equivalent focal length of the sports camera is generally about 14mm.

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

The fish eye lens imaging circle of Insta360 GO 2 is round, and it will lose after cutting into a square shape. This is the reason for the 3040*3040 (9.24 million pixels) in the machine, with a maximum output of 2938*1088/2560*2560. There are more digital stabilization tailoring space for the big field of vision, and the cost of the ancestral anti -shake ability is pixels and analysis.

Round imaging circle

Sample of day

The weak light and extremely weak light sample after cutting

Sunlight scene, left Insta360 Go 2, right Xiaomi 10U ultra -wide -angle

The sunlight scene, the center is enlarged, the left Insta360 GO 2, the right Xiaomi 10U ultra -wide -angle

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

Light scene, left Insta360 Go 2, right Xiaomi 10U ultra -wide -angle

Light scene, amplified in the center, left Insta360 GO 2, right Xiaomi 10U ultra -wide -angle

Light scene, exif information, left Insta360 Go 2, right Xiaomi 10U ultra -wide -angle

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

The computer directly exports the INSP format of Insta360 Go 2. The original film compares the ultra -wide -angle of Xiaomi 10 Ultra (IMX3502 million pixels, 1/2.78 inches, 1.0 μm, 128 degrees visual field). Insta360 GO 2 is 3040*3040 (probably 1.55 μm unit pixels similar to IMX378/380, IMX477/577), and IMX350 is 5180*3880, 1 μm.

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

Insta360 GO 2 shutter strategy is relatively aggressive. In the same scene, ISO is generally lower than the Xiaomi 10U ultra -wide -angle, and the shutter speed is slower. However, the actual film rate is high, whether it is lighting or even extremely weak light scenes, it will not be confused with a little heart stabilization.

The Xiaomi 10U is a 12mm equivalent focal length, 128 degrees ultra -wide -angle. Although the mobile phone is tailoring, the actual imaging field is still a small circle than the Insta360 Go 2 of the 11.24mm.

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

White balance and metering are actually the ultra -wide angle of Xiaomi 10U closer to the naked eye, and the algorithm of Insta360 Go 2 is obviously more eye -catching. The metering is slightly brighter, the contrast is high, and the hair color is more gorgeous. And even if the weak light scene, the proofs maintain a certain availability.

Insta360 GO 2 has few pixels, the perspective is still large, and the analysis of the analysis is naturally comparable (and when the square picture is output, it has to be cut one more). But there is one to say that such a small fish -eye lens can do this is higher than expected.

1080p 50FPS Video to GIF (GIF compression causes faults in the sky)

Delayed photography GIF (GIF compression causes faults in the sky)

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

Video screenshots (unseen or post -stage)

In terms of video recording, there is no limit on the 15 and 30 seconds of the previous generation. However, the setting of ultra -long interval delay photography has also been canceled (after taking a few photos, shutting down and dormant, then automatically set up to take pictures, and reciprocate).

Normal shooting, 28GB capacity is sufficient, and there are real -time surplus capacity display (before the capacity is exhausted, the battery will bottom out, unless you follow the power supply). Insta360’s stabilization and horizontal correction, don’t worry at all, are so stable, and the radio effect is also normal. During the day’s video distinguishing and analysis of the maximum resolution of 1440P:

Low emotional quotient: barely fill the 2K screen

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

High EQ: There are more than enough friends in the circle of friends

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

The main problem of video shooting is that as long as the indoor light is slightly weaker, the jelly of the video will be more obvious. It is still a sunny machine that needs outdoor light.

Battery life and fever

Insta360 GO 2 officials have a 3rd battery life, and the actual battery life experience is also close to the drone. Recorded by the highest specifications 1440p 50fps, 5%of the electricity can take about 1.5 minutes of video, and the long-term continuous shooting will cause the battery life to end at about 20-25 minutes.

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

The main power consumption of INSTA360 Go 2 may come from SOC and peripheral chips, not CMOS. Because even if it is taken at intervals or movement, the WiFi manually shuts down, and the battery life is in his early 30s.

Fortunately, the Insta360 GO 2 body charges quickly, which is about 35 minutes of charging 0-100%. The shape of the charging box is very suitable for charging during interval shooting, and slightly finds the shortcomings on the battery life. However, the author’s fantasy of “taking a few hours to make a Lifelog device” is broken. I don’t know if I can get a magnetic lane rope accessories with wireless charging in the future.

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩

Video screenshots (unseen or post -stage)

1440p 50fps recording, room temperature of 26.5 degrees, can reach the highest temperature and maintain it in about 5 minutes. The highest temperature on the front is 47.5 degrees, the highest temperature on the back is 57 degrees, which is more happy than the Snapdragon 888 mobile phone. The plastic material is not as hot as a mobile phone near the temperature, but it is also enthusiastic.

Insta360 GO 2拇指防抖相机评测:不为输赢,就为好玩


It’s fun for losing winning.

Insta360 Go 2 is a device born for fun and fun. Since it is interesting, the frequency and cost -effectiveness cannot be done for the first consideration. They are not denses that can be closed, and they must consider their bottom lines for picture quality and battery life in order to play.

Insta360 is one of the domestic startups that are most like DJI: in the field of niche in the niche, but have been maintaining updates, and have always adhered to their previous generation products. here

Salute! Without your support of that time, we may not be able to see the second generation of GO today

(Manual dog head.jpg).

In the case of all cameras, there is no need to hold the gimbal anti -shake monsters, the goal of the first generation Insta360 Go is to make a miniature camera that can be easily worn. Give GO 2 (this generation leap has been improved, and finally reaches the level of daily available).

But wearing cameras is not as high as the high -view camera. Just as the beginning of the article, “it can do everything that the sports camera can do”, but in turn, the picture they can take, except for a few that the camera cannot be taken forever, most of the scenes, use sports cameras and even mobile phones to toss. It can also be taken, and the picture quality will be better.

Insufficient, the significance of Insta360 Go 2 is to reduce the physical and psychological thresholds of various fancy shooting. Compared with the device, we need to be a heart to shoot. And more importantly, there must be a girlfriend to let us shoot. What we lack will always be the heart to shoot. The important thing is always the person behind the camera, not the device.

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