The decoration lights are selected to destroy everything, how to choose it? Dried goods sharing decoration Xiaobai suggests collection

In addition to the main lamp, in addition to the main lights, it also requires auxiliary light sources. Of course, the popular lamp design that is popular now does not require the main light.


When it comes to the auxiliary light sources, many friends first think of downlights and fire lights. Before Liu Gong, Liu Gong always emphasized that after the hard installation is completed, the effect is easy to produce the effect. The decoration effect is various.

In the previous article, the effect of 80 yuan and 40 yuan compared with the effect of the shooting lights. Liu Gong asked everyone to distinguish it. The result was very surprising. Few friends chose the right. Talk about dry goods about the lights.

First look at the difference between the spotlight and downlight?

Fire lamp

: The light it is hit is the light, and some subjects need to highlight the light. For example, the lamps are used for hanging paint decorations, wall laundering, and light spots. The atmosphere is full. You can also achieve different effects by regulating the distance and near and near, suitable for various background walls.


: Its light is not concentrated, and it mainly plays the role of auxiliary lighting. Suitable for the aisle corridor.

How to choose color temperature?

In general, the lower the color temperature, the lower the light, the more yellow, the higher the color temperature, the brighter the blue.

It is generally recommended to choose between 3000-3500K in the living room and bedroom, which is very warm.

Like a bathroom, kitchen, and study rooms, 4000-5000K are recommended, which is brighter.

In fact, in terms of my personal experience, the same open space color temperature is consistent. Those who like warm are 3000-3500K, and those who like bright spots are 4000K. The light source with more than 4000K will feel blue. It feels not suitable for home use.


How to choose color rendering?


The color rendering refers to the reduction of the light to color, the high point of the index, and the vivid the color, making the furniture, decorative painting and decoration look more textured. Generally, 80-95 degrees.

How to choose a beam corner?

To put it simply, it is the angle made of the boundary line of the light range.

Recommendation of home beam angle:

15 degrees

: It is suitable for focus lighting, center light concentration, small irradiation range, which can form a strong contrast with light and lightlessness, such as pillars and decorations, which requires more prominent space in light and shadow.


24 degrees

: It is suitable for key lighting, the center light is bright, and the radiation range is much larger than the 15 -degree bundle angle. It forms the shape of the hill and is used in the space of coffee tables, dining tables, and bar tables to have light and dark levels.

36 degrees

: The center of the center is soft, and the irradiation range becomes shorter than the 24 -degree bundle angle, forming a large light arc, which is suitable for a slightly larger space such as wall washing, picture, and shine plate.

How to use the beam angle?

Two data is required, the distance from the wall and the distance from the irradiation.

The closer to the wall, the brighter the light on the wall, and the more the light arc is up, it will be exposed too close.

The farther away from the wall, the brighter the light on the wall, and the more light the light is, until there is no, there is no light on the far wall.

Generally, the distance from the wall is related to the style and size of the ceiling, with 15 cm, 20 cm, 25 cm, 30 cm, etc., and the effect of different distances is also different.

The closer the irradiation distance, the brighter the brightness of the surface of the object, and the light arc becomes smaller until it completely becomes a light spot.

The farther the irradiation distance, the darker the brightness of the object surface, and the light arc will become larger until there is no concentration.

What is the size of the fire light?

Generally, it is 7.5 cm and 7 cm. If it is a special size, communicate with the workers in advance. The spacing of the spotlight is recommended for 80-100 cm. Of course, it must be adjusted according to the actual size of the space used.


If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to choose a deep cup of anti -glare. The beam is 36 degrees, the wall washing effect is good, and the vision can also be protected. The anti -dizziness effect is better.

How to design the shooting lights for hanging paintings at home?

Single painting

: Select 36 degrees of light beam angle, 60 cm lamp distance, 25-30 cm from the wall.

Three -united painting


: Select 24 degrees of light beam angle, the lamp distance is 80 cm, and 25-30 cm away from the wall.

If you are still a bit stingy, copy your homework.

Color temperature: 3500K, color rendering 95, beam angle selected 24 degrees without turning over, 15 degrees and 36 degrees depends on the scene. Wattage: 7-9 watts, open holes: 7.5 cm, special size should be communicated in advance. Drives of the wall: 15 cm, 20 cm … 30 cm, which is related to the style and size of the ceiling.

Warm reminder: The light cup of the same power, the larger the beam angle, the smaller the center light, the softer the divergent light spots, otherwise, the harder the divergent light spots. The same light beam angle, different distance from the wall, the size of the hills is not the same, so be sure to consider the effect you want to choose the appropriate distance from the wall.


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