Introduction to the Top Ten Women’s Shoes Brands in China

Women’s shoes, which is an indispensable one in the daily clothing of women. Every woman hopes to have a pair of shoes. Beautiful and unsatisfactory shoes can make you pain. Shoes that are only suitable for your feet will not bleed your feet. Comfort is the most important thing.


When buying women’s shoes, some women pay attention to styles, and some women pay attention to brands. Based on the average comprehensive sales volume of the past five years, the comprehensive parameters such as styles and customers like it, this article lists the specific situation of China’s top ten women’s shoes brands.


1: Belle Belle


New Belle Shoe Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., founded in Hong Kong in 1978, is positioned in urban white-collar consumption layers 20-40 years old. It focuses on fashion leather women’s shoes and large retailers with men’s shoes/bags.

2: Daphne Daphne

Daphne Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of women’s shoes, began in Hong Kong in 1987. It is a best -selling fashion women’s shoes brand. It focuses on D18 Youth Series and D28 mature series. Making and brand management -based diversified fashion group companies.


3: Saturday ST & SAT

Saturday Co., Ltd., a favorite shoe brand of modern urban women, a well -known trademark in Guangdong Province, a listed company, and a large chain group company specializing in fashionable brand women’s shoes.


4: Josiny

Zhejiang Nature Shoe Industry Co., Ltd., Josiny, Fast Fashion Women’s Shoe Base Brand, Famous Brand of Zhejiang Province, integrates large -scale modern shoe -making companies that integrate development, production and sales.


Skechers Skechers Skecci, began in 1992, California, comfortable leisure/sports brand, internationally renowned running shoe brand, starting with men’s work boots, good children group agent in their children’s children’s series in mainland China series product.

6: Dadong dusto

Zhejiang Dadong Shoe Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is a modern innovative enterprise that meets the needs of the public’s needs.



New Belle Shoe Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., STACCATO, a representative of domestic high -end women’s shoes brand, created for young fashion office workers, pursuing trendy young customers and senior white -collar workers.


8: Red Dragonfly Reddragonfly

Red Dragonfly Group Co., Ltd., the top ten brands of leather shoes, and a fashionable high -end leather shoes brand with oriental connotation. enterprise.

9: His tata

Xinbaili Shoe Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., her TATA, is positioned as a white-collar woman aged 20-35, a well-known brand in domestic and high-end fashion women’s shoes, and a large domestic shoe product retailer.

10: Camel Camel

Guangdong Camel Clothing Co., Ltd., a well -known outdoor sports and leisure brand, emphasizes the combination of comfort and fashion, combines research and development, production, manufacturing, marketing, and export clothing companies.

Author: ArticleManager