My girlfriends who have been abroad all year round have strongly recommended furniture to me, high -grade high -quality taste

1 never gives rust tables and chair suits

常年在国外的闺蜜回来强烈给我推荐的家具,档次高显品味,新型塑料PE环保粗藤,全铝支架 编制均匀,线条完美,高温烤漆 不变形 不掉色 配送柔软高弹纤维绵3芯坐垫,不仅室内户外, 尽享舒适安静。

Whether in the sun in the moonlight, there is a classic atmosphere, reflecting the elegant luster -made die -cast chair with a soft and comfortable high temperature, static electricity, and indoor omnipotent, which is full of high temperature and static electricity. lonely.

2 Lie bed in a practical roller


Sitting or lying, adjusting the height of multiple gears, and the width of the width randomly. It is easy to place worry -free and rainy in any place where the pool you want at the seaside in the room where you want. It is simple and not simple. The new style of the ancient style is loving.


3 Dual -use aluminum barbecue tables and chairs

The Transformers in the table and chairs are perfectly used in a set of tables and chairs. Casual and comfortable fullness of lust is not wrong, so trendy, so happy, a set of functions and two functions are freely praised.


4 Disassembling Sale Set

A variety of style backplane disassembling chairs, there is always a heart that conforms to your heart, recognizes the anti -counterfeit die -casting process, classical modern European style, not only practical or pleasing to the eye, comes with artistic atmosphere, adding ancient style and special charm to your placement.

5 Environmental Casual Sofa Chair


The new plastic PE environmentally friendly rough vine. The all -aluminum bracket is uniform, the lines are perfect, and the high -temperature paint does not deform and does not drop the color of the soft high -pyramid fiber cotton 3 cushion.

6 Simple handrail dining table and chair


Indoor outdoor dual -use casual dining tables and chairs, the countertops of the tempered glass are stronger and durable, wear -resistant and painted paint, a comfortable handrail, foreign version without armrests, noble white, elegant gray, classical brown, cushion as a choice, idyllic style style, idyllic style Warm and wonderful.


7 Increase the mid -column umbrella

If you are thinking about the tables that are opened, you should have a worse umbrella. Metal plus a 14kg resin base, the wind and rain, rain, and sunbathing. , Single or ventilated double top, the color can be made to make umbrella cloth. There are diverse styles.


8 aluminum alloy Roman umbrella

Do you think the table and chairs are too big? Rotate the Roman umbrella on the side; the direction can be changed, the angle can be adjusted, and the quality of the aluminum alloy pipe of the imported polyester cloth waterproof and sunscreen is more quality, and the marble base for the water tank is stronger;

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