It is recommended that 7 smart sockets, remote switches, and statistics are all running

With the fire of smart homes, many smart accessories have also brought us great convenience to us. Smart sockets are one of them. For example, forgetting to turn off the air conditioner when you go out, you can pick up your mobile phone to close remotely.

Next, I recommend 7 easy -to -use smart sockets. They are small but useful, can remotely control switches, or even statistical electricity consumption.


Green Mi | Air Conditioning Partner P3

Green Mi has a good -looking all -house smart brand AQARA. It has in -depth cooperation with Xiaomi Mi Family and Apple HomeKit. For the current smart home brands, there are very few types of brands.

The air -conditioning partner P3 series can support the two smart home platforms of Mijia and HomeKit. The communication protocol has been upgraded from ZigBee 1.2 to ZigBee3.0 version, which has higher stability. It can be used in one thing. The sleep mode is the basic function of the air -conditioning partner P3. By learning the infrared code, you can also connect other infrared home appliances to the platform, and your own gateway can be used with the ZigBee protocol sub -device to achieve smart home linkage.

The set version comes with an independent AQARA temperature and humidity sensor. The price is high, about 300 yuan, and can be purchased at Jingdong or Tmall flagship store.


Mijia | Air conditioning partner 2


Xiaomi is the leading smart home ecological builder in China. The intelligence of home furnishings has better compatibility with existing ordinary home equipment and low entry thresholds.

Air conditioning partner 2 has infrared control sections, which can control the mainstream brand air conditioners. If you need to implement smart home equipment linkages, you only need to match the multi -mode gateway.

The 79 yuan Mijia Air Conditioning Partner 2 In addition to the basic functions such as the APP smart control, the small love sound control, and the power consumption statistics, it can also be adjusted according to the preset sleep temperature curve.


Sunflower | Open socket C2

Sunflower is currently the number one remote control and collaboration software in China, and is committed to remote control through intelligent hardware and technology.

The start -up socket is a representative product combining sunflower hardware and technology. After the user sets the AC Recovery (power off -power power -on) mode on the computer, the sunflower client on the mobile phone can set up the computer instant/time -off and shut down. Remote file.

C2 is priced at 59 yuan with electricity statistics, which is slightly more practical than C1 Pro.



Huawei Intelligent Selection | Zhengtai Smart socket


Huawei Intelligence is a smart home brand under Huawei. It is centered on Huawei Smart Ecological Hilink. It relies on its own brand image and cooperative brand’s technical background to get a place in smart homes.

This smart socket is launched by Huawei Smart Selection and Electric Giants Zhengtai. It has anti -overload protection and guarantee safety safety. It is equipped with Huawei Hilink, supports Huawei AI speaker voice control, and links Huawei other IoT products.


The statistics of the charging volume, the daily price is 69 yuan, and it is recommended that Huawei mobile phone users.


Hong Kong Xingda | Smart socket


Gosund’s smart sockets are very popular in the European and American markets. The domestic market, Gosund chose to cooperate with the vast and active Xiaomi of the user group.

The Gosund smart socket can be used as the basic version of the Mijia. The intelligent timing, small love sound control and power consumption statistics are available. It also supports other Internet of Things products that links Mijia.

The 16A smart socket that can be purchased at only 49 yuan also supports high -power electrical appliances such as air -conditioning and water heaters, but there is no post -sleeping mode for sleeping by Xiaomi air -conditioning partner.


Bull | GN-Y2012 Zhijia Wi-Fi socket


Inserting the industry’s “one brother” bull, in the intelligent and intelligent electrician lighting business, the docking of its own bull cloud with the IoT platforms such as Ali, Baidu, Jingdong, Xiaomi, etc., enhanced the compatibility of Bulls smart products.

Bulls Zhijia socket can be controlled by the Bulls Zhijia App and Tmall Elf Sound. It is about 60 yuan. The cost performance is not high, but as a traditional electrical brand, its product electrical performance is not bad.


Open the memory mode switch of the smart socket. After the power is disconnected, it can be automatically adjusted to the last switch state to avoid accidental power.


Hongyan | 5.0 voice socket

Traditional electrical enterprises Hongyan jointly joined forces on the Internet cloud platforms such as Ali, Huawei, and Graffiti Smart to cooperate to build the smart ecosystem of the whole house. In terms of smart sockets, Hongyan master pushed entry -level products.

The 16A Tmall Elf Edition can be used by high -power electrical appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters, and priced at only 46 yuan. It is the lowest price of similar products.

Smart remote control, timing control, and various smart speaker voice control can be achieved functional. However, it is not supported by power consumption statistics, and it must be matched with Tmall Elf, which has certain limitations.

Author: ArticleManager