Japanese autumn and winter girl middle -aged plain dress, elegant temperament match, wearing a simple fashion sense

The weather is getting cooler, and autumn is the end of the year. Familiar and generous female friends may have been replaced with thick clothes. China is a great land, and the temperature in the north and the south is also different. In the north, when you can feel the winter, the weather in the south may not have entered late autumn. After checking the weather conditions in the south, I found that it was basically in the end of summer in the middle of the coast. It is indeed a bit of a crying autumn that is not like autumn.

Even so, it does not affect people who look at the weather. However, when it comes to Tiaoya, fans of middle -aged women consult me ​​before, saying that I don’t know how to wear clothes in autumn and winter. I was worried about this issue, and I decided to ask an article to talk about [Middle -aged Female Friend’s Autumn Wear].

Because there are too many styles of clothes, you cannot choose a better point to describe how to wear it. So I choose middle -aged female friends in many clothes styles.



As our key discussion object.

Speaking of skirts, even if you wear a single dress with a single dress, it is loved by the middle -aged middle -aged female friends. Among them, there is a relaxed and easy -to -maintain, and it is a stylish item that makes people want to wear again. Whether it is necessary to wear it directly, or to make the pants or jeans, it is also very fashionable. The versatile point is one of its charm. Therefore, this article will come to discuss it for everyone. In this autumn and winter season, our middle -aged ladies can definitely wear a plain dress long skirt. The discussion in this issue still uses Japanese wear style as our fashion vane.

Ladies, put on your beloved autumn costume and make the most beautiful girl in this street!



Black has always been one of the favorite colors of the public, and of course, the same is true for middle -aged female friends. One of the main reasons is that it is more versatile.

Put the main points: black dress, wave dot skirt (inside), striped half skirt (inside), high heels leather shoes

One of the styles of highlighting the layers is to wear the skirt of fashion items. With a unique skirt with patterns, enjoy a simple dress. Coupled with a cortex with a cortex and shoes, it enhances the mature Japanese simple impression.

The black dress can be knitted or Waste’s plaid, and then with an eye -catching wave dot or leopard skirt, it is exposed to the hem, and the layers immediately appear. If you like it, you can also match the small floral skirt to enjoy the sweet layered shape.


Matching points: black bottom slit dress, light -colored skirt (inside), white leopard skirt (inside), sneakers, light flat shoes

The Japanese matching method of comparison of depths is to try the wearing skills of Wanling, which can also be tried in black dress items. The inside of the white leopard or light khaki skirt is also very good, which has a more age reduction effect.

The side slit side of the dress is a key design, which looks very unique.

The hem will not be too long, just 10 cm in the knee, so you can also easily create a layered dress. If you want to wear a leisure and trendy flavor, it is recommended to match fashioned shoes or flat shoes.


Such a plain dress with a simple Japanese impression, so even if it is a white leopard or light -colored skirt, it will not make people feel too dazzling and monotonous!

Matching points: high -necked high -slits black dress, blue jeans (inside), black pointed flat flat shoes, gray leather bag

Jeans are one of the favorite fashion items that the majority of female groups. Jeans in autumn and winter are generally wearing tight denim trousers. In addition, it can also highlight the slim figure. Japanese denim pants are also more particular about simple matching.


Tight -fitting jeans with high slit dresses are very layered. The position of the high slit can highlight the waistline and show long legs. The high -necked design can keep warm and modify part of the defects of the neck. With pointed flat shoes, it is very suitable for shopping.

It is more suitable for mixed linen items that are cold in autumn and winter in the south, and you need to match the warm underwear. Even if wearing a single -style long -style dress is very pleasing. You can properly match the hand -mounted gray leather bag, simple and easy to go shopping and dating.



The same gray, which belongs to the wild, is loved by the majority of middle -aged female friends. However, there are different gray in gray, such as: dark gray, light gray, space gray, and so on.

Matching points: gray V -neck knit dress, pointed high heels, checkered scarf

The warmth of this gray V -neck knitted coat is very high. The loose bat sleeve design and the thread pattern are very fashionable and very simple. The loose version is one of the characteristics of this dress. With a pair of brown and stylish pointed high -heeled shoes, it is the most trendy dress.


You can wear a light -colored plaid scarf to instantly improve the style. Please be careful not to forget the V -neck design of this dress that can show your charming collarbone! Or you can put your hair up and wear exquisite earrings, which will improve the sense of fashion and beauty.

Put the main points: light gray woolen dress, striped shirt collar dress (inside), black flat shoes

The Japanese mixing and matching method is also very popular nowadays. If you want to mix and match the novel and novel wearing, you must think about it. The light gray hair texture is comfortable, and the combination of striped dress can be said to be very ingenious. The striped shirt collar dress is a more handsome fashion item, which is biased towards some neutral elements. Suitable for short -haired middle -aged female friends to wear.

The striped dress is made of cotton fabric material, which can be worn with peace of mind even in a relatively cold season. With a blue straight stripe dress, you can wear different levels from usual. At the same time, it is important to match the simple flat shoes, which is very fashionable even in daily wear. This is also important.

Matching points: gray stitching knitted dress, high heels, thin belt

The gauze skirt stitching knitted gray dress, a very stylish fashion flavor. As long as it is easy to wear a single single, and with a furry bag, it can easily create a fashionable atmosphere. The thin belt is one of the highlights of this set of dresses, because the thin belt can increase the waistline, and at the same time, the waist is thin, which can be described as two units. The leather high heels are the items that improve the texture. The dress that is in line with Japanese casual style is to use other accessories to add fashionable femininity!

Matching points: high slit light woolen gray dress, rice white pleated skirt (inside), casual board shoes, black crossbody bag

If you want to wear it quickly or if you want to wear it quickly, you can consider: the gray woolen dress with a pleated skirt. The high -slit dress can largely expose the skirt of pleated skirts to a rich contrast of the material and texture, which produces a sense of layering.

The skirt inside comes with a pleated skirt, which can instantly create hierarchical worries to avoid trouble. This woolen dress itself can also be paired with leggings or jeans. However, with a pleated skirt itself is relatively novel, and with Japanese sports and leisure, it can be said to be a model of wearing a home travel.

Matching points: knitted buttons slit dresses, floral skirts (inside), low -heeled leather shoes

Here is a brighter gray knitted dress. This dress is quite characteristic. The hem is high to the position of the navel. The form of a button can be controlled by the button. This adjustment is much more flexible. Middle -aged female friends who like high waist slits can unbutton the button to the waistline. Can be used to show your charming long legs. Friends who don’t like high waist slit can also buckle the button to the height of your favorite and satisfactory slit. Very convenient buttons slit knitted dress.

Try it with leather low heels and red bags can improve your fashion level. In addition, the floral skirt is also matched with a pantyhose inside to modify the defects and monotonous legs.


The brown system that has always been flattering in the fashion industry is one of the colors that many big -name stars like.


Matching points: tall brown dress, light -colored knitted cardigan (outside), Chelsea boots

The elegant and trendy brown dress, the most suitable recommendation with light -colored striped knitted cardigan, is very casual. With brown Chelsea shoes, you can rest assured that you can enjoy the trend of this year. The matching of this clothing is more active and loose, and it is also a must -have for casual shopping. Finally, using dark metal -colored shoes to modify, it is also one of the good recommended Japanese wear methods this season.


Such a real beauty is regardless of age. You can also share the wonderful dressing content without deliberately highlighting the age. I hope that it will have a guiding role in the middle -aged lady as much as possible, and it is easier to master and learn.

Apricot color


In recent years, apricot clothing has swept the entire fashion industry, both pants, tops, skirts, etc. are very popular.

Matching points: apricot V -neck knit dress apricot turtleneck dress, black long cardigan (outside), black high -heeled leather shoes, lace skirt (inside)


The thick cotton -style dress is very seasonal. It looks very personalized apricot, which makes the overall dress gorgeous. Whether it is a V -neck or a high -necked apricot dress, with a stylish black cardigan, it is very slim. Use high -heeled leather shoes with a little hard -core texture to create a special costume with a fashionable flavor. There is also a tips for matching: you can try to choose a lace skirt as an internal dress to create a real sense of layering.

Matching points: pile collar knitted dresses, black leggings, pointed shoes, brown leather bags

Putting the side slits as a characteristic dress with black tights can highlight the level. The plastic effect of tight pants is very obvious. Under the blessing of the pile collar, the loose -style apricot knitted jacket is performed vividly. As a middle -aged woman, we don’t have to be afraid of blessing of body. This loose dress can help avoid the shortcomings of the body.

Coupled with a brown bag that has attracted much attention in autumn and winter, you can immediately improve the trend. Coupled with the casual pointed shoes that must be used this season, it is simply not to be fashionable.


There is a kind of dark and more fashionable, which is brown.

Matching points: brown slit dresses, rice white pleated skirts (inside), sneakers, leopard print bags

Here is a brown that is easy to create a unique atmosphere in autumn and winter. Because the brown dress has a slit on both sides of the dress, it shows the layered sense of the beige pleated skirt. Black casual windboard shoes give people a casual impression, plus a small leopard bag, immediately bring out a sense of fashion.

This dress is relatively young, and it is very young. There are middle -aged female friends who like to reduce age or can try such challenging wear.


Red is a festive color, and of course it is also the color of joy. Such warm clothing is loved by many mature intellectual female friends.

Matching points: turtleneck red loose dress, brown leather boots, brown leather bag

The loose design of the high -neck shows a full of sexy red dress, and it cleverly uses it to make a layered shape. Coupled with a strong leather boots to create a charm, showing an eye -catching style. The matching is also a strong cortex bag, which is simply superb. For middle -aged female friends who have the ultimate pursuit, you can try this more tasteful dress style. Fashion comes to put layers and texture perfectly.



I don’t know that the time suddenly became popular in the past few years. Before the flat -colored feeling, the feeling of ravioli was finally alive.

Matching points: turtleneck ravioli striped dress, black leggings (inside), black pointed shoes, black bags

Light color -colored tadpole skirt. Such a stylish color single with a relaxed breath uses the waist design to show the waist lines and upgrade to a wide and tight costume. Make the leg shape with black tight pants, while maintaining the freshness of the shape! Small wavy hair is split on the shoulders, and the design with the high collar can just be modified into a charming neck. The texture of the stripes is very three -dimensional, with small black bags to enhance fashion and high -profile.



The dark color of dark color is also one of the main coloring of this autumn and winter seasons. It is also a color that middle -aged women especially love and sought after.

Put the main points: dark green high slit skirt, nude pleated skirt (inside), pumpkin color flat shoes

The darkness feels more calm. This dark green dress with a nude pleated skirt will not mobilize a dull feeling. The high -slit design can always reflect the inner pleated skirt, highlighting the level, and can also improve the waistline. Middle -aged female friends who go out to go shopping and dating, this simple Japanese -style dress is more suitable for a petite figure. Pumpkin -colored flat shoes are also one of the single products of casual fashion, which can just match the theme style of the dress.

The above is the fashion of middle -aged women in autumn and winter. How do you feel? The wear introduced in the article is based on the color of the autumn and winter season, so it can be used for the entire autumn and winter seasons. If you want to match a plain dress, it is recommended to use basic necessary skirts or long skirts as the first choice, tight pants (sock pants) and tight jeans as supplemented. I hope the above suggestions can help middle -aged female friends.


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