Wardrobe installation, three minutes to take you to understand the installation process of custom wardrobe

When it comes to custom wardrobes, do you always think of price, environmental protection, use, face value, etc., but Xiaobian tells you today that the most important part you ignore is installation.

Speaking of installation, these are the content that must be understood:


Division -Disassembling -Installation — Cabinet Cabinet — Putting Over -the -Person -Putting Driven -Installed Door -Installed Door Panel — Self -Check Inspection (Debug) — Playing

Let me share with you today.


1. Sub -cargo disassembling bag

After receiving the goods, you must first check it. Check whether the outer packaging is intact. After the second disassembly package is disassembled, you can confirm whether the wardrobe door cabinet and various components are complete. (If you find damage or the accessories are missing, you must contact the merchant in time.)

The distribution is an important part of installation. Clearly clearing can effectively improve the speed and accuracy of installation.

Second, install cabinet

1. Install the backboard

The installation of the back panel is related to the firmness and service life of the wardrobe, so the installation of the back panel is very important. First of all, the backboard is to confirm the overall wardrobe installation position. The normal fixed wardrobe plate is fixed through the peripheral board. There are two methods: 1. Semi -groove: Half grooves refer to a 7 -shaped gap on the back of the peripheral board, and the back plate is placed on the half groove. Screws are fixed; second, U -shaped grooves: The U -shaped slot is to leave several positions on the inside of the peripheral plate.

2. When assembling the backboard, you must first correct the angle of the cabinet body. In the case of the relatively horizontal ground on the ground, you can measure the diagonal of the cabinet body with a steel ring ruler. According to the structure of the drawing, put the back panel on the back of the overall wardrobe to test to see if it is on the center of the maximum size board part of the backplane seam during production. Then insert the back panels on both sides into the back panel groove on both sides, and then place the middle back panel. According to the original backplate fixed midline, extend on the back panel to the corresponding position, use a 3mm twist drill bit to the back in the back to the back of the back. Drill a hole in the fixed position of the board screw to prevent the cabinet body cracking when installing the screw. When the two backplanes are leaned together, you can use a 3mm drilling mouth to align with the gap between the two backboards. , Then use the screws to fix the back between the two backs.

3. Before installation, prepare the pad to pave the floor to prevent the wardrobe from scraping the body cabinet. After the floor is matched, start with the wide side of the wall on one side of the wall, and place the wide side plate flat on the ground on the ground. Keeping a distance from the wall with a distance of 700mm, put the prepared three -in -one connecting parts on the pad, check whether the pores opened by the manufacturer are the same as the picture, and install the three -in -one single connecting rod. (Pay attention to the structure of the product. All fixed positions of intersecting horizontal and vertical intersect are three -in -one connection. Put the three -in -one screw on the embedded parts of the connecting board, and the depth is based on the glue cover of the lower part of the screw.)


4. The assembly principle of the cabinet is installed from the middle. Each plate is covered with screw holes and eccentric wheel holes. The plates that are installed with screws are performed on the screw holes on the corresponding board and inserted into the hole. About 5mm, then install the eccentric wheels into the hole. Pay attention to the direction of the arrow surface of the eccentric wheel surface, and turn it tighter in the clockwise direction, so that the two intersecting boards can be tightened.

5. During the assembly process of the cabinet, the method of using the face facing down and downward is used to assemble. When there is a short position in front of the cabinet body, you should first install the internal structure. Height items, such as the cabinet foot board or the mouthpiece, then assemble the outer board, and finally install the cabinet foot.

(6) Because the wardrobe is placed on the wall, it should be seen on the side board to see a piece at the position of the skirting line. After lingering, place it to see if it can fit. (If the skirting is not installed, this step can be saved.)

Third, install the cabinet door

1. Open the packaging on the spot, first check whether the product is obviously damaged and flawed.


2. Use the horizontal meter to measure the horizon. If you are not fair, you can place a large plate on the ground, and use small wooden blocks or paper to flatten it.


3. Put the door panel on it to see if there is warpan and deformation.

4. Measted the molding size of the wardrobe, which are upper, middle, middle, left, right, and diagonal to determine whether the product is square.


5. Play hinge holes, first use the installation measurement board and woodworking pencil (the border of the drilling hole is generally 5 mm), and then use the hand diamond or the carpenter to open the hole on the door panel. The depth of the hole is generally 12 mm.

6. In the hinge hole on the entrance panel of the hinge cover, fix the hinge cup with a self -attack wire.


7. After the hinge is embedded with the entrance panel cup hole, open the hinge, put it in and opposes the side panel, and fix the base with a self -attack wire.

8. The effect of opening and closing cabinet door, the general hinge can be adjusted in six directions, aligned up and down, and the two doors are moderate to the left and right. The gap after installation is generally 2 mm.

9. After the installation, carefully check whether the door panel is neat, whether the gap is uniform, and whether the door panel is opened to close whether the closure is closed. After debugging, clean and complete the installation and delivery of the tablet door. See the video below for details.

Video loading …

Fourth, check and debug

Checking and commissioning is also an important part of installing wardrobe. If the inspection is not serious, the cabinet door is not strict or the gap is too large, so it is necessary to install while installing.

5. Clean up the closet

This is the last step of installation. After all steps are completed, remember to clean up the dust that the closet sticks to the wardrobe during the installation process, etc., so that the wardrobe is clean. Life life.

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