Summer must have white tender feet, Japanese miimeow foot film evaluation

The weather is warmer, the spring is bright, and the streets and the seaside are everywhere, and there are beautiful sandals and beautiful people who show their white and tender feet. However, in such spring light, a large number of people can only watch others Bai Nen’s young, vibrant and vibrant beautiful feet with envious eyes. Foot odor, old skin, dead skin, and feet skin are dull and rough … Many female friends who love beauty can only endure pain to wrap their feet tightly, dare to show their legs and dare not show their feet.

For this reason, today I will take a look at a new essence foot film launched by well -known Japanese brand MIIMEOW. I believe that many friends who are interested in Japanese cosmetics must have heard of the powerful effects of MIIMEOW’s products in exfoliation. Let’s take a look at whether this film can continue the glory of brand products!

Product name: MIIMEOW Mi Yi Meow Essence Foot film

Peeling, cracking, calluses, feet odor … All problems are solved in one -time, and they are also a pair of sexy white tender feet!

Efficacy: hydrating and moisturizing, softening keratin, sterilization and anti -inflammatory, repairing dullness, etc.

Principles of scoring: Full division of five -star

Packed appearance

As a “face control”, the first MIIMEOW brand first entered my sight not because its effect was powerful, but because the packaging was quite close to my eyes. Feel. Of course, this essence foot film is no exception, but because this foot film is completely faced with the women’s market, it is a bit of a few neutral, full of girls’ hearts! Under the clusters of red hearts and roses The feet are like saying, “Look, you can have a perfect foot like me”, which makes people unable to hold it!

After opening the outer packaging, the foot film inside uses a packaging that can lock water and nutrients. At first glance, I think it is a mask, a small bag and a small bag, which also makes us don’t worry about those useless after opening the packaging. Foot film loss and other problems.

When the inner layer is torn and exposed the real foot film, the brilliant roses are like a foot film like a shoe cover. I have also used other foot films before, but exquisitely exquisite as miimeow is indeed rare. After putting it on, it feels like walking on a rose bush.

Rating: ★★★★ ☆ Four -star Half

Reasons for deduction: The half of the deduction is because of too young girls, so how can the young ladies who choose this foot film are so embarrassed.

For people

It is different from many types of people containing salicylic acid ingredients, so it is not suitable for pregnant women, children, and wounds such as wounds. MIIMEOW essence foot film is suitable for everyone, yes! You read it right, it is a person!

In other words, regardless of age and no gender (this is why I deduct half of the packaging appearance, do you consider the mood of using this product man), people who do not distinguish between physical conditions can use This foot sticker. Although I do n’t have to pay attention to this kind of thing for my old single girls, this is the gospel for pregnant women who love beauty and wounds on their feet!

As for why this Miimeow Essence Foot film dares to let everyone use it, I found the answer from the product introduction table of the product: deep -sea glycerin, hyaluronic acid, Huang Linggen, cherry blossom leaves, beef root, lemon, Ivy, vine, vine, vine, vine, vine, vine, vine, vine, vine, vine, vines, Paddy field mustard, Yang Su grass, soap grass, tea, rice bran, rice fermentation liquid, rice plus water decomposition nutritional ingredients, etc. Twelve natural plant extract essences are all natural moisturizing nutritional ingredients, which perfectly confirms the propaganda “no physical damage naturally natural Go to the words of dead skin horny “, gently hurts the skin. It is passed down with many well -known Japanese cosmetics. It uses healthy green raw materials and the world’s leading extraction manufacturing technology to jointly create a high -quality product suitable for East Asian people, so that everyone can use it safely.

Rating: ★★★★★ Five stars!


Reason for deduction: For the first time, I saw this wide -ranging and people -oriented foot film, and I couldn’t think of the reason for deduction at this point.


When I used it, I heard the friend recommended to me (she had used it for two weeks before recommending it to me, and it was recommended to me after using it.), Soak it with warm water in advance 5 The feet of the minute, then picked up the foot film that was already prepared in advance, and began to put on the foot film according to the icon above.

At the beginning, cut the foot film along the top dotted line, but be careful not to let the nutritional lotion flow out. I squeezed the bottom of the dotted line and cut it easily because there is a part that is reserved to prevent cutting. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about whether it will be wasted due to the broken cut.

Then soak my feet into the lotion, and seal it with the tape, which reminds me of going to the machine room when I go to the computer room to change the shoe. Because I am a sensitive skin, I used to use a foot film containing salicylic acid before, and I felt very sour. I dared not soak for a few minutes. Essence Coupled with my daily care, I still worry about whether I will feel tingling because my skin is too thin when I soak my feet. As a result, it was unexpectedly good, and there was no discomfort in the soaking for more than an hour. I feel very convenient. The sealing is pasted. I have noticed it in such details. At first glance, I think from the perspective of the customer. I can do my own thing normally. Then when the lotion was cleaned with soap, there was no feeling of excitement. I touched the keratin and dead skin with my hands, and I could feel a little soft and thinner. According to the instructions of the use, you cannot soak your feet with hot water within 24 hours. One day later, I soaked my feet with warm water for half an hour, and found that many old skin dead skin began to fall off. I didn’t have to pull it hard at all. It gently torn off and fell off naturally, but there was no pain. After the second time I used in the second week, my feet have become quite white and tender. I almost dare not believe that that is the feet of various dead skin and calluses because I like to wear high heels. And for a period of time after use, you can smell a rose aroma if you go to it seriously. Later, I recommended it to a friend who dared to wear sandals for a certain athlete. The other party feedback said that the effect of this product sterilized and anti -inflammatory was also good. I said that I would like to make a decision in the sandals in the sandals this summer. , Lure to death.

Rating: ★★★★ Four Stars

Reason for deduction: Although it is not long in general, the time is more concentrated and it feels not free.



In the first week, I do n’t have to scrape it. The old skin and keratin fell. Instead, I asked me to control myself not to pull them off with my hands. A friend said that she had a slight tingling in the first few minutes when she used it, but I didn’t feel it myself.

After going to the feet of dead skin and horny feet, I can’t help but touch and touch, and suddenly I understand why Han Geng kissed Manyu’s feet in “The History of Romantick”. My feet sip, but the movement is too difficult. But putting your feet in front of you did smell a faint rose fragrance.

I have no athletes myself, but according to feedback from friends with athletes, after using MIMEOW, the athletes have disappeared. It feels like the merit of the ingredients of sterilization and anti -inflammatory ingredients, right?

In general, it is one -stop sterilization and anti -inflammatory, exfoliating, dead skin, removing old skin, removing old skin, brightening skin, moisturizing water, and beautiful feet. And although the price is higher compared to the same industry, the combination of excellent quality can be said to have used the highest cost -effective foot membrane.

Reason for deduction: Although the cost -effective is very high, it may be a little expensive for the student party.


Comprehensive score: ★★★★ ☆ Four Stars and Half


Personally, I feel deserved to be the U Style Co., Ltd., which is “making the world more charming”. It is really a comprehensive care for women’s skin, so that the feet can become as white and tender as their faces.

Before landing in China, the 29th 2016 Summer 2016 of Japan has been reported to have reported Miimeow Essence Filial Film, and in October’s new brand popularity ranking in October with the COSME reward.

After testing, I also feel that the actual effect is indeed deserved. Whether it is the appearance packaging, the applicable population, the method of use, or the final effect, there is no doubt that it is the best and good in several kinds of foot membranes I have used. The effect corresponds to very gentle and unwavering ingredients and feelings.

For friends who want to show white and tender and beautiful feet in the summer, I strongly recommend this Japanese Miimeow foot film.

Author: ArticleManager