Double 11 jewelry jewelry planting list

Today is a double -11 type of grass list.

In Double 11, I think the most valuable thing is to buy some classic jewelry.

After all, jewelry is not as easy to out of time as clothes. Buying some classic models can not only adapt to all kinds of dresses, but also wear old -fashioned old. The cost -effectiveness is too high.

This time, I pulled some jewelry brands and gave everyone some N -chow jewelry that could not be placed. Cover the wallet ~


ENZO ruby ​​ring (18K gold)


Enzo’s ring is inspired by Princess Sissi and adopts

18K gold material



For the main stone, small diamonds are inlaid around, the luxurious shape of the pearl is retro and fashionable.

There is also a ruby ​​ring suit, which is more special with the ruby ​​row ring.



ENZO Topa Stone Ring (18K Gold)

This main stone is a blue Topa stone, inspired by Princess Diana, and the prototype is a ring when Princess Diana was engaged with Prince Charles.

There is also a garnet ring in the same paragraph, which is also very beautiful.


Pandora Bright Fireworks Bracelet ZT0239

Pandora is a good set, so as to


The theme, the overall material is adopted

925 silver and synthetic cubic oxidation 及


The advantage of buying a set is that it eliminates the second match of choosing beads. The disadvantage is that the fun of DIY is missing haha.


Pandora Crown Harlery Necklace ZT0361


Crown Harbin Necklace

The shape of rose gold, fine chain+crown O -type carriage, fully satisfy the fairy tale dream who wants to be a little princess.


APM MONACO Pearl earrings


Pearl ear-rings

I saw it at a glance, it was so beautiful.


925 silver

, Pearl is

Freshwater Pearls


, Multi -circle hollow layer stacking shapes to create French light luxury style.


Zhou Shengsheng Foot Gold Bracelet 09218K

Zhou Shengsheng

Foot gold bracelet

The weight is around 19 ~ 20 grams.

Gold jewelry is likely to have a feeling of upstart. If you want to get rid of this impression, you need to choose a small jewelry with a small sense of weight.


Monica vinader wish bracelet


Luhan same model

Wish bracelet

It is also the main model of Monica Vinader’s family.

Material is


S925 silver



A variety of colors optional



Like names, commemorative days, etc., it is very suitable as a souvenir between couples.


Yvmin Youmu Time Series Pearl Earrings

This is the new product of Youmu’s home, the pearl earrings of the Memory series, exquisite and small. But this is a single earrings, which can be worn with other single earrings.



YVMIN Eu Academy Series Love Necklace

The sweetness series is also a new product. This love necklace is the same model of Song Zuer.

, Create

Half -circle stacking

The effect is small and cute.

All the above products are pure personal Amway, without advertising fees ~

Today’s Double Eleven Grass List is here. If there is still a jewelry jewelry with a great discount, continue to grow grass.



925 silver

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