In the late spring and early autumn, the “small suit” should have been bought! These 3 models are popular this year, and the foreign spirit is thin and decent

If you want clothes this fall this fall, it is a bit different, then arrange the limited -style small suit in autumn!


It is more aura than a coat, more high -level than a trench coat, and more texture than shirts. These three western style and decent small suit this year, why not come to find out?

The first popular: solid color loose suit

[Choose method]

1. The skin is yellowish and dark, and the color is less bright.


For example, lemon yellow, cherry blossom powder;

Black and white gray brown without color will not make mistakes if you choose it; white skin can choose a suit color casually.

2. The hem and sleeves of the suit should be loose, the waist is more intellectual, and the straight version is more handsome.

[Style recommendation]

1. Light color suit

Regardless of how much suit, light -colored suit is still white moonlight in your mind. There is no old -fashioned old suit, more distance and cold alienation, the versatile foundation, and will not feel monotonous.

The light -colored suit is separated up and down, and the large area of ​​light will be too simple, embellishment accessories, which can make the match more delicate.

The light -colored suit is suitable for the same color system, but the color items are also very colorful.

Take the super white suit for the superpatient. The left side is made into a rice white suit with a green floral skirt and a ginger high heel sandals. It is a lazy style of French style.

Take a white suit with a higher brightness on the right, with a black -and -white dress with zebra patterns. The strong color contrast makes the style more aggressive. With brown denim boots, it is cool and A ~

2. Dark color suit

If the light suit is a fairy, then the dark suit is the overbearing president.

Black, dark brown solid color suit is worth recommending.

The purpose of matching the dark suit is:

First, expose skin, expose the neck, waist, and leg skin,


Handsome and sexy;

Second, it is necessary to play color, with bright or light -colored items, the sense of fashion is bursting!

Pants black suit jackets are stacked with green shirts, and the contrast is super stylish. With riding pants and high heels, it shows his wrists and legs, and it is a bit feminine in handsomeness.


Dark suit is also very suitable for stacking

, Stacking the shirt high -level texture, retro and artistic …

But be sure to choose a loose silhouette dark suit ~

3. Color suit


Occasionally wearing colorful suits can also give people a bright feeling.

Colorful suits should be matched with black and white colorless.

One is color and colorless, with 1 to 1 match, and the other is color -based, white is supplemented.


The first set of pink suit with black camisole+straight pants is 1: 1 color matching. This method is more suitable for its own design, simple and loose, and has a strong casual suit.

The second set is auxiliary color and main color matching. Blue is the main color, white bags and shoes are brightened locally.

It is more suitable for the white suit itself.


The second popular: medium and long suit

1. The best length of the mid -length suit is in the middle of the thigh,


This position can not only cover the width of the fake cents, but also show the leg length, and it will almost not make an error.

2. Do not choose a mid -length suit with strong wrapping, choose a loose H type,

The strongest tolerance is the strongest.

The pear -shaped body is available in loose type A, and the thin H body can choose loose cocoon type. The medium -length suit with waist cut is easy to show old.


[Suggestion of wear]

1. Belt+color bag

When wearing a medium -length suit alone, it is best to expose the clavicle lines.

This will make the match lighter and temperament.

The colorful suit should be equipped with a pure color belt, and the small one must be equipped with a thin belt. Color bags can improve the overall fashion.

On the left is the black mid -length suit with a positive red shoulder bag, a refreshing sandals with sandals, which is particularly feminine. On the right is a beige suit with exaggerated waist, the wine red leather bag embellishment, the fashion value is full!

2. Make outer jacket+short skirt


This silhouette straight mid -length suit can also be stacked in short skirts,


Moving the suit as a coat can not only extend the longitudinal vision, but also blur the body lines to achieve the purpose of being thin and high.

The combination of medium -long suits and short skirts can also be combined with tightly combined and simple combination.

For example, the dark coffee color suit with a leopard skirt, put on the knight boots, and the playful and cute is a hint of cold.

3. Middle -length suit+boots

The moderate and long -length suit with moderate length can be used as a short skirt. With a pair of sexy and stylish boots, walking on the street, absolutely full back!

People with short legs and thick legs are suitable for this type of V -type denim boots; people with thin legs choose round boots.

A handsome work style, blue suit, stacking white shirts, Yun Duo and denim boots echo each other, such a handsome sister, too ~

Third, popular: checkered suit


1. Do not be too fancy for plaid patterns. Do not have more than three colors.

Choose the same color system, and the neighboring plaid is more layered to wear.

The plaid of the earth color is the most versatile.

2. Do not choose too exaggerated shoulders in the checkered suit.

Proper waist design, more temperament to wear.


The length is just right to cover the butt.

1. With leisure items

Compared with solid color suit and medium -long suit, the checkered suit looks heavier,

The most important thing when wearing is to increase the sense of leisure and lightness.

It is matched with a T -shirt suspender, jeans and other items that make the match look more natural.

On the left is with white T and jeans, plus small white shoes to create a sense of vitality of youth and leisure.

The right orange plaid suit is matched with it, but the suit pants choose a more casual wide -leg pants version, with small white shoes, lazy and natural.

2. With pure color dress


In order to reduce the complexity of the checkered suit,

You can use the combination of simplicity and matching the same color system to match with a solid color dress close to the background color.

For example, this plaid suit with blue and gray as the main color, chooses the same color blue suspender skirt. The matte fabric and dress of the suit are contrasting with the shiny silk material, which is emitted from the inside out to the inside out. Advanced feeling ~


3. Middle pants

Dark plaid suit can be equipped with solid color loose pants, which can also be worn by such an unknown light -colored checkered suit.

This pretty -fixed -body style checkered suit with straight pants is more coordinated.

The pear -shaped figure can be paired with a loose plaid suit with A -type pants. The apple -shaped figure is recommended to use a checkered suit with a slimming pants.

How can the three small suits popular this year be thin and thin, the answer is here >>

1. Pure -colored suit is light, more temperament, dark color is more advanced, colorful suits should be matched with basic color items.

2. Select loose and silhouette designs in the middle and long suits. The proportion is not good. Use a belt to modify the proportion.


3. Do not match the packets with the vertical stripes, expose skin, and match the basic models to increase the sense of high -level sense.


The beauty of our girls is diverse and should not be restrained by a style. Putting on a small skirt, cute, can melt the world; put on a suit and handsome, compare men.

In the late summer and early autumn, put on a small suit and become a cool and A fashion queen. The girl is handsome!

[Choose method]

[Choose method]

[Suggestion of wear]

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