Historical Records Jay Chou

There are Jaylen people today, and Chinese Taiwanese also. I learned the piano since I was a child, practiced hard, and then became a rhythm.

Father leave, Cheng Cong Mu also, is called Huimei, waiting for it. Therefore, Lun can publish albums, as concerts, and her mother’s labor.

Today’s so -called Asian King, Jaylen!

Music, film and television, director, Jaylen is omnipotent, so he is happy for everyone, which is called genius. Its income was quite abundant. Everyone praises its difficulties to help the victims, and it is good people!

There are “Initial D”, movies. Jaylen changed his body and became Fujiwara Takura. Its shape is beautiful, his car is handsome, and his affection is deep. Therefore, some fans wrote poems to praise: “The meandering counts Qiu Mingshan, calming between the two hands. Turning drift is super opponent, Tuohai’s first celebration wine.” This masterpiece also

史记 周杰伦传

Jaylen was seen with the song, and no one was in Kyushu. He was widely seen in the villages, within the four seas, to the 耄耋, and the down to Tong Yan. As a teacher, Namen Sheng, or seeing “Good Voice of China”, all apprentices tend to be, and later.

When encountering Kun Ling, he was the first time, and the descendants of China and Australia. Bright eyes, bright teeth, skin like condensation, Lunxi, followed by getting married, breeding children. Then it is rare in music, and occasionally there are one or two songs. All sentient beings are still happy. I am a concert. All sentient beings are boiling. In the moment, one of them is empty, watching ancient and modern, no one can reach.

Today, Lun Sheng is naturally working on the music scene, how cool!

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