In winter, middle -aged women wear this “straight pants” to easily take into account both fashion and age reduction

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In winter, the pants seem to be more favored than wearing skirts. So, what kind of pants should I choose to wear for middle -aged women? If you are worrying about this, then you may wish to choose this “straight pants” to wear, the length of nine points and ankles, and the skin of the ankle properly, even in the cold winter, it will not be too cold, and it is important to do this. The pants can not only make you thinner, but also cleverly stretch the legs of the legs. Easy to take into account both fashion and age reduction!

This “straight pants” I want to share with myself today is actually


Nine -point straight pants


For a short girl, this length is the most friendly, and it can help you wear the effect of showing high legs and long legs. ▼

Style of straight pants

1. denim nine -point straight pants

This kind of denim nine -point straight pants are really the most classic and versatile. No matter how many years old women are, you should choose this style of pants to wear it to easily help you create a variety of styles.

Stretching+straight version of the nine -point pants, the lines of the hind legs are very straightforward, and the length of the ankle. When wearing in winter, you can match a pair of short boots, so that you can create a one -meter long leg with long legs. Vision.


2, suit nine -point straight pants

How can women who are in the workplace be lack of suit pants? Compared with the traditional style, Lily recommends that you start with this straight+nine -point style suit pants. I have to say that such styles of suit pants really ensure a capable temperament, but also can be thinner and thin. The effect of leg length. The jacket is randomly equipped with sweater, sweater or various coats!


3. Checked nine -point straight pants

For middle -aged women, it is better to wear pants in winter, especially for this type of straight pants. I believe that even if the legs are thick and the legs are straight, they can be dressed beautifully.

The nine -point straight pants that are incorporated into the checkered element seems to have a trace of retro British Fan. Is there any wood? For this kind of fancy style pants, the matching of the top is to choose the simple foundation as much as possible. The combination of a simple and one -fry is fashionable and beautiful!

About the fashionable way of straight pants


This classic black nine -point suit straight pants are really amazing for the leg shape. Not only are the version good, but the better thing is its fabric vertical feeling. Such pants, I believe that no matter what figure, you can wear it. of.

As for matching, Lily believes that there are not too many requirements and restrictions. During the combination of this tide, the combination of the bottom sweater and the down jacket, it is well guaranteed to ensure temperature and fashion. The diamond -style down jacket is thinner than the general style, which can cover the shortcomings of the figure, and its color is white, and it looks too gentle.



The denim style nine -point straight pants are really the most fashionable and classic and versatile. The key is that such a pair of pants are very age -reducing. No matter what kind of clothes you want to choose to match, there is no sense of disobedience. ~


Coupled with the length of nine points, to be honest, 150 small people can also easily wear a high sense of high sense. Remember to choose a pair of thick high heels and ankle boots in winter, so that the leg lines can be stretched instantly. The addition of black short jackets has improved the proportion of waistline. Such a tall dress, a short girl is right to learn.


When entering a middle -aged woman, wearing it in winter cannot pursue maturity too much. Proper choice of age -reducing items will make you look younger! If you are a woman who likes to wear pants, you can choose a nine -point denim straight pants and washed light -colored. It is relatively low -key, but it is also very versatile.

As for the matching of the upper body, Lily feels that it is really appropriate to use this matching method. The grid knitted cardigan+high -neck base, plus a light -colored coat, coat, suit jacket or down jacket. In addition, pay attention to the overall color matching problem, more fashionable and harmonious.


In winter, women after middle age may really choose this kind of nine -point denim straight pants to wear, not only versatile and fashion, the most important thing is very age reduction. For women of any age group, they are very friendly.


Stretched out the version of the pants tube, the problems of thick legs and fat legs are hidden, and the thin effect is superb. The top chose a light -colored base and down jacket. It is really suitable to wear it like this in daily life. It is warm and fashionable! The white canvas shoes stepped on the feet added a little casual atmosphere to the whole dress.


After reading the sharing of Lily above, what do you think? Do you want to discuss with you? In winter, middle -aged women wear this “straight pants” to easily take care of both fashion and age reduction!

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