Great Wall Sangan 2012 Siragan Red Review: Rich and full taste, firming and dry beef shredded beef

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Let’s talk about a paragraph: Some friends invite two leaders to eat, and the brother white wine beer drinks red. Friends look at: understand health! Thumbs up! Picking wine, a big brother said, drink domestic -made Sang dry, so he picked the bottle Sangan 2005 Sira, a friend at a glance: Understand red wine! Thumbs up! Another elder brother comes to the wine to wake up with the waiter. Friends see: professional! Thumbs up! Then, the elder brother said to the other: What to do, Sprite? Another consent immediately: OK! My friend couldn’t cry and laughed, and quickly said: Brother, Youpin! Thumbs up!

I believe that friends who often come into contact with grapes, I heard that there are many similar paragraphs, but today Jiu Junjun does not intend to discuss with you whether to drink wine about Sprite, but discuss the topic of domestic high -end wines.

When it comes to wine, many friends take it for granted that it is imported culture, and it is better to take imported products. Speaking of high -end wine, the open mouth Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Emperor Romani in 1982. So the question is, is there any high -end wine in China, and what level of China’s high -end wine is in the world?

Due to the special dietary habits and the path of social and economic development, compared with liquor, the development of Chinese wine has been relatively slow, and there is a certain gap compared with foreign famous wine wines. However, it is worthy of emphasizing that China has the basic conditions for making high -end wines. Chinese wine has been more than 100 years old from the first industrial winery. Especially in the past 20 years, domestic wine companies have greatly improved grape planting, management, and wine brewing through the full cooperation with foreign first -class brands in capital, technology and other fields. Fly.

长城桑干2012西拉干红测评:浓郁饱满口感紧致 绝配干煸牛肉丝

With the gradual increase in international exchanges, more and more Chinese wine brands have appeared in the international market merger and won the attention and recognition of the international market. At the beginning of the article, the Great Wall Sangsancala wine is the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the APEC Conference, the G20 Summit, the Boao Forum, the “Belt and Road” Summit Forum Welcome Dinner, President Trump’s visit to China. The frequent visitor is known as the “red country wine” in China. As the Great Audio Wine announced the self -confidence and pride of the Chinese nation, the Great Wall Sangan winery wine also created the most legendary number of the awards and awards specifications of previous wines.

长城桑干2012西拉干红测评:浓郁饱满口感紧致 绝配干煸牛肉丝

Great Wall Sangan wine

Speaking of Great Wall Sangan, its status in Chinese wine brands is no less than Lafite’s position among French wine brands. In fact, the origin of the Sangan winery is different. As early as the national banquet menu in the 1970s, domestic wine was still a blank. Under the instructions of Premier Zhou, the Great Wall Sangan Winery of the Great Wall of the “Dragon Pulse” was born.

Great Wall Wine independently developed the first bottle of dry white wine in 1979. In 1983, the first bottle of dry red wine was brewed. In 1987, the national leaders visited, and Great Wall Ganbai Wine was presented to foreign friends as a “national ceremony”. Since then, the national wine chapter of Great Wall Wine has began.

Jiu Jun received this Great Wall Sangan 2012 Siragan Red, which was a product released by the Great Wall Wine wine at the Golden Hall of the Great Hall on January 3, 2018.

Compared to the Great Wall “Sang Qian”, the general understanding of “Sang Qian” may be more from the writer Ding Ling’s “The Sun shines on the Sanggan River”. That’s right, the Great Wall Sangan Winery is located on the beautiful Sanggan River. It is the same as the axis in the middle of the Forbidden City in the capital, and is known as “the winery on the dragon vein”.

Mulberry winery

Like all high -end wines in the world, the best wine must be produced in the area that is most suitable for grape growth. The unique micro -climate conditions of the Sangan Winery Sangan River and the ancient fossil soil of the mud river of 2 million years have achieved the unique territory of the Sanggan Winery. In addition, the 40 -year -old golden tree is carried out by the appropriate sun and rain. This creates a typical majestic style of Great Wall Sangan Winery: rich in layers, clear skeletons, and strong taste. Numerous unique conditions are destined to be born here for top wines.

Natural conditions such as soil, climate, and sunshine provide a basic material basis for a good wine, and the internal characteristics of the taste, aroma, and style of wine are mostly from the wine grape itself. This mulberry dried red is based on Sira grapes, which exerts the characteristics of the rich, complex, and compact structure of Slaw.

Here Junjun popularized the little knowledge about Sira. Sira may be the most frequent grape variety in the wine, English Syrah or Shiraz, and Chinese generally translates as Sira, Sira, Siraz, and Trako. More than half of Sira in the world is planted in France, but Sira is a representative species in Australia’s wine grapes. Similarly, in the Sanggan winery near 40 degrees north latitude, Sira also performed very well.

Sira is a good allocated variety. In Australia, Sira often basties with Ge Hana and Mulwatt, referred to as GSM, which is also a commonly used hybrid method in the Pope New Castle of the southern part of the Longhe area of ​​France. The Sanganira on the Junjun’s hand was made of 90%of Sira and 10%of the Chibabaine. The main purpose of the blending is to draw the advantages of Sira and Cabernet Sauvignon at the same time. The obtained wine has both the acidity and rich tannins of the Chiba professor, but also the color of Sira and the flavor of fruits.

长城桑干2012西拉干红测评:浓郁饱满口感紧致 绝配干煸牛肉丝

Sangan Sira

The hybrid skills and levels of winemakers are extremely tested, but the chief winemakers of Sanggan Winery are fully competent. After strictly selected Slabra grapes, the skin is soaked and fermented under the low temperature of the micro -oxygen, and then naturally clarified that after 24 months of oak barrels aged until mature bottle.

The wine made of mature Sira grapes is rich in tannins and has an aging capabilities. Therefore, this Sangancala must not rush to drink in the wine glass. Gorgeous colors, feeling the aroma of the faint grass emitted after her first contact with the air. After more than half an hour of sober, the wine body gradually emits mature wine aromas such as pepper and roasted under the action of oxygen, with clear layers and diverse changes. After the entrance, the mouth is tight, and then the silk is smooth and rich, the full flower aroma and fruity aroma are full of mouth, which is very comfortable.

Sangan Sira with dried beef beef

长城桑干2012西拉干红测评:浓郁饱满口感紧致 绝配干煸牛肉丝

Dry beef shredded beef is a special flavor of Sichuan. The beef is crispy, slightly spicy, and intriguing. It is a good choice to match the Great Wall Sanganla, and the taste of wine is equivalent to the taste of food, which is a perfect match.

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Sangan Sira

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