SAGESSE redefine the human engineering chair? Double -layer waist pads, headrests can be adjusted 3D

SAGESSE redefine the human engineering chair? Double -layer waist pads, headrests can be adjusted 3D

For office workers, it is necessary to spend a day in the office. A good, comfortable chair can be said to be essential. Not only the office workers, like me as a self -media, shoot editing videos every day, write copywriting, you can write a copy. It is said that most of the time spent in the office. Recently, I feel slightly uncomfortable with my back, so I started Okamura Sagesse ergonomic chair. I arrived today, and take everyone to take a look at the difference between this chair and other chairs.

SAGESSE ergonomic chair can be said in packaging, it is very ordinary, but it is firm, the box is very large, the chair is divided into three major pieces during transportation, the back, five -star foot, head pillow air pressure rod. Of course, it is very simple to assemble. This ergonomic chair has a after -sales service and can be installed at the door. Of course, I have a strong ability to do it, so I installed it myself.


This ergonomic chair has a variety of colors to choose from. Of course, this one I started is blue. The appearance is not much different from other ergonomic chairs, but it still performs more prominent in terms of material.

After the assembly is completed, first look at the design characteristics of other products of Okamura (Okamra). With simple line design, you can present a great experience. The color of the color is very distinctive, and the face value is still very high.


Take a look at it from top to bottom:


Head pillow

The headrest is standard. It can be disassembled, can be installed or not installed. It is recommended to use the headrest according to needs. This headrest zone is very good. At present, most of the engineering chairs in the market cannot be adjusted back and forth. Essence Adjustment of front and back can make upright office watching the screen neck support. Considering the lunch break, this is still good.


The design of the Sagesse ergonomic chair head pillow adopts 3D adjustment. In addition to the traditional lifting and angle adjustment, the biggest highlight is that it increases the fine -tuning of the front and rear. It can support the cervical spine when we look at the screen upright and release the cervical spine pressure. Of course, it is also a highlight of the ergonomic chair.


Back of the chair


The back of the chair is made of blue mesh material, which is elastic, comfortable and breathable. Tiring is reflected here, which is the root cause of my start.

The back of the Sagesse ergonomic chair can be adjusted at the back of the back, which can facilitate our lunch break or temporary rest. The back design uses an angle limit design. Only upright can be locked. If you want to get back the elasticity, you can be weakened and the elasticity is very good.

There is also a 5 degrees of free design in the overall waist back and metal framework. This design is also very characteristic. You can do the back -to -back activities.



SAGESSE ergonomic chair is still paired on the waist


You can switch the soft and hard waist with one click, the waist is placed at the lowest time, you can’t feel the waist, the support of the mesh cloth is comfortable but not hard. After raising the waist upwards, the waist of the person is hard, and you can adjust the comfortable state by yourself.

The waist support design is designed with a two -layer waist pad. The waist support feel is harder. It can be adjusted at high and low. It is very good in fit.


The seat cushion of SAGESSE ergonomic chair is filled with thickened overall sponge. The comfort is very thick, the sitting feeling is harder, the feedback is good, and the sedentary is not tired for a long time.


The armrest uses 4D armrests. Why do you say that? Because he can adjust, left and right, and back and forth, it can be said that it is a comprehensive adjustment. Especially when the office type is typed, you can adjust it in the internal eight and do elbow support. This can be said to be very good.


Overall, Okamura (Okamra) Sagesse ergonomic chair has strengthened aluminum alloy in terms of material. The gas stick uses the KGS brand 4 -level gas stick, which is more safe and durable. The tripod, the chassis structure, the inner tube of the handrail, and the back frame of the back, are made of aluminum alloy, which is very strong, stable, durable, and the load -bearing is great

Of course, the most important thing in a good chair is to sit comfortably. I think this is enough. There is no need to do very fancy. Generally speaking, this ergonomic chair is very good. Of course, the most important thing is to sit comfortably. For a long time, it is comfortable. It’s enough to sit tired. What do you think of this redefined Okamura (Okamra) ergonomic chair? Welcome to leave a message below.

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