New trends in winter, four new down jackets, poke your inner little universe

The north has entered the winter for a long time, but the south seems to have just begun. What is the most popular in winter is a topic that you and I have always cared about. Let’s take a look at these five popular down jackets. There is always one that can poke you!

1. Large lapel short down jacket with gloves

The black large lapel short down jacket with a large mini skirt, wearing a small cotton jacket, allows you to save all the temperature and richness. The lace of the flower pattern looks elegant and beautiful. Matching the elegant and generous skirt can highlight the visual beauty of lace and make you full of immortality. The most intimate thing is that the same gloves, which really starts from the hand!

2. Switching Tihua waist down jacket


The white down jacket with black trousers is a classic match, and the down jacket with this waist will make you different. The fluffy and thick stand -up collar design allows your swan neck to find a sense of belonging in the cold wind. The pure white tone always allows you to exude a cute youthful atmosphere.

3. Stitching checkered warm down jacket

The big red down jacket with slim black trousers is the most choice for girls in winter. Stepping on a pair of black high -top shoes to interpret the aggressive domineering. The collar and the side of the chest are also stitched with checkered stickers, full of design!

4. Little incense classic down jacket


The new models are all overwhelmed, but classics are unforgettable! The small incense -sequined slices are rough, and the pills are paired with long leather boots, giving people classic and generous rush. I fell in love with this down jacket at first glance.

The popularity is endless, and the classics will never end! In the cold winter, which down jacket are you going to use,#高 高 高 高 高 高 高 高?



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