I want to wear sunglasses in summer, how do people teach you how to choose

In summer, the sun is becoming more and more dazzling. People who run outside for a long time will almost be exposed to the sun. The sunlight is so strong that even the eyes cannot be opened. To protect your eyes, on the other hand, it is good -looking. The quality of sunglasses sold online is different, it is easy to damage, and it has great damage to our eyes. So what are the techniques of sunglasses? I will share with you my experience


First of all, we will explain the color and performance of the lens. Today we have selected four most common daily color systems to analyze:

Tea color: Tea color can filter a large amount of blue light, improve visual contrast and clarity. Even if the light is dazzling, it can see the details of the object. It is better to wear in the case of severe air pollution or fog.

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Gray: Gray lenses can be absorbed balanced with any chromatography, so watching the scene will only darker, but there will be no obvious color difference, showing the real and natural feeling. It belongs to the neutral color system.


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Blue: Similar to gray lenses, it belongs to neutral lenses, but the color is darker, and the visible light absorption rate is higher. It is suitable for seaside beaches to play. It can effectively filter the light blue reflected by the sea and the sky. Driving should be avoided.

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Mercury color: mercury color sunglasses are the first choice for outdoor sports, because the outdoor field of vision is wide and the light is sufficient, which will make people unable to get it. The surface of the mercury lens uses high -density mirror coating. Absorbing reflex visible light can reduce the occurrence of light and glare to a certain extent.

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If you choose the right color according to your personal needs, you choose half of the sunglasses. How to choose sunglasses suitable for your face is the most important step of concave shape:

The face shape of Asian men is roughly divided into the following four:


If you are not necessarily satisfied with your face shape, you do not prevent choosing a suitable glasses, and harmonious glasses with your own style and temperament can play an ordinary role in the face shape


Oval face: It is a very marked face shape, because the oval face is relatively long, the chin is softer, and it is very suitable to wear various glasses. If you want to enhance the three -dimensional sense of the face, you can wear a slightly thick style to wear a frame.

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Square face: It is one of the most common face shapes of men. This face shape gives people a sense of three -dimensional boxes. It is generally not rounded. Wearing oval glasses can reduce the angular and corners;

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Melon seed face: also called inverted triangular face. These boys are usually thinner. Choosing glasses with fine frames or frameless frames can make the face look more balanced.

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Round face: there is no obvious line feeling. He and square faces are completely opposite. Choose edges and corner glasses to improve the curve of the face shape, so the flat rectangular frame will make the round face look thinner.


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