2019 29th Jingzheng Beijing International Preparation and Infant Product Expo

Exhibition date

2019-04-27 to 2019-04-29

Exhibit city


Exhibition address

No. 88, Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Shunyi area, Beijing

Name of the exhibition hall

New Hall of China International Exhibition Center


Beijing Jingzheng International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Release company

Beijing Jingzheng Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Exhibition description

Name of fair:

2019 29th Jingzheng · Beijing International Preparation and Infant Product Expo

Exhibition time:

April 27, 2019-April 29th

Exhibition address:

Beijing · China International Exhibition Center New Hall

(No. 88, Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu District, Shunyi area, Beijing)

Exhibition hall:

W1, W2, W3, W4, E1, E2, E3, E4

Number of booths:



Expected 1600

Exhibition brand:

Estimated 5800

Visit the audience:

Expected 105,000 people

Exhibition area:

106800 square meters

The MICF of Jingzheng Maternity and Baby Exhibition. Since its exhibition in 2003, after sixteen years of excellent development, it has now become a large -scale industry event in the pregnant and infant and child industry in China. So far, it has been successfully held for twenty -session. It covers the global full -series products and the latest technology. It is a professional platform for the promotion of maternity and infant brand promotion, market development, industry trend guidelines and maternity and infant business trade. It is also an annual exchange event for elite colleagues in the pregnant infant and child industry. Exhibits involve: maternal and infant supplies, maternity and infant foods and health products, children’s clothing, infant clothing, children’s shoes, duparies and pregnant women’s underwear, children’s car lathes and bedding, on bedding, on bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding, bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding, and bedding. Children’s furniture, baby and children’s toys, educational supplies and other series of maternity and infant children.

Good market environment and loose development space

According to statistics, the current total market size of about 1.2 trillion in the Chinese pregnancy and infant market, and about 15%of the high -speed growth has laid the foundation for the booming development of the Chinese pregnant and infant industry. The state’s strong support for the pregnant and infant industries, a good policy orientation, has promoted the rapid development of the industry.

The unique geographical advantage is superior to the market backing

Beijing is a national key business base in the pregnancy and infant and child industry. It has huge market capacity. Its total business volume ranks first in North China. The superior consumer market provides strong backing for the pregnant and baby industry and the potential for continuous booming. Beijing also has many Well -known foreign brand groups, as well as huge agent people, formed the advantage effect of brand and agency clusters.

As the cradle of China’s pregnant infant and infant industry, Guangzhou has huge production resources and market capacity of maternal and infant product products. It has bred a group of large -scale enterprises with scientific and technological research and development and production, forming a mature and smooth diversified marketing channel. Its superior consumer market provides a strong market backing for the development of the pregnant and infant industry and the driving force for continuous booming.

Strong publicity and promotion of multimedia support

Baijia news media, industry magazines, professional websites, and television stations jointly launched the release of Beijing -Zheng · Pregnancy and baby exhibition information to conduct strong publicity and in -depth reports on the exhibition in an all -round way. Sohu Mother Baby, Beiguang Media Youyou Baby, Zhonghua.com, Mommy Baby, China Baby Network, Fire Baby Baby Network, Chinese Baby and Children’s Network, Mom and Baby Business, Children’s Farm, “Parental Reading” magazine The well -known domestic media interviewed and reported on the exhibitors and audiences of this industry event at the Jingzheng · Baby Exhibition.

The exhibition of all category products brings together Chinese and foreign buyers

Pregnant infants and children’s supplies, clothing and accessories, food and health products, toys, toys, children’s car beds and preschool education institutions are fully exhibited, with complete categories and diverse exhibits. International big brands, local brands, emerging products, etc. are colorful in the exhibition.

Industry experts to help the discussion and training of various topics

The increase in the turnover of the store, the design and implementation of the sales performance of the store, the secrets of the method of increasing the gross profit margin, and the improvement of brand influence and other series of theme training courses, industry experts help out, face -to -face guidance and training.

[Reasons for the exhibition]

◆ Enjoy the brand advantage of the “Jingzheng · Pregnancy and Baby Exhibition” for 16 years and the dealer information of the pets;

◆ Prepare the needs of domestic and foreign buyers and find trust partners;

◆ Professional audiences from home and abroad, quickly find the channels bought at home and abroad;

◆ Lead the industry vane, the authoritative release platform for new technologies, new products, and new information;

◆ Establish and consolidate corporate image, open up customer resources, and quickly expand the share of enterprises in domestic and foreign markets;

◆ Hundred industry media, online media simultaneous publicity, TV, portal websites, newspapers and other mainstream media reports.

[Scope of exhibition]

◆ Maternal and infant supplies: feeding supplies, cleaning and disinfection products, skin care products, sanitary nursing supplies, electronic products, safety supplies, etc.

◆ Pregnant and infant food and health products: milk powder, supplementary food, health and nutritional products, etc.

◆ Children’s cars, steam seats: children’s cars, car safety seats, travel supplies, cradle chairs, pedal cars, etc.

◆ Skytime, furniture, home textiles: bedding and furniture, bedding, textiles, straps, etc.

◆ Costumes, underwear and accessories: Maternity women’s clothing, pregnant women underwear, accessories, etc.

◆ Children’s clothing, baby clothing, children’s shoes and accessories: children’s clothing, baby clothing, baby shoes, accessories, etc.

◆ Toys, teaching aids and souvenirs: baby toys, children’s toys, amusement facilities, educational supplies and stationery, souvenirs, etc.

◆ Service institutions and other products related to pregnant infant children: children’s, early education and other service institutions and software related products


◆ Provincial and municipal agents, franchisees, brands, wholesalers, retailers, etc.;

◆ Leaders of all provinces and cities chain supermarkets, department stores, infant shop owners, infant supplies stores, etc.

◆ Kindergartens, parent -child gardens, preschool education institutions and media throughout the country;

◆ Visiting groups of large -scale maternity and infant wholesale malls in the country;

◆ Investors who intend to enter the pregnant infant and infants industry in various provinces and cities in China;

◆ Overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan agents, buyers, and brand companies;

【Booth price】

A. Standard booth: 1, 9 m


(3M × 3M

) Booth price: 12,000 yuan;

2, 12 m

(4M × 3M or

2M × 6M) Booth price: 16000 yuan;

3, 15 m

(5M × 3M) Booth price: 20,000 yuan

Booth configuration: three -sided booths (dual openings are two sides), Chinese and English lintel, 1 tables and 2 chairs, carpets, 2 lights lights, power sockets.

B. Special booth: 18 m


Above, booth price: 1200 yuan/ m

Booth configuration: net land

【Jingzheng · Preparation and Baby Exhibition Promotion Channel】

◎ News, information and advertising of newspapers & magazine

◎ CCTV, Satellite TV, Radio, etc.

◎ Portal network, industry network, search engine’s high -profile promotion throughout the year

◎ Telephone invitation at the full exhibition period

◎ Regular warm SMS reminder

◎ Member notice of industry associations

◎ Outdoor advertisements in the wholesale markets in the country

◎ Direct mail invites buyer

◎ The close cooperation of the industry chain institution

◎ Together with foreign industry exhibitions, invite overseas buyers

[Some well -known brands participating in the exhibition]

1. Maternal and infant supplies, including feeding supplies, cleaning and disinfection products, skin care products, sanitary nursing supplies, electronic products, safety supplies, etc. The well -known brands participating in the exhibition include Pigeon, NUK, Xin’anyi, Disney, Little Raccoon, Shubiqi, Youman, Youman , Dad’s choice, Yibeer, Anbeel, Green Cao Yuan, Ensha Garden, Dr. Brown, Mom Ling Mommy, Delle, Baby Shubao, Care, Bobo, Poko , Baby Zifang, Yingying Ai, Yu Meijing, Snoopy, Bei Ai, Hug Bear, Saint Malone, Cute Duo, Family Bao, Cotton Dad, Obele, Benne, Yisai, Qicao Fate, Vani Baby, Dr. Ma, Mo Wei, Jimmy Baby, Celebrity Baby, Benning, Abei, Beiner, Anjima, Ma Yinglong, Yiduo, Baby Guard, Shiyan, Ma Yinglong and so on

2、 食品、保健品,包含奶粉、辅食、保健及营养品,参展知名品牌有三精、飞鹤、辉山、HumaNa、爱必达、南阳、君乐宝、完达山、明一、善臣、 Sanyuan, A2, Olisa, Kawa Bear, Congerzhuang, Tefen, Le Bowei, Obita, Oneo, Tongrentang, Goat 100, Newber, Newer , Ao Lez, Aihimei, Ai Cong, Ke Lan, Nuda, Yida Hawthorn, Bihui Long, Disney, Si Bijian, Pei Yingbao, Aipan, Saint Concubine, Prince of Prince Royal Wharton, Dr. Sunflower, North China Pharmaceutical, British Geely, Aibida, Liva, etc.

3. Children’s clothing, baby clothing, discharge, baby shoes, accessories, well -known brands participating in the exhibition include Tom Story, Pig Banner, Wow, Wow, Royal Baby, Abbott, BabiBoo, Mark Jeni, Mayoral, Bubblegummers, Boboli, Le Ke Youlian, Morning, Pig Page, Mikopapi, Xiaomi Mi, Blotidi, Pouch Beaba, Cotton Xiaodar, Barbie Baby, Liang Shoes, Bryilla Di, infant Jinyou, An Yingbao, Mummy’s secret, good mood, Funbi bear, golden fashion, Junxin, Bao Youle, Tang Mian, Tingfei, Royal Baby, Anbao Angel, Blapiti, Blapi, Yunxiang, Beibao, pregnant moving, etc.

4. Children’s cars, bedrooms and furniture, bedding, textiles, and straps. The well -known brands participating in the exhibition include Swordsman, Sunshine Children, Kiddy, Yingliang, Liangliang, Nongxin, Nature, Master, Ometer, Beizhi Stars, colorful babies, Feixue, Daduqi, Holy Youfa, Disney, Jette, One Yi, British SLK, Hua Hao, Yumi 100, Sanosei, Noble Bao Jian, Tong Ya, etc.

5. Toys, educational supplies, early childhood education institutions, amusement facilities, stationery, souvenirs, well -known brands participating in the exhibition include Patriot, Mingde Culture, Ten billion Euros, Hairun Sunshine Culture, Baby Partner, Ishibiti, Royal Toy, Royal Toy, Royal Toy, Royal Family Toy, Royal Family Toy, Royal Family Toy, Royal Family Toy, Royal Family Toy, Disa Doll, Zoobies, Sun Children, Hong Kong Hongda, Lamazawa, Dongku, Beiyou, Royal Toy, Xianbei, Qizhi Music, Sino -German Wisdom, Golden Baby, Hangzhou to Ou, Huohuo Rabbit, Xiamen Zhuo Human, happy breeding, cool friends parent -child center, Beiyoutian earth, energy baby, etc.

【Last Exhibition Data】

The 26th Guangzhou Exhibition:

The total area of ​​the exhibition is 23,000 square meters, and 350 exhibitors, gathered well -known manufacturers in the domestic and foreign pregnant and baby industry, debuted, 900 exhibitors, Triangle, Tongtai, Xin’anyi, Pigeon, Dr. Brown, Thomas friends, Mi Run’er, 嗳 嗳 嗳 嗳 展 展 展, Hasbal, Obeel, Bengneng, Yishou, Qicaoyuan, Vini Babbi, Ali Baby, Yibeel, etc., about 30,000 professional audiences, more professional and purchasing power professional buying The home exhibition is looking for new products and investment projects.

The 27th Beijing Exhibition:

The total area of ​​the exhibition is 106,800 square meters, covering 8 exhibition halls in the entire museum of China New International Exhibition Center, about 1,500 exhibitors, gathered in the well -known manufacturer of the pregnant and baby industry at home and abroad. Mingyi, Nuka, Yida Hawthorn, Bihui Long, Disney, Xili Ken, Feihe, Tefen, Aipian, Kaju, Pigeon, NUK, Aihu, Nanyang and other famous domestic and foreign products participated, about 10 Many professional audiences, including 28,000 VIP buyers, more professional and purchasing professional buyers to exhibit new products and investment projects.

【Participation Process】:

Contact the staff to obtain the application form and booth chart, select the application form after selecting the booth, and then sign the formal contract between the two parties. After passing to the organizer alone, the exhibition is successfully set up, and the organizer retains the booth for it.

【Participating in contact】

Organizing Committee of the Organizing Committee of the Organizing Committee of Jingzheng Pregnancy and Infant Product Expo

Address (ADD): Dawu Sili 6, Dawu Sili 6, Chaoyang District, Beijing Time H Block 706

Source: Global Trade Network

Beijing Jingzheng International Exhibition Co., Ltd.





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