IKEA employees love TOP5 popular storage products

Although there are no more enthusiastic records in the past, IKEA has recently provided more at home furnishings and storage inspirations on the special column of the website, so that the number of girls and users who want to change the style in the home can be changed. Find the most suitable products, and this time, the official publicly publicly publicly publicly uses the TOP 5 storage small things that IKEA employees.

TOP 1. ISTAD fresh -keeping bag


Girls who often cook by themselves must also stock up the goods every time, that is, IKEA color fresh -keeping bags. In addition to the proper storage of food to make the refrigerator neat and increased space, and then extend the freshness of the ingredients, IKEA uses thicker material design design , Easy to pack, carry out, reduce the smell of food, and only 2 yuan for a conversion!


TOP 2. Jonaxel network basket storage combination


It is difficult to use in the home. The employees are specially recommended to use the Jonaxel web basket storage combination. Not only can it be put in a long space, light and good -moving steel material, coupled with the easy -to -clean design, from the humid bathroom to the kitchen corner, the corner of the kitchen, the corner of the kitchen, and the corner of the kitchen, The dressing table of the bedroom is very suitable!

TOP 3. Pluggland hanging bag

The newly appeared Pluggland hanging bag added a drawer design, which immediately became everyone’s love products. It is accompanied by handle storage boxes, which is convenient to pull out at any time to achieve the function of dustproof and drop. Or use it on the suspender rod is very suitable, especially suitable for placing small accessories such as socks or underwear to increase storage space.


TOP 4. PlRKLA shoe bag

Shoes are often a large number of items in the home. In addition to adding shoe cabinets, the styles that are not often worn can be stored with PäRKLA shoe bags, and then placed on the bottom of the bed or wardrobe, and it does not take up space. In addition, this shoe bag can also be a good partner during the trip. It can be classified and placed. When the bag is cleared, it can be flattened and folded.


TOP 5. Klyket Folding

The hook is a good storage thing in the home. From clothing, outing supplies, folding chairs to cleaning supplies, you can hang on the wall without space, and the folding hook of Klyket is made of moisture to prevent moisture. Even the bathroom is all all in the bathroom. It can be used, and the wave -shaped design is convenient to hang the hanger. It can be more beautiful when not in use. The details make it the love use of the IKEA clerk!

Author: ArticleManager