Wearing it, it is the most “co -produced” on sweater and leggings.

Open the girl’s wardrobe, you will find that many basic models are inseparable from all year round, and they have always been regular customers in the wardrobe. It’s like a sweater. When the weather is hot, it can be worn alone, when the weather is cold, it can be stacked, and there is always no shortage of fashion. The matching of sweaters has also continued to change with the changes in the seasons. In winter, it is indispensable to partner with leggings.


In fact, it is said that sweaters can be regarded as TOP in the versatile world. Basically, there is no disobedience item, but if you want to wear a wonderful and get rid of the sense of passersby, you really need to think more. It is still the most “co -produced” on sweater and leggings. It is fashionable to show thin legs. In this issue, let’s talk about this pair.


The advantages of sweater+leggings

Advantages ①: Loose tightly, show thin legs

The version of the sweater is generally loose, suitable for girls with various figures, which is also one of the reasons for the favorite. The combination of tight leggings forms a loose and tight -fitting idea of ​​the upper body, which sets off a pair of slender long legs to be more beautiful and eye -catching. At the same time, the leisure and lazy atmosphere shaped by the sweater is also the style that young people like it at the moment, which is a bit of Han Fan’s taste.

Advantages ②: fashionable and foreign, not bloated


When it comes to winter wear, the most worried that fashionables are most worried about the bloated and fat, and it is difficult to weigh the results between temperature and demeanor. However, the sweater+leggings easily solve this problem. This is a little sexy for the chic and casualness of the combination. The most important thing is that wearing a lot of senses and down jackets will not have fat worries at all. Generally, black leggings also have the effect of visual thinness, which makes people want to stop.

Advantages ③: Taking into account temperature and demeanor

The so -called demeanor, we have already said it just now, and the temperature of the “sweater+leggings” combination is also very intimate. Today’s leggings are rich in style, and the velvet models are warm and thin legs in winter, which is very catered to the hearts of beautiful girls. Let’s take a look at the comparison chart of the light leg wearing and combined leggings. The light legs on the left look shivering, but the picture on the right looks warm without delaying the thin legs. Metaphor.


Sweatshirt+leggings 3 wear with careful machine

Be careful ①: Wrap the leggings with socks


Because the leggings are tight and thin, the use of socks to wrap the bottom pants will not look bloated, and it also has a sense of neat and capable. However, it should be noted that the color of sweaters, leggings, and socks should not be too many.

Let’s look at this look: Baby blue knitted sweaters are dotted with carrot patterns, paired with gray leggings, and socks chose the background color of the same baby blue as a sweater to embellish the black texture, the sweater and socks echoed The quantity avoids fancy.

Care ②: The same color system is matched with long legs

If the leggings and shoes choose the same color system, the entire line is more smooth, which has been postponed to the toes, and naturally looks like the legs are long. At this time, the upper body sweaters are adjusted and rich in color, and the fashion is steadily grasped.

Both of these styles are used with black leggings with black Martin boots. The black lines are neat. The gray on the left is slightly dull, but the rotor on the right is added with goose yellow embellishment, which is more youthful.

Care ③: Boots with loose boots


In winter, there is “sweater+leggings”, so you often choose boots on your feet. Of course, with tight boots with boots, your legs are thin and eye -catching. However, it is still recommended to choose a boots more loose, flowing out a little gap, giving people feel that the legs are dissatisfied with the boots, and naturally the legs are thin.

Furthermore, the color of the boots and leggings, hopes to choose in the unified color system as much as possible to avoid the leg lines from being artificially divided into two sections, which will lead to short legs.


Well, the fashionable “sweater+leggings” match, do you like it?

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