Lazy pajamas style shirt, wearing casual French style

This item of shirts is almost a must -have for every girl, but it is tired of seeing the satisfactory shirt style. This year, a “pajamas style” shirt should be changed to a personality. “Pajamas style” is still relatively personality. The elements of pajamas are integrated into the shirt, which is particularly free and free, with a trace of French lazy temperament.

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The combination of shirts and V -neck is the collision between literature and charming. It looks very charming. The shirt has a contrasting design. Even the lazy style seems to have the trend of the streets of Europe and the United States. The second phase of this shirt is really super beautiful and unprepared.


French shirt collar chiffon shirt, the fabric is chiffon, very textured, the fabric is a very drooping thick chiffon, which brings handsome, very designed contrasting design, low -key details.

Silk fabric, smooth and comfortable upper body, the yarn is tight and well -drooping, and there is a slightly slightly glossy, showing quality. The lapel and the cuffs are spliced ​​with dark fabrics, creating pajamas style, loose version, and unrestrained upper body. Both skirts or pants can be handsome and easy.

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The loose version of the shirt, plus the sexy V -collar type, create a lazy sexy atmosphere. , Lazy and temperament, loose and thin, no matter which ticket you are, you can easily control it. Light and comfortable fabrics, absorbing humidity and breathability, double -layer impermented.

V -neck suit small -collar chiffon shirt, lapel tailoring, contrasting color rolling edges, exposing sexy collarbone, which is capable and elegant. The ruffled horn sleeve short sleeves, slightly longer length, cover the fat of the arms. Recommended models with half -body skirts and suit pants.

This length version is very advanced with a pair of Mueller Dragon and shorts. The sense of contrasting lines is unique and novel, and inadvertent personality can move others. This fabric is soft and comfortable, light and breathable, and cool, and it is a good choice to travel at work.

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The hot pajamas style shows lazy tempera A bit free and easy.

This pajamas style shirt design is quite classic, which is closer to the original style of pajamas style. The dark blue color with white small side looks very stable, and it can also make your skin look fair. Half -sleeve design is also quite cool.

With the fresh and fashionable sense of vacation style, it can be seen from the small coconut trees on the neckline that the macaron color is more highly fashionable. Inspiration from the fashion of pajamas and drawing inspiration, adding a trace of laziness.


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The upper body of this shirt is very temperamental and does not pick people. And pajamas and shirts are really versatile. You can match jeans, small pants, flared pants, etc. It is very good to wear. Such a mix and match is not too exaggerated, and it is very fashionable.


This shirt uses black as the main color, and the white suture line is added to play a good embellishment. The slim design can show your body curve more well, very beautiful.

The color matching of this shirt is also relatively rare. The color design close to ivory white but a bit yellowish color, coupled with smooth satin fabrics make this pajamas style shirt look very high -end. The extended cuffs add a lot of lazy feelings, leisurely and natural, making people never forget.

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