The beauty of the square inch of the nails: How can a long and sharp nail cover become a trend, and can we wear these?

When I was happy online, I caught up with a group of photos with onychomycosis. After frowning, I thought they should feel embarrassed in daily life. Seeing someone saying he wanted to hide his hands, but this could not be stained with nails, which was embarrassing.

I suddenly remembered the nail set, yes, that is, the things we often see in the Qing Palace TV series that grow to the sky and can cover the nails. Of course, no one will wear it now.

But speaking, the ancient nail sleeves are quite different from that girls are doing nail art. There are nail films in the nail type, but its length and production are different.

In the case of creating beauty, people who love beauty in ancient times have long studied all kinds of details, and nails will naturally not miss it.

In the Qing Palace film and television drama, we can often see those harem concubines playing with long nail sets on their hands. At this time, someone asked, wouldn’t it be inconvenient to wear this stuff? How to work?

the answer is,

People don’t need to work at all



So we do n’t need to fuck this heart. After all, the labels of the upper society and nobles are still there.

Women’s pursuit of beauty is meticulous to all aspects, and the appearance of nail sleeves also reflects the aesthetics of the ancient opponents.

A very early time, the ancients had the aesthetics of their opponents. When the Book of Songs · Weifeng · Shuo Man describes the beauty of the woman, the first one to write is “

Hands are soft, skin is like grease


“, Said that both hands were as fair as the tender White Mao.


Rouju, bamboo shoots, spring onions, these are the most common words when the ancients metaphorized women’s hands. It reflects the aesthetics of people’s opponents -white, sharp, and long.

And for a long time, the aesthetics of people’s opponents seem to have not changed. If they are described in four words, they are “ten fingers fiber”, and their hands should be clever and soft. Therefore, ancient women are popular with armor. After all, long nails can directly stretch the length of the fingers visually.

Long Nails in the Twelve Beauty of Yongzheng


Of course, the wind of Jiajia is also influenced by the ancient people’s so -called “physical skin, the parents, dare not be destroyed, and the beginning of filial piety”. Therefore, in fact, it is not just women, but men.

However, due to practical convenience, they will definitely be trimmed, and the pruning is also ruled. For example, Sun Siyi, the Tang Dynasty, believes that “Fan Yin cuts nails, cuts the armor and burns white hair at noon,” means even cutting nails. Pick the hour. And the cutting nails should also be kept carefully, which can be stored in the box or buried in the soil.

For noble women who do not need to be a rough, they are imprisoned in the house all day. Since they have nothing to do, they do not need to cut my nails for convenience, so they have long nails.

In “The Biography of the Queen of Chen Shu · Gao Zuzhang”, the Emperor Chen Wu of the Southern Dynasties Chen Wuzhang “Shao Conghui, Beauty instrument, five inches long and red and white, each of which has a duration, then fold it first.” As long as five inches, every time you encounter a funeral and mourning service, there will be a fingernail break first.

The girl -in -law Qingwen in “A Dream of Red Mansions” also stood up. When she died, she fingred her fingers, “bite the two onion -like nails.”

It can be seen that the armor of the armor is enduring, but the armor is not difficult, but the maintenance is not easy. Because the nails are long, it is easy to split, so the armor came into being.

Nail sets are also called nursing fingers, which is to protect nails. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the noble women’s nails and nails were very popular. Those long nail sets were a very fashionable decoration at the time.


Don’t worry about it uncomfortable. The nail sleeves are made into arches that are suitable for bending fingers. The upper tip is wide, comfortable and comfortable to wear, and it is mostly made into hollowed out.


The nail sets of the Qing Dynasty left a lot, which was not the kind of plastic nail set played by the little girl before. Most of them were made of gold and silver. There were various forms. And other decorations.

▲ Qing Dynasty

Golden Money Global Nail Case

, 5.2 cm long. It is made of golden slices, and various decorations are decorated on the surface.

Silver Gilt Golden Filial Silk Embedded Pearls


, 9 cm long, the whole body uses a full -filament process, with a decorative bat pattern and the “life” pattern, and red gemstones and pearls are embedded.


These nail sets are carefully carved, and they are no longer simple armor, and even become a artwork, a way to show off. Materials such as gold, silver, jade, enamel, 玳瑁, etc., coupled with exquisite and gorgeous decorations, the embellishment of gem pearls, a small nail set, making it a luxurious look that ordinary people cannot afford.

The more time the time is, the more detailed the production style of the nail sleeve. By the time of the late Qing Dynasty, the nail sleeve was still popular and more delicate.

Cixi also likes to wear a nail sleeve, and she can see a long nail set in her portrait.


American painter Karl once painted the portrait of Cixi. In this painting, Cixi wore expensive emerald nail sleeves. This kind of nail sleeve requires a whole piece of material with fine texture. It is said that a pair of emerald nail sleeves are more beautifully carved than carved jade articles. Formulas have to be worked.

With meticulous buns, wearing various Linlang jewelry, kicking thick flower pot bottom shoes, walking slowly, a pair of white and slender hands from time to time from the wide sleeves.

Such a picture is what we often see in the Qing Palace drama, and it is also the trend of the real existence of the Qing Dynasty.

The nail set is a kind of time for the times, the product of the prevailing life, and the embodiment of women’s aesthetics. In such a seemingly trivial style, we were able to spy on the life of the nobles and imagine the peerless style at that time.

▲ Qing Dynasty

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