Which bricks are good for the living room? The glazed tiles, polished bricks and the comparison with the brick brick, only found that my family did not choose the right right

Which bricks are good for the living room? The glazed tiles, polished bricks and the comparison with the brick brick, only found that my family did not choose the right right

At that time, in order to clean it, I paved the polishing bricks on the floor of the living room. I felt that it was smooth and it was definitely easy to mop the ground. I thought that a few years have passed, and the drag of the floor becomes the most tiring thing, because the polishing bricks must be cleaned every day to maintain the brightness of the surface.

I specially consulted the master, what bricks do I use in the living room? He said that the glazed brick is good, the whole body brick is second, and the polishing bricks are not suitable for the living room. Why does the master give this answer? Let me listen to it!


Glazed tile

It can be said that glazed tiles are made of three tiles, which are the easiest to clean. The surface of its surface is smooth and flat, and it can also be designed with various patterns and patterns with burn -in -glaze technology. The value is high.

The advantages of polishing bricks are also very prominent:

1. The surface is smooth and easy to clean


This advantage mentioned earlier that because the surface layer is glazed, it is smooth and smooth, and it is very easy to clean. Even in daily use, it will not hide dirt or accumulate microorganisms, and keep the living room hygiene depends on it.

2. There are many patterns and patterns

Generally, the masters who fired the glazed tiles will be designed on its surface according to the patterns and patterns given by the merchant, and then they are used into the cave to burn it, so that they can make unique patterns.

We can also provide a color to the merchant, and then the master is fired, so that we can also match the style of our own home.

3. Long use cycle


After a long time, the surface will become matte, so it needs to be cleaned regularly; the color of antique bricks is also easy to fade, becoming a thin layer.

The glazed tiles are different above the above. The pattern on the surface is fired, it will not fade, and it will not be matte for a long time. The glazed layer can protect it.

Of course, glazed tiles also have disadvantages, that is, the price of each piece is 8-15 yuan higher than others.


There are not many expressions of such text, but the entire 40㎡ living room+restaurant will be paved, and the price will be more than 10,000 yuan.

Polishing bricks and tight bricks

As the most basic existence of tiles, there is no major characteristic of Tongtong tiles. It is not smooth on the surface and has no shape pattern. It is very ordinary.

Polishing bricks add one advantage over the tiles, that is, the surface is smoother,

Polished with a machine, but compared with glazed tiles, it is a low -profile version.

As for the advantages of polishing bricks and tight bricks, the non -slip resistance may be very good, and the glazed tiles are not so good non -slip; if the disadvantages, the surface is not easy to take care of it. It is easy to accumulate stains when mopping the floor.

Which bricks are good for the living room?


The master recommends using glazed tiles.

First of all, glazed tiles do not need to be waxed daily; second, its surface is smooth and flat, and hygiene is easy to clean. Finally, the surface of the glazed tiles has no holes and will not hide dirt.

However, this glazed brick should be paved on the floor of the living room. Do not use it on a large scale. After all, the overall price is expensive.

And polishing bricks and tight bricks are more suitable for the decoration of the wall, because the wall does not need to be cleaned every day.

In general, the living room uses glazed bricks, saving time and effort without money, polishing bricks and body bricks, it is very suitable to use the wall.

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