Because of playing “Yuan Longping”, he became popular, lost his first love wife, and the Chinese watch film emperor Guo Jinglin

On the evening of August 29, 2009, at the 13th China Film Watch Award Awards Ceremony, Zhang Hanyu in the “Jacking” and Guo Jinglin in “Yuan Longping” picked the most important “Outstanding Actor Award” in one fell swoop.

After Guo Jinglin held a heavy trophy, after some relaxed and humorous thanks, the most moving scene appeared at the scene.

Guo Jinglin said slowly in a affectionate tone:

“I want to comfort my heart and have a good dream at night. I hope that my mother and wife who are far away in heaven can come and see me, kiss me, and hug me.”


At this time, Guo Jinglin is already a middle -aged man who is in a unpredictable year. The Hua watchmark of the Dajie Late can insist on how many hardships and emotional life have the emotional life behind today?

Let’s find the growth history of an actor, and to find a moving emotion of the troubles and the Communist Party of China.

Enter today’s protagonist,

Director, screenwriter, actor Guo Jinglin.

Guo Jinglin’s family is very ordinary, with a mentally retarded sister. His family is close to the dormitory of Beijing Renyi,

So Lin Liankun

These old artists are “frequent visits” in the hutong.

In such a group of artists, like ordinary people, everyone sees greeting enthusiastically, just like the “uncle and uncle” around us, there is no sense of distance.

The young Fruit Jinglin grew up in such an atmosphere since he was a child. He worshiped such an artist,

He believes that there is still a gap between actors and celebrities, and he hopes that he can be such a person in the future and rooted in the people.

In high school, 16 -year -old Guo Jinglin participated in the movie starring Fang Qingzhuo

“Plavic Steel Company”

It has become a celebrity with a small number of schools.

Guo Jinglin in high school

In fact, Guo Jinglin entered the industry as an actor, and had an unexpected source with Gong Li.


On one occasion, several students met to play in the Chinese opera playground. Guo Jinglin did not play because of foot injury, and sat boringly to watch.

Suddenly, a girl walking in the distance instantly attracted his attention.

I saw a girl wearing a yellow down jacket and a wool hat. She was particularly slender long legs. When she approached, she was so beautiful, like Tianxian.

Later, he learned that the girl with this glorious shine was originally

Chinese opera school Hua Gong Li.

He feels that this place is so good, is it Tianxian? I am busy asking what they are doing, and ask them if they can take the test, because the Chinese opera only recruited a Xinjiang agent class, that is,

Li Yapeng, Wang Xuebing, Chen Jianbin

In that class, he only enrolled in Xinjiang, and he went to the show.

In 1994, Guo Jinglin obtained the Department of Performance of the Shanghai Academy of Drama.

After graduating from college, Guo Jinglin entered the National Theater of the National Theater. He combined the director, screenwriter, and actor.

Later, Guo Jinglin was involved in the filming of film and television dramas. In 2006, in the hot TV series, in the hot TV series

“Days related to youth”

Chinese played Gao Yang and began to be recognized by the audience.

2009, movie

“Yuan Longping”

Not only did he bring him the trophy of the Chinese watch, but also pushed Guo Jinglin’s acting career to a new level.

“Xin Liang Sword”, “Dog Thirteen”, “Life Revelation”, “National Line”

In many film and television works, whether it is starring or supporting role, we have seen a fruitful forest with a variety of styles and online acting skills.


To this day, Guo Jinglin has paid too much.

His family was unfortunate, his sister’s IQ was obstacle, and his mother left him forever in his junior year.

But it is also the change of the family that Guo Jinglin knows the importance of responsibility prematurely.

Talking about his mother, Guo Jinglin has left regrets so far. At that time, he was still in school and did not make money. His mother suffered a lot of life. When he left, he had no beautiful coat.

He especially wanted to buy his mother. He had no money in his pocket, and didn’t want to borrow it with friends. He felt that he didn’t make money by his own labor. If he was unhappy, he ran to donate blood and got 400 yuan.


Along the way, he held this coat tightly in his arms, as if holding his mother.

When he got home, he personally put on this beautiful clothes for his mother and secretly said:

“Mom, let’s go with confidence, I will carry this family in the future.”

After her mother died, Guo Jinglin studied in Shanghai. Dad took her sister to live in Beijing. Later, Dad found another wife and brought a younger brother.

After graduating from Guo Jinglin, he was assigned to the National Theater. There were four people in the family who couldn’t live in the family. He could only rent a house by himself.

His relationship with his stepmother has always been good. At the beginning, the name of the family was particularly chaotic. The sister Guan’s stepmother was called aunt or mother.

Thirty years of years, Guo Jinglin gave a meeting to his family, telling his brother and sister from today’s home without other names, and they must be called parents.


From that day, they were like a real family.

Feeling with Xun Xin

Guo Jinglin and his wife Pu Xin were early in love, and they came together in her teens.

At that time, life was very simple, and people were simple and cute. They bought a sesame cake for five cents, opened half a person, and was so happy to hold them in their mouths.

They are at school “

Golden Boy Jade Girl


“Similar pair, Guo Jinglin played the movie as a celebrity of the school, and Xun Xin was the captain of the dance team. Although he was secretly in love with his family, his feelings have always been stable.

Even if they were admitted to college, the two were separated for several years, and their feelings were not affected at all.

Guo Jinglin in college

During the college period, Guo Jinglin had a height of 1.81 meters, with long hair and very rock. Many girls pursued this melancholy prince -like boy, but he refused. In the heart of Guo Jinglin, he

The best girl is the Xin Xin far away in Beijing.

During Gu Jinglin’s college in Shanghai, Xun Xin often went to his house to help take care of it. Especially after his mother died, Wu Xin was busy and helped him take care of his father and sister. It is a member of the Guojia.

In September 1994, after graduating from Guo Jinglin University, he was admitted to the National Theater and returned to Beijing. He also graduated from a foreign company to work.

The first entering theater started from the running dragon suit, and the monthly salary was very small.

He rented a private house in the suburbs, and asked a broken bed from a friend. The sofa was carried with bricks, and he recovered a color TV with automatic platform jumping from the garbage station.

After the performance of the big winter night, there was no bus to return the rental house. In order to save money, he walked back for more than two hours. But there is no heating at home, and often there is no boiling water in the pot, wrapped in the quilt frozen.

Wu Xin was distressed for this. Although his girlfriend had higher salary than herself, Guo Jinglin was unwilling to accept her “



“He put all his minds in his work.

Gradually, Guo Jinglin gradually became famous from some roles of running dragons.

On February 19, 2002, it was the birthday of Guo Jinglin. He and Xun Xin received a marriage certificate. In order to remember this day, the two specially chose this day.

After the marriage, in addition to the drama, the film and television dramas also gradually increased, and they were so busy that they were not seen all day.

There were fewer and fewer days when he and Xun Xin got together. Every time he came back, he looked at Wu Xin’s thin and tired face. Guo Jinglin felt particularly distressed.

Guo Jinglin does not like to participate in social activities such as the party. If he does not go out to filming, he likes to stay at home and accompany him to read books, practice calligraphy, serve flowers and small animals.


Xun Xin is diligent and clean, and the family is very warm. The two enjoy this warm and bland life.


In those years, Guo Jinglin’s career was in a rising period. In order to take care of her husband wholeheartedly, Xun Xin had been dragging without a child.

In the Spring Festival of 2008, the couple finally prepared for the birth of children, but a thunderous blow came suddenly!

Shortly after the Chinese New Year, I was diagnosed with the diagnosis of the hospital for examination because of physical discomfort.

Breast cancer

, Must have left milk resection.

The doctor said that the patient would never have the opportunity to be a mother.

Several women are not eager to be a mother and deprive her the right to become a mother. This is too much to hit.

Looking at the painful expression of his wife, Guo Jinglin’s heart was cut like a knife. He knew so long, he would not work so desperately, and had a child earlier, and his wife would not have such a lifelong regret.

But then Guo Jinglin must be strong. He understood that the weak wife at this moment needed him to support him.

He smiled and said to her: “

This is okay. In the future, we can only love me, you can only love me, I don’t need to eat children’s vinegar.

The operation was successful, and after the operation, Xun Xin began to do chemotherapy. Guo Jinglin pushed away all the film appointments and stayed with his wife for a moment. His wife recovered well, and his body gradually improved.

At this moment

The crew found him, and after watching the script, he was particularly satisfied with the character, but Guo Jinglin hesitated again.

The first is to worry about his wife’s body. The filming will leave her for several months, and Guo Jinglin can’t let go.

In addition, because of his wife’s condition, the economy was somewhat stretched, and the film “Yuan Longping” was not high.


Knowing her husband’s understanding, such a play means to be with Guo Jinglin. This is an opportunity to encounter. If he misses him, he may regret it for a lifetime.

She persuaded her husband to take the filming of “Yuan Longping”, with her thoughts on his wife, and Guo Jinglin went to the foreign country and entered the intense work.

Whenever the shooting gap, Guo Jinglin had a phone call to his wife, asking her if she was eating well, how to sleep, and often told her interesting things in the shooting.

Despite far away, their hearts have not been away from a moment.

“Blessing is not only, and the disaster is not alone.” In Gu Jinglin’s longing for the new life of his wife, his fate gave him a heavy blow again.

When I went to the hospital for a review, the doctor regretted telling Guo Jinglin that the cancer cells in Xun Xin have spread, and what this means that Guo Jinglin is very clear.

He was afraid that after knowing the truth, he would collapse quickly, and the pain and medical staff concealed his wife together.

Wu Xin trusted her husband too much. She was optimistic about her body. She looked at the wife with a smile on her face. Guo Jinglin was very distressed and carried her without knowing how much tears.

At that time, “Yuan Longping” had not been released yet, but the sample was already out. In order not to leave a regret for his wife, she wanted her to see it first.

Wu Xin shook his head and said:

“Don’t look at it first, I have to wait until the premiere, I look at it beautifully, and look at it again.”

The glory of her husband is her happiness, and he has witnessed his glowing on the stage, which is the greatest happiness of Xun Xin.


In the article “He Dangxing”, Western Jin thinker, said: “Corresponding to the same voice, knowing and knowing each other.”

Yang Heng, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, also wrote in “The Inner Syrian of Yiling County”: “The same sound is like a dazzling, and the rhyme is like a piano.”

Between husband and wife, if they think of each other, they can naturally be able to achieve Qin Se and to love each other. The concealment of Guo Jinglin is love.

Guo Jinglin’s heart was as uncomfortable in his heart. He didn’t know if his wife could persist on this day, but he was still pretending to be a smiley face, “

Okay, then we wait for this day!

As the condition worsened seriously, Xun Xin fell into a coma from time to time. Guo Jinglin kept keeping her and kept talking in her ear. He hoped to hear his wife’s response. He was still looking forward to the coming of miracles. Essence

But when the heavenly wishes, the moment of separation came.

On the evening of March 24, Xun Xin reluctantly bid farewell to the world and bid farewell to her favorite family.

At that moment, Gu Jinglin’s face was particularly calm. He just murmured to say the last sentence: “

Baby, goodbye, my baby, goodbye! “

No one knows, under his seemingly calm face, the collapse of the entire emotional world.

He has left with him for more than 20 years with him. She is his lover and hand and foot, and he is also an inseparable relative. He regards her as the whole of life.


Everything left by Xun Xin, Guo Jinglin is treasured one by one, the furnishings in the family are like his wife. He has a simple truth:

Give his wife’s soul a place.



“Kefan Listen”

Among them, he said that he had spent a few years before he came out of the pain of his wife’s death. He felt that his wife’s death left a generous spiritual heritage for himself.

Let him look at life, life and death, and many things in life. This blow is also like a catalyst that allows him to grow better.

On May 22, the movie “Yuan Longping” held the premiere in the auditorium of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.


“Two months ago, my wife left me. I can only say that this is my lifelong regret. She also likes Mr. Yuan as much as me. She also looks forward to this day as me. I look forward to this movie. I am I think today is a good day. I want to accompany her soul to watch this movie in the corner of the cinema, thank you! “

People have gone away, and the soul is forever. I believe that the moment in another world must be full of smiles. She will be proud of her husband, and she will definitely feel the deep thoughts and deep love of Guo Jinglin.


While giving us harvest and happiness, destiny will always be accompanied by many sadness and regrets. In the face of this kind of normal life, we are really incomparable.

Just like we often talk about the word “if”, but if it means that it has been missed, and in the years that cannot be returned, those who are lost can never come back.

The loved ones who left, the love of exporting, and the common time that they lost in busy has become the past cloud smoke, and it is impossible for how to work hard to catch it.

Just like Guo Jinglin’s emotion:

“If I knew that the fate was so shallow, I wouldn’t tell her half a word at first.”

Yeah, if we know that we may all be the perfect husband, wife, children, and parents. If we know long, we will be gentle.

What about now? What can we do.

I think in addition to missing, cherish everything that can be possessed, whether it is family, love or friendship, whether it is a family or a career.

“Never return to time, the past can only be remembered.”

Don’t treat today as a regret for tomorrow, it is the best answer to life!


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“Yuan Longping”

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