Which good water -based paint and oily paint are the disadvantages and disadvantages of water -based paint and oily paint

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Which water -based paint and oily paint is better

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Water -based paint

Water -based paint: Water -based paint is a coating with water as a diluent and an organic solvent, also known as water -based coating.

Features: Paint film is full, crystal clear, flexible, and has water resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, yellow resistance, fast drying, convenient use, etc.

Oily paint

Oil -based paint: A type of coating with dry oil as the main film formation material, mainly including oil, thick paint, oily tone paint, oily rust, putty, and oil ash. , Soy oil, sunflower seed oil, fish oil, etc.

Features: easy to produce, low price, good coating, flexible coating film, and good permeability.

1. First of all, it is undeniable that water -based coatings do have its advantages, but they cannot pursue water nature without blindness. If you have used it, you know that it is not perfect. For different construction requirements, some of the water -based coatings cannot be achieved. In some ways, no matter how good the water -based coatings are, it cannot replace oil -based paint, and at least it is irreplaceable now. Compared with oily coatings, the development of water -based coatings is still very short, and there are still many immature places in technology, so we cannot slack off, and we need to decrease in cost, especially for mechanical paint in machinery and equipment (click to detailed in details (click to detailed in detail Data) This piece is also suitable.

2. Secondly, from the perspective of environmental protection, water -based coatings are undoubtedly much smaller for households with coatings. However, some bosses even pursue water nature, which can only show that he does not understand the paint. The mechanical paint of industrial equipment is generally not directly exposed to consumers after use. After a period of time, there is basically no smell during this time. It is harmless for adults. Coatings cannot pursue environmental protection too much.

3. Finally, water and oil -based coatings have their own advantages. Saying that water -based paint is good, it is not “blindly pursuing water”. Like other coatings, water -based coatings are also good or bad, and the quality is also high or low. Therefore, we must continue to work hard to improve quality. But if everyone does not use the awareness of water -based coatings, then even if the quality is good, it will not be able to achieve “environmental protection”, because if it is not large -scale, the impact is only limited. After all, the large project is limited. It is expensive, and the project can only be cheaper with oily paint, and it is more suitable for mechanical paint to use oil -based paint.

水性漆和油性漆哪个好 水性漆和油性漆优缺点有哪些

4. Whether it is “reaching standard coatings”, “environmentally friendly coatings”, or “green paint”, first of all, it must meet the state’s limited standards for harmful substances. It should be said that the coating that meets standards is safe. Although the VOC in the coating is harmful to the human body, it has a quantity problem. As long as VOC is within the limited range, it is not enough to cause too much harm to the human body. Consumers do not have to talk about poisonous changes. Water properties and solvent types are just two different “bases”. The improvement of low VOC and water properties of solvent types are currently in the direction of everyone in research. This is the pace of coating technology. After developing to a certain stage The technology of technology is to rely on everyone’s efforts.

Water -based paint and oily paint advantages and disadvantages

1. The advantages of water -based paint

(1) Unlike ordinary paint, water -based paint uses water as a solvent, which not only saves resources, but also reduces pollution to the atmosphere. At the same time, the fire accident also reduced during the construction process, and the safety was more guaranteed.

(2) Even in a humid environment, water -based paint can be directly applied to the construction, while the adaptability is good and the coating has strong adhesion.

水性漆和油性漆哪个好 水性漆和油性漆优缺点有哪些

(3) The tool for painting water -based paint can be cleaned directly with water, which saves the consumption of cleaning solvents to a certain extent.

2. The advantages of oily paint

(1) Oil -based paint has a good rust -proof and anti -corrosion effect. It is not easy to be infiltrated and oxidized by water. It can be used to protect the surface of some metals and woods. A dense protective film.

(2) Oily paint contains the effect of purifying oil, so the color is more beautiful, the gloss is better, and the paint film is full. Various patterns formed by oily paint are very beautiful and tidy, so in addition to being used as a protective layer, it can also have a very good decorative effect.

3. Disadvantages of water -based paint

(1) There are many advantages of water -based paint, but there are also some shortcomings. Compared with ordinary paint, water -based paint has higher cleanliness on the construction process and the surface of the material. The effect of paint paint has a certain effect.

(2) In addition, the water resistance of water -based paint is also poor, which is one of the reasons why some owners abandon the use of this coating during the decoration process.

4. Disadvantages of oily paint

The environmental performance of oily paint is very poor. Oil -based paint has a strong irritating smell, which is very harmful to the human body. Therefore, after oily paint is generally used, long -term ventilation must be performed.

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Which water -based paint and oily paint is better

Which water -based paint and oily paint is better

Which water -based paint and oily paint is better

Water -based paint and oily paint advantages and disadvantages

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