The 3 pairs of “shoes” suitable for women in the workplace are comfortable and versatile and advanced.

Most women are pursuing fashion to wear them to stand out among their peers, but we need to know that wearing clothing is not only the match between clothing items, but also the matching of shoes and accessories. ,,

Only by coordinating the overall well can it be considered a delicate shape.

Most people face workplace life every day. It is not only neatly dressed at work, but also the shoes they choose should be comfortable and beautiful, especially in autumn, there are many styles of single shoes, and the matching is relatively easy.


In this issue, the daily match guide will share with you

The first pair: Mid -heel Lefu shoes

Features: handsome and fashionable, neutral style representative


Love shoes are very popular among casual shoes in the past two years, and Lefan

Blessing shoes not only represent leisure, but also have a formal feeling

The mid -heeled loafers are still street fashion, and they are also suitable for daily commuting.

The handsome and neutral representative with Lefu shoes, and the design of the medium -to -hee

Essence When working in autumn, the first pair of shoes is it, and this single shoes can be worn in three seasons of spring, summer, autumn.

In the two seasons of spring and autumn, it is very beautiful with pants and skirts, and there is a feeling of walking and wind. This type of shoes can add points to the shape.


With pants, the handsome and neat of the big woman’s style, with a skirt is more atmospheric and elegant.

Look1, suit pants+black midford shoes

Mid -heel -style loafers are neutral representatives, so when matching, suit pants are very perfect partners. A pair of black mid -heeled loafers have metal embellishments, showing a high -level texture. It is paired with a black sweater, and there is an image of the workplace, which is even more noble.

Look2, knitted split skirt+midford shoes

Love shoes are a casual style, so life is diverse when matching. You can try a brown knitted split skirt. It is very sexy and elegant. The skin matching is very advanced. The upper body is black suit. The colors are better, forming a gentle and handsome style.

Second double: carved Oxford shoes

Features: retro, handsome, college style

I should know everything about the retro style,

Oxford shoes are a very classic style, which is also suitable for mature women

Essence In the past two years, the popular retro style and college style have presented a sense of age reduction, which looks very playful. Many girls will have a pair of Oxford shoes in their hands.

Most of the colors of Oxford shoes are relatively simple. If you are very entangled with what kind of color you choose, you can first understand its characteristics. For example, black will be more handsome and versatile, and brown is a manifestation of retro. It can be the highlight of the crowd, and it is not difficult to match.


Look1, suit pants+Oxford shoes


The frequency of suit pants in daily matching is relatively high. You can choose this retro style that can echo each other with the shoes style. The dark plaid elements have the effect of stretching legs on the vertical direction. After adding a plaid fashion element, it will have a better fashion effect. With pointed -style Oxford shoes, it has personality and characteristics. The effect of showing long legs is really obvious.


Look2, flared pants+Oxford shoes


When the combination of flared pants and Oxford shoes, a stylish and retro feeling has produced. For this split flared pants, you choose a pointed -style Oxford shoes to have a visual extension effect. Moreover, the extension of the smooth color system between black will be better, with a body proportion of three or seven points, and at the same time show people a sense of noble.

Third double: sneakers

Features: fashion, relaxed, comfortable

In addition to the more formal shoes, office workers should also learn about sports shoes.

Sports shoes are fashion labels and vane. It belongs to a relatively prominent style in shoe categories. It is easy and comfortable to wear.


Combining with trousers can form a popular leisure sports style that is currently popular, and there will be no sense of disobedience when wearing it; when combined with skirts, it is reflected in the softness of the motion to allow the elements of sports to let the elements of movement, so that letting it allow Women look more characteristic.

The combination of formal and leisure today has just contributed to the more popular sports style this year. In the process of matching, sports shoes are indispensable.

When I go to work, wearing a comfortable and high -level, interpretation of a different sense of styling

Look1, coat+sneakers

After entering the autumn, this long coat is very popular. When matching, choosing a brown series will have a strong autumn atmosphere, with a white T -shirt and pants, and stepping on a pair of flat bottoms at the same time The sneakers show the unity of color. There is a sense of layering between white and milk white, and the shoes have played an effect. When I go to work, wearing this is both formal and casual, with a sense of casualness.

LOOK2, sweater+wide -leg pants+sneakers

When I was just autumn, I chose a high -necked style scatter, and the selection of thin models was just suitable for this temperature, and the lower body was paired with a deep -handed wide -leg pants with the same color system. Strong, with a pair of color sneakers, the shape becomes more abundant, perfectly interpreting sports and leisure style, and it can also show a formal feeling when going to work.

The above 3 shoes are very suitable for work and commute, which is comfortable and versatile and advanced, and the shapes are also very varied. It can help us spend less time every day to create a better shape.


Pay attention to the daily match guide and meet a more beautiful self with wearing!

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The 3 pairs of “shoes” suitable for women in the workplace are comfortable and versatile and advanced.


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