In the winter universal formula, there is no such “three” fabrics. If you don’t want to make mistakes, you must see clearly

Hello, everyone! Here I invite you to the little master ~

The topic we are going to talk about today is only suitable for winter topics. Friends who are familiar with fashion know that the season is different, and the taboos of dressing are different.

Spring is more taboo deep tone, summer is more taboo thick fabric, autumn is more taboo in shape, and there is no sense of layering.


High -level sense


There are many fabrics suitable for winter, but it is inevitable that the younger sister spends her eyes and touches the point where the winter dress cannot be touched.

If you don’t know what fabric is lacking in a sense of high sense, you must read this article carefully,


If you want to be high -level, don’t meet these three fabrics below

The first fabric is the core velvet fabric

It is not recommended that everyone choose it because only the young lady with a strong fashion expression can hold it, which is very picky.


Girls with ordinary height, body, and even ordinary appearance are difficult to wear a high -level sense, and even the most basic aesthetics cannot be maintained.

Not recommended everyone to choose

The second fabric is the mesh lace fabric


Only when the atmosphere is strong, can it present a very perfect effect.

If the color of the lace mesh single product is light and the version is low -key, wearing it to go to any occasion, others will not stop for you.

The third one does not recommend the fabric you chose in winter is the laser fabric

As one of the most popular fabrics at the moment, it is not as friendly as everyone thinks.

If the laser fabric is not equipped with a high -level tailoring design, it will make people feel that you are very naive and have no mature women at all. In addition, it is also that it is also very demanding on the style of dressing. enter.

01 Core Velvet

I do n’t know how much you know about single fabrics, and I do n’t know if you can distinguish the core of the corduroy and other fabrics at a glance in real life.

Just in case, please remember the characteristics of the corduroy fabric, and try to avoid it when selecting single products.

In the past, I was the same as everyone. I believe that the retro -nostalgic light core velvet fabric appears to cater to the sense of winter atmosphere, but now it seems that this idea is wrong.

It can be seen from the bloggers’ shapes that whether it is a corduroy suit, a vest, a shirt or a trousers, and a skirt, it is

It’s hard to make people shine


The items of the light core velvet element are

Three hard -to -control points

I hope everyone can understand.

First, it is difficult to wear youthful vitality for the items of the luminous fabric

The young ladies and sisters who are not in good condition or lack of vitality will become even more frustrated. The young lady who wants to use it to increase the overall vitality can dispel this idea!

Second, it is difficult to wear a high -level sense of the item of the corduroy fabric


This is what I think is the most unsolvable point. Regardless of the version cutting is more decent, as long as it is matched with the core velvet fabric, the overall looks very cheap.

In particular, it is not suitable for the choice of the little fairies who are not outstanding and unrestrained.

The third point is because the core velvet fabric is very frivolous


No matter how thick its fabric is, it cannot leave a wide and stylish impression. It is light and monotonous without skeleton, and it feels cheap.

The most important thing is that this kind of fabric is very, very easy to static electricity. Even if you choose the inner and outer double -layer light -core velvet fabric, you can’t escape this law.

In addition to the round face itself cannot bring people happiness, the color of the core velvet fabric is also difficult to make people happy.

There are really not many colors that are suitable for it.

Easy to hit a shirt

If it is matched with other colors, it will make people feel particularly contrary to it as a whole. Whether you choose a fresh and quiet macaron color or a strong high -saturated color system, the effect of the upper body is not satisfactory as satisfactory. Essence

There is always a point that it will never be in place. This feeling is itching with others, but it is always the same to find the right place. It is very torment.


Then there are little cute people ask questions, isn’t it good to use it with the basic color?

I do n’t know if you have noticed that the items of the corduroy fabrics are actually rarely matched with the three colors of black and white and gray. You may have seen pure black core velvet items, but you have never seen pure white and pure gray single single single. Taste.

The dwarfs are pulled out of the dumplings, and the black core velvet items will not make people feel that you are fashionable. More cases are that it can only maintain the most basic beauty. Different heartbeat. The above is the specific reasons for everyone to choose the core velvet fabric and not recommend the chin chori items.


02 lace mesh fabric chapter

Compared to the core velvet fabric, the mesh element is still very common, so it does not make people feel strange.


It is not the same as versatile


, Especially in the winter, it is really easy to die when going out of the item of wearing a mesh element.

The thin and intangible mesh fabric seems to be chic and casual, but it is actually very proud. The version is not appropriate, the matching is inappropriate, and the overall shape is collapsed.

Although we will not choose this style on the runway model, the most common mesh long skirt and skirt are not very popular in winter.

First of all

The mesh fabric is too light

When wearing it in winter, it will only be frozen and trembling. If you want to increase the number of fabric layers to increase warmth, it will also be difficult to wear a three -dimensional effect because of the fluffy fabric.

It is too cold to wear, and it is too fat. This is the key to I recommend everyone to choose it.


The second is because the mesh fabric is worn out everyday


Need a strong sense of atmosphere support

, Fairy fluttering is only suitable for the fairy -fluttering outdoor.


In many cases, the long skirt in winter is only suitable for taking pictures. Leaving the filter to return to real life, it will make people feel like a “dummy”.


The reason why you are not recommended in the end is because it is easy because it is easy

The failure of the selection of models leads to the loss of overall aesthetics

, Especially without sense of security.

Choose mesh fabrics in winter, the most is to choose a mesh skirt, but whether it is a dress or a skirt, there is a very large BAG, that is, it cannot take into account the temperature and demeanor.

Even if you put on warm cotton clothes outside, the overall look is incompatible. When you wear your elders, you will definitely be drowned by saliva (don’t ask me how to know ~)

03 Laser Moving Chapter

Let’s take a look at the laser material first! Actually, everyone said,

This fabric is really as famous as its name

Not only does the name listen to domineering, the fabric looks very domineering. Even if you haven’t worn it, you must see it on others.

However, today is not recommended for everyone to try it, but to tell everyone that it is a very correct performance without choosing it.


Because under the condition that the version is not high enough or the brand is not well -known, it is

It’s hard to wear it out of a high sense

Whether it is a down jacket for laser fabrics or shoes for laser fabrics, the overall style is very high.

Only when the lady of the absolute neutral and handsome or neutral sister can be controlled can they control it. Other ladies with other dressed styles are easily “swallowed” by its fabric.

The biggest disadvantage of laser fabric is to make people very small

The first sentence of others seeing your first sentence is “your clothes are really good -looking, really stretched, and really decent”, instead of saying “you look good and appropriate to wear this clothes.”


This text game will make the young lady who did not have too many dressed faith in it, becoming more confident.

In addition, there is a reason why you choose to choose a laser fabric single product because

It requires a very high height to support


Whether you choose a medium -long laser down jacket or short down jacket, whether you choose to match with workpiries or half -body skirts+high boots, you need to be very strong height and aura support. The crotch.


I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!


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